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100 Replies to “Would Congress allow Trump to pull the US out of WTO?”

  1. Typical from the Trump bootlicker, Charlie. The United States has a 12 Billion dollar surplus in our current trade agreement with Canada. Trump is full of shit calling Canada a National Security Threat.

  2. The issue is that " To be or not to be" unique and against the rest of the world, or try to get along with the rest of the world… In the 21st century even US need to avoid isolationism…just for its own benefit ….

  3. So talking about fairness, is PETRO-DOLLAR fair to other nations? Straight from the exchange usa is making money from others.

    Don't usa require other nations to acquire us-bond when there's a trade deficit(exchanging products for worthless fiat/us-bonds)?

    Oh, cry me a river….. wonder who had 11 Aircraft-carrier and 800+ bases flexing it's muscles around the world???

  4. Just ain't got no shame no more or worst, suffering from loss of memories.

    From history of destroying and plundering other nations till today, had the cheek and audacity to mention "fairness"…… Hahaha, wonder who draught and push the idea of UN and WTO onto the world? No prize for guessing right, Hahaha

  5. WTO was founded by the US,and has always been lead by a US citizen. US has won 80~90% of the lawsuits it filed against other countries in the WTO. Unfair? Of course, in the favor of the US.

  6. Congress will allow DT to do whatever he wants. This Congress has completely abdicated any responsibility for anything. The Republicans have dissolved into a YES machine for Trump and the Democrats are simply disorganized and incompetent.

  7. Fox news is not reporting news, Fox news is attempting to brainwash people with propaganda. WTO was made and formulated by U.S., U.S. got beat by its own rules, it is hypocritical to blame China for U.S. own failure.

  8. Yes! Pull out of the WTO! I'm not American so I dont care about america. I would just prefer to not deal with trump and I'd like to buy some American investments when America hits rock bottom.

  9. There was no international law that dictates any country to honor the IP of another. Up til the 80s, US did not recognize foreign IP. WTO is the organization created by the US to enforce it's IP. But in exchange, technology transfer as a compromise is written into the WTO rule, which US is now calling theft. So pull out of the WTO and see if any country would still honor US IP.

  10. I rather have a job and pay more for premium American goods than not have a job and can't afford all the cheap goods from China.

  11. Exiting the WTO doesn’t mean America becomes isolated. It doesn’t preclude us from having separate trade agreements. If the WTO doesn’t serve our interests then so be it. Withdraw.

  12. So the alternative solution offered by others yet again is team up against China. No one seems to realize that his method is not to single anyone out. Instead he is setting standards. that apply to everyone It is more diplomatic. Dont forget, the offer of free trade…no tarrfifs is always on the table.

  13. Excellent, comrade Trump is doing as ordered. Soon the reputation of the US will be entirely destroyed.

  14. WTO, an organization that gives unbiased decision on what is fair in international trade. No doubt Donald wants nothing to do with it.

  15. Yes quit the WTO quit the UN and quit being the world currency …….the dead of the USA dollar
    coming soon

  16. Would Congress allow Trump to pull the US out of WTO?
    Congress does not have that "veto" powers of a POTUS!

  17. The thing is it hasn't been very long, it takes time to negotiate , if companies don't back this they see weakness. If america doesn't believe in slavery then they should be behind this. Google what workers make in China and Mexico , it's really pathetic , and those are only a couple countries for example. We have become an immediate gratification society, "patience is a virtue." Level the playing field for all countries that trade, what I'm hearing is that really there isn't free trade.

  18. if the whole world will start to leave the petro dollar system and enter the petro yuan or petro ruble system.
    How will the US react to the collapse of the Petro-dollar system?

  19. Canadian dairy is such an insignificant argument. It's a spotlight that the US only wants to be able to dump their oversupply on. The very thing the US hates other countries trying to do! It's a non-starter!

  20. Do not focus on the cowardly movement of the Stock Market! Those who panic are the profit of those who do not. We're STILL 5,000 points above the ODUMBAS administration. Bears: Time to EAT!!!!

  21. NO PANIC with China. We are so upside down that they will puff up a resistance, but will be nothing but a house of cards.

  22. ,Some times the Cure is MUCH MORE painful than the actual disease. The difference is the cure is LIFE instead of Death.

  23. WTO is a third party organization now own by china,we dont need WTO we will trade one on one with countries who wants to trade with us,lot easier to negotiate and settle dispute.

  24. Trump needs to drop a bomb on all of them and make a deal with one individual nation without measured wording that is clear and concise……. Free trade. Proposed nations like India, UK, Japan, or Egypt. Watch them all squirm.

  25. Trump will make the right choice damn good businessman and a true American! Trump is by far the greatest president this country has had in decades if not ever

  26. We're all sick of the Americans playing the bully…quit everything you unreliable nation of narcissists! We don't want any part of this new Andrew Dice Clay America! You've been bearable over the years however, Trump is way too much of a loud mouthed asshole to manage! Fuck off America! Take your ball and get the fuck outta here! We don't need you and the world will siege your arrogance! Yanks are pretty reliant on Canada's natural resources. Is this Donald preemptive manoeuvre before a hitler like blitzkrieg on Quebec? Wouldn't put it past you war loving Yanks!

  27. What do you clueless people think "small hands square pants" and his administration of step on people in need are going to do.
    "Cadet bone spurs" is in china's pocket.

  28. WTO no doubt has the system function understood but do not include every piece of ground and balance with those leaders is just asking for wars! Need is unknown, not knowing the Trends and patterns. Seems it's disconnected location, would be the first consideration? From what I have seen, US is the most aware due to complaints via Sec. So when nothing comes from China, intent is pretty clear-no account standards! Need to break Europe chain. We are not there Dog!

  29. "Dealing with the world that has ganged up on america, but we are still in the drivers seat."

    Erm.. yes. Trump is 100% "in the drivers seat" as this bus drives off a cliff.

  30. What a bunch of IDIOTS.. another Global Financial Crisis coming up.. thanks to the TRUMP SWAMP and the snowflakes that support him. With the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LAUNCHING AN ATTACK ON Trumpsky.. for his tariffs.


  32. This is not good for us! We shouldn't try to bully other countries thinking that we are going to make them comply! It's a dumb move!

  33. hahaha
    does any of these guys have statistic to back what they say?

    do a research on WTO rulings favouring USA……

  34. Remove your 350% tobacco tariff. The industry is growing every year. 121 billion in 2017. No wonder it's so protected. Same with US sugar. Massive tariffs, massive subsidies and US government quotas to sugar producers.


  36. Ridiculous to alienate the countries like Canada and the EU nations when they could have been used to support the US in the effort to reform. This makes no sense.

  37. trump is work on orders from Putin, his meeting with Putin he will be getting more orders. Good possibility giving up control of the US completely to Putin

  38. they ALWAYS bring up Canadian dairy as some catastrophic event for the US of A LOL. That's all they got. DAIRY DAIRY DAIRY. USA does the SAME THING. And CANADA doesn't NEED US DAIRY. SO WHY should we TRADE for it if we DON'T NEED IT? Like USE your HEADS people.

  39. United States wins all the way around, the money is here, we just have to keep tariff war going to force buying american products. Once money stays, debts get paid. we consume so much that other nations rely on us heavily to do so. A 25% drop in sales to China is like like half their sales. Productivity in China is so high a slight drop will make many jobless. Due to cheap pricing they definitely cannot lower costs. Our excess, except farming, will lower costs fixing areas of inflation where things are more expensive.

    Being that we fund most of the world trade organization we could pull out from it.

  40. If usa goes out of WTO, they could lose over 40 millions jobs since nobody would buy their products anymore. Plunging usa in a deep economic crisis. 340 millions people in usa is nothing compared to the 7 billions in th rest of the world. Maybe the world would be better without american narcissists.

  41. Why dont you quit also UN ??? and NATO AMIS GO HOME and leave GERMANY right now !!!!

  42. Your damn US Country has no respect for Europe nor China, so go to hell America.

  43. I can't believe there are some so-called conservatives are complaining about these tariffs. Look, I'm a total cheapskate but if I have to pay more for the good of my country I will gladly pay it! Other countries don't mind paying more to protect their workers. It's only some Americans that are so self centered they can't see the big picture. Our current trade system has benefited the American consumer at the extreme expense of the American worker.

    There was a time when a man could work a full time job and support his entire family. Nowadays you have both parents working and still struggling to make ends meet.

  44. Why just simply stay out of the world. The world will be better place with out the Yankees. I strongly recommend do it.

  45. Do any of our american "friends" understand the Canadian dairy situation. Five times the amount of Canadian milk flows north from you people . Do you understand that. We have heard about the american public school system so you may not understand.

  46. Whomp Whomp Fox…it was American companies that closed their US factories and manufacturing and shipped them overseas. You keep blaming other countries but its your companies that gave up on you in the first place… so hey why dont you decrease company taxes and increase their profit margins. Oh wait you did that. Learn to take responsibility for your own crap and maybe pay your debts before passing the blame.

  47. These guys left out about %50 of the facts and are pretending to be victims. These "reporters" won't be suffering when we start paying for this trade war, it will be people like me, easy for them to say. I used to watch fox all the time for somewhat level headed reporting but its gotten so bad, now it's worse then the left wing news. Don't jump behind trump because you think you have to, use some common sense!

  48. Sadly a farmer always complains. They'd have you believe they are starving while their children drive around in the best. With all their toys. Paid college. Just waiting for their parents to die so their handsome/gorgeous other and they can become millionaires.. some of the most arrogant people who play the victim are farmers. And their children can't change a tire but know they'll have all that money soon. The military needs a strong food producing sector. So entitlement is great for farmers but to hell with everyone else. As we've seen.

  49. Fox. News. Is. Fuck. Puppy. For. Trump. Thes. Moron. End. Fox news. Love. Trump. Trump. 5 time. Banckrup. Banckrup. Trump. Is. Moron. Moron. Pay. For. Porno. Spanky. 130 000. For porno.

  50. Fact : only regimes that were this paranoid were either fascist or communist. Another fact: USA is not communist.

  51. More facts: 1. Trump is bluffing about 0% tariffs. 2. The world in not ganging up on America. It's just responding rationally. Most of the World wants America to be stable. It's just America that is taking on more than they can chew. 3.The only driver seat America is in, is the bus going over the cliff.

  52. Please do and build that wall too at this stage with trump the rest of the world would be better off…build that wall build that wall..

  53. Canada doesn't want Sewage polluted milk with Growth Hormones Known as rBST which may contain Pestcides due to cattle hoove Deformation also sickness also why can't United States sell it Milk to thier own Country with 336 million American's compared to 35 Million people living in Canada …. Canada could Ban all American Dairy Coming into the Country then remove the Tariffs then say American milk is a Risk of National security

  54. If Putin wanted it done Trump would willingly do it, he is only in power to do as much damage to the US as he can.

  55. The WTO is doing nothing to stop China's intellectual property violations. They're making counterfeit US products and shipping them world wide. Time for us to leave the WTO. We are not under a one world government and no foreigners should have this kind of power over our economy.

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