Week in My Life in Paris: Art School, Love Stories & New Projects 💃🏿

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44 Replies to “Week in My Life in Paris: Art School, Love Stories & New Projects 💃🏿”

  1. The Joker movie was so amazing. He had always been my favorite DC character when I was younger and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a movie only about him. Not only that but it had so many meanings to me. I love you and your videos ❤️❤️

  2. Hi loves! For full FRENCH subtitles cliquer sur l'icon cc! So this video is longer than normal but It has been so long since ive done an update on art school (the ups and downs), Paris life or projects so grab some popcorn and a drink and let's catch up! It also meant a lot to me to be able to share Natasha's incredibly inspiring story with you with out cutting too much out and just share what life has been like with Alex, my friends etc. It’s a lot of different emotions but I hope it can bring you some sort of comfort or feeling of being less alone in the world. I LOVE YOU. PS let me know if you like this longer format or prefer shorter vlogs for the future xx Shayna

  3. Art studio kerfuffle solved. 🎉🎉

    Always happy to see Alex. He makes a very good vampire – now give him some popcorn

    Enjoyed vlog as it pepped me up at work when feeling bit down. So thank you

  4. PLEASE DO A PODCAST !!! just talk and explore your smart awesome mind for us ! could be relaxing , could be healing – the possibilities are endless . whatever you decide would be awesome honestly, ( personal request)would be verrrrry cool if you did the cast in english and in “easy” french -because im learning and you are so helpful 🙂

  5. AW I love seeing Alex and you together, it's so playful! I enjoy watching the longer vlogs, because it doesn't feel rushed or anything :). While you write/work on your book do you plan on sharing any poems on here or if you start up a podcast would you do it there, like spoken word stuff?

  6. I've just finished my first year at uni studying Visual Art and I did photography this semester and I was really proud of the work I produced. Now I get to have fun and go clubbing. I hope you have a good day !!

  7. still watching but my soul is WEEPING by how beautiful her story is 😭 hands down my favorite vlog by you!! you're an angel btw hehe

  8. I looooved Joker, especially the scene with the riots, it reminded me about the riots in Paris or current ones in Chile. The system is oppressive to poor people and of course no understanding for disabled people whatsoever but the Gotham city was also in comic depicted as this distopie kind of a city with lots of criminals, pollution etc. p.s. also loved your Carrie blood accident 😀

  9. Really loving this video! Would love to see some Pinterest boards, a blog or anything like that from the wonderful purple palace!

  10. i am so touched by natasha’s story, her hope, motivation, and belief in herself and true love is straight out of a STORYBOOK!!💞truly inspired to live more daring day to day. her courage!!💗

    beautiful video shayna 💞💞💞 one of
    my new favorite videos on youtube. i will come back to this when i’m having a bad day.

  11. I just want to thank you for such inspiring videos. You are really unique and you transmit art in every way. What are your inspirations?
    obrigada :*
    (and yes, please do a podcast!!!)

  12. I think it would be cool if you did live stream art therapy, so like you painting maybe something outside your window and people watching can do the same and you can just talk as people ask questions.

  13. I just started univerity for Design in Germany (as german)… i dont know how art studies work exactly in France, but how do you not feel overwhelmed and not creative when you get a new task (like your book)

  14. You are seriously one of my biggest creative inspirations. Love how you live your truth so freely and full of magic and art ! I really enjoyed this vlog and thought it was one of your best so far. That woman’s story made it especially magical and love how you connected with her.

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