We Had A Sketch Artist Draw Our Vaginas • Ladylike

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100 Replies to “We Had A Sketch Artist Draw Our Vaginas • Ladylike”

  1. This video is great!
    I don't know why I didn't take the time to watch it right away. For some reason my mind associated the word vagina in the title with boring or disgusting content. And I love vaginas! Mine included. I considered myself an open-minded person, yet society is armfull to all of us. Thanks for helping changing that!

  2. I legit look at my vagina in a mirror daily lmao I know that’s probably weird but like, we only get one ladies.

  3. I assume the showering multiple times a day thing is bc in western countries its not rlly practice to wash after using the bathroom, but as for cultures that do i dont rlly see a point to it

  4. that would be so nice learning the difference between vagina, clitoris and vulva yourselves if you try to educate about sexual health and destigmatize it…

  5. One small thing….ITS A VULVA not a vagina the vagina it INSIDE you everything out side of the body is named a vulva.

  6. What does she mean by saying -“let’s see what happens” ..hhmmm I mean, what can happen. The vagina is gonna start talking?

  7. when i started going through puberty and started using a menstrual cup, my mom gave me a mirror and told me to look at her and meet her

  8. The woman at the start looks like a Native American woman and I love it so effing much. She dresses like she's straight from a Pow Wow!

  9. I loved the body positivity of this video and I felt Devin and I'm so proud she was brave enough to explore and love herself !

  10. Why do I feel like the only person that is fully aware of my parts? Lol I know exactly what it looks like & have for my entire life. I guess I’ve always been curious to know what it looks like & look all the time! Do women really not have that same curiousity? I totally get the religion, abuse, & upbringing hurdles but do most girls not check things out? Gotta inspect every part of the car so you know how to keep it running.

  11. I hate my vajay. Many and multiple reasons why. Thank you for this video. I'm also a survivor of sexual assault. May of 2018. Still can't say the R-p- word. Blessings yall.

  12. I have never used a washed cloth for my vaginal area. It never made sense to me to use anything other than my hand to cleanse myself there. As I learned more I was glad I at least doing that right!

  13. the only part about being a women i hate is having a vagina. they are weird and gross to me so much so i hate other people going near it. that could be a deep rooted issue i have from my sexual abuse as a child but all i know is they disgust me. especially my own.

  14. Vagina vs Vulva

    oh please, when will people learn the difference?! vagina is inside and vulva outside, not so hard…

  15. Vulva.
    By titling this video vagina you are contributing to misinformation.
    You can do better Lady Like. You talk about breaking the stigma but you don't even use the correct terminology.

  16. For some reason though, this video made me cry. It made me realize just how insecure i am about my own body and that made me feel ashamed at myself. In my head i know i should love me for me, but there's this part of me that just naturally shies itself away from feeling that confident about myself.

  17. Is this shot the same day as the drunk sketching thing? Because both Freddie and Devin are wearing the same outfits, although Freddie says "Good to see you again, this time I'm not drunk"

  18. During my very first gynecologist visit (vagina doctor), I believe I was around 11 or 12, my doctor recommended that I go home and find a time a feel comfortable and use a mirror to "explore myself". At first I thought it was incredibly silly and very awkward so I had no intent on doing so. But I kept thinking about, how it is kind of weird I've never seen 'that area' of myself before and wondered why I felt so weird about it? So I grabbed a mirror and I did it. And I'm so glad I did. It really was.. calming, in a way? Lol. And made me feel a lot more comfortable with my own body, and made me more comfortable to ask more questions about that area.
    As silly as it sounds, I really do recommend grabbing a mirror and checking yourself out! Get to know your flower a little better lol.

  19. Over time i have become very comfortable with my vagina and how it looks!!!! I am growing into somebody that loves myself and my body!

  20. I'm kind of surprised that so many women don't know what their stuff looks like. This video opened my eyes to how many women are ashamed to even look. Meanwhile, I know exactly what mine looks like and have looked at it purposely at least 500 times in my life (to make sure its healthy looking etc.) I had no idea this was even an issue.

  21. I can't believe these ladies are only learning all this vagina stuff and tips now. Amazing how much they don't teach us tho. I'm literally a Google queen ahha

  22. I like how the feminists don’t know that vaginas are the thing inside you and the entire thing is called a vulva, even the “expert”.

  23. I’m the oldest in my school. And I all was felt so uncomfortable because I was changing and no one else was. By the way I’m in primary school.

  24. I’ve always said not to use anything but the hands down there also you can FEEL how clean you are and when you’re done washing when you use your hand

  25. I’m glad to see more and more women getting comfortable with their vaginas. Know what she looks like. Know what she smells like. Pay attention to your discharge. If you know what’s normal for you, you’ll know if you get an infection or if something is a little off a lot quicker. 👍🏼

  26. Wait I'm confused. People dont looks at their own vaginas ??? Why are people scared?? Its like being scared of looking at your elbow. Like that vagina is yours. It's your body part. You're allowed to look at it and no one would know.

  27. Loved this video. I wish I had someone like y’all in my life when I was a little girl so that I never had to experience the shame that I had and still somewhat have. Thank you for your courage to fight the stigma so it’s easier for others to live life without shame for who they are.

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