Washington Performing Arts presents Pink Martini

Washington Performing Arts presents Pink Martini

(music plays) BOTH SPEAKING:
Hi, I’m China Forbes of Pink Martini, and I’m Meow Meow, special guest
of Pink Martini! and we are going on tour this fall
to celebrate 25 years of PINK MARTINI!! CHINA FORBES: and we’re playing the
very night that IS the anniversary of the founding of Pink Martini
which is October 13th at the Kennedy Center! MEOW MEOW: Washington, are you in for treat?
YES! CHINA FORBES: We can’t wait to see you,
come celebrate with us! MEOW MEOW: 25 years! CHINA FORBES SINGS:
“Je ne veux pas travailler, non,” “Je ne veux pas déjeuner” “Je veux seulement l’oublier” “Et puis je fume”

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