Visualize BGP Performance with Packet Design Explorer Suite

Visualize BGP Performance with Packet Design Explorer Suite

Thank you for your interest in Packet
Design. In this video we will look at how Packet Design Explorer suite can
help network engineers visualize BGP performance. BGP is the routing
protocol of the Internet. Network operators and service providers use BGP
routing to deliver data across the internet to remote sites. Therefore it is
important for the service provider to keep a watch on BGP routing performance
to take informed peering decisions and reduce the mean time to resolve BGP
routing issues. Explorer suite allows the network engineer to trace a routing
path from a source to destination. The feature is not limited to just
displaying IGP routing paths but also shows the Autonomous Systems along the
path to a destination. To see this in action enter the source and under
destination enter a public address such as and hit enter. Now click on
“Drill In” and this takes us to a mini map page here we can see the path from
the source we entered to with both the IGP and BGP hops displayed. In
this page we can also go back in time and use the playback feature to see how
the IGP and BGP paths have changed over time. As
you can see when the IGP path changes the map is also updated. The green arrows
here represents the current path which is in use and the gray arrows represents
the previous path. Another feature that Packet Design Explorer Suite has with
respect to BGP is the BGP RIB visualization feature. To access the BGP
RIB visualization, click on the technologies tab, select BGP and then
click on the visualization tab. In this page we can see from where an AS is
receiving its prefixes from, the number of prefixes received from an AS, next
hop information and all the AS along the path out to
the internet. We can also drill down into an AS and see the prefix information for
that specific AS. Hope this demo helps you understand how a network engineer
can use Packet Design Explorer Suite to analyze BGP routing behavior and take
informed BGP peering decisions. Thank you for watching and for more Packet Design
demo videos subscribe to our channel or visit

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