Trying art supplies from WISH

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100 Replies to “Trying art supplies from WISH”

  1. How am I getting ASMR from your videos?! The amount of tingles I've gotten from this video in particular is insane. I think I'll venture onto your channel not for your art instruction content (though I haven't picked up my oil painting brushes in a HELL of a long time and feel guilty about that) but for its unintentional ASMR value!

  2. I ordered a paint by number from wish… It was actually a kind of papyrus instead of canva… I was so disappointed. But in the end it is very good. And at least I can fold it in my luggage if I need to leave 😂

  3. First time watcher here:

    Your scribbles are masterpieces

    Your laptop's face changing periodically through out the video pleases me.


  4. DoNt MiNd mY sCrIbBLeS. Girl this is my first video I’ve seen of yours and those “scribbles” are absolutely amazing!

  5. "i guess i just have oddly sized hands" … nope, nothing wrong with you! its always the products fault. <3

  6. I love the wish videos. It’s not a trend. It’s here to stay. Might have one coming soon but who knows when it will get here lol

  7. You are an amazing illustrator. I would buy your comic books in an instant. Do you by chance make any comic books that I can buy?

  8. Overall I am rather happy with the things I bought on Wish. Sometimes you can buy things for free, you just have to pay for the delivery.

  9. You can set something in the settings of procreate and with that procreate only let you draw with Apple pencil and not with your hand so then you don’t need a glove🙃

  10. I literally found your channel today bc of the colour theory one about cyan and magenta and I am gonna be binge watching

  11. OMG you look SO CUTE with those things, I hereby swear I will watch, like, comment and share any and all videos with you wearing your ears and harley quinn thingie

  12. Don’t knock your drawing ability. Many would love to be able to draw as naturally as you do. Just saying 😉👍🏼

  13. Do you look stupid? Nawww! I am also addicted to Wish as well! You remind me of an artistic Harley Quinn with a touch of Aubrey Plaza. thanks for the video.

  14. in regards to the artist glove….i havent found one that works that good….soooooo… i took a pair of theose one size fits all stretchy winter gloves and cut off all but my pinky and ring finger on them… amazing and you can get like 2 pair for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Echo : if this is the first time you watch my videos pls dont judge me with these scribles they are not very good😅😅

    Me:they are still better than mine😆😉😆😂

  16. If you put little iron-on fabric patches (like the kinda for repairs) on the underside of whatever lightweight fabric you wanna stud, they won't rip out. Just make them a little bit bigger than the stud.
    This has been another installment of "DIY tips from a deathrocker" hahaha.

  17. Love your vids! Love your voice! New subbie as of today. You are so much fun!!
    BTW – I get loads of embellishments from Wish for my cards… in the nail embellishment areas! I adore Wish… maybe too much?? Nah, not possible!

  18. This video was super helpful! I’m excited that Wish sells Micron pens. Can you share what app you use to draw on your ipad?

  19. Why do you have to ruin your videos with bad language. I was going to recommend ur videos to my granddaughter but then I heard the profanity and decided to drop your videos. Unfortunately, they would have been very good but not for small children. Too bad, what a waste!

  20. I didn't think anyone else shared my guilty pleasure for getting notebooks and then never actually filling them up!

  21. I am not an artist, YouTube recommended you… love your presentation style and personality. Liked and sub yew :> you go girl

  22. My second video watching you. I'll have to watch the rest! Love it, love that you're super aware about silly shopping because I feel the same. Silly for buying stupid shhh but it brings me joy so, YOLO!

  23. I make wearable ears for fun sooooo really not stupid in my opinion but then i guess I'm biased.
    Great video, dunno why your videos are showing up in my recommended section lately but I'm glad they are.
    Off to buy some shit from wish now.

  24. You seem really nice, you have a pleasant voice which a lot of youtubers do not have, and I like listening to you. I am also a big fan of artist videos as I am just getting started drawing and painting in watercolors. But……yes, there is always a but. You of course are free to sketch or paint whatever you choose, just like I am free to watch your videos or not. And I just cannot fathom why someone so young, pretty, and sweet sounding, would choose to sketch nothing but demonic creepy pictures. I hate to see people, young people especially, so attracted to the dark things in life. Yes, there is a lot of darkness, but why increase that darkness by your contribution to it? Darkness never leads to anything good, in fact, just the opposite. Darkness always leads to evil and to hell. And when you start surrounding yourself with darkness, you attract dark demonic spirits. Surely you could not want that? Even if you think you want that, you would change your mind like so many others who have dabbled in darkness through tarot card reading, psychic readings and the rest of the demonic arts. The demons always come disguised as someone there to help you, a spirit guide (but what kind of spirit?), and they end up torturing you. Okay, that is my Grandmother rant for the day. As always, it is your choice dear. I hope you find the love of Jesus, and then you will hate the darkness and all its manifestations in art, music, television, and movies, as I do. I hate it, because of the evil it represents and attracts, and what that evil does to people like you.

  25. I don't know how I ended up here. But I really enjoyed your videos. I thank you so much for just being you. Please keep uploading your videos. Love you! And greetings from Argentina!

  26. Most of the things on Wish are ok, put Don't buy clothes from them. Sizes are very off. I received a dress size 5x, but even though it says 5x on the dress and tags, it was really a size 2 or 3x.

  27. I will never again buy anything from "Wish". After ordering from this App on my phone, I began getting hit for $1.00 "Subscription" fee as well as a $.70 "over the border" fee daily. I had to cancel my Debit card and have a new one made to stop this barrage of charges.

  28. Dear echo,what did your parents think when they named you,not hate or being rude this is to feed my curiosity please answer

  29. I got the glove for my brother. I've always been told to put a piece of paper or tissue to not touch the paper while drawing cuz of smudges or oils from your hand. I never knew if he used it but I figured it would help 🤔

  30. The not scraped crayon is lighter? And the scraped drawing has more color? I would expect the reverse.

    How does the crayon pigment hold up over time?

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