TOP THEATRE BLOOPERS PT 2 | Theater Falls & Mishaps

TOP THEATRE BLOOPERS PT 2 | Theater Falls & Mishaps

Welcome to TPM Vids! Today, We’re gonna be looking at more of the best theatre bloopers and fails. From amateur theatre productions All the way to the bright lights on Broadway. So let’s kick things off with some falls on stage NANNY? -sanic sped- (prepare yourself) OOF (i have no idea what they’re saying) I think you broke mY hAiR We need a fix that. (ObViOuSlY) -slams face- Let ME try wink wonk wink wonk Oh s- Wheres you going to this time mate? (when depression hits) Yea, it certainly helps with my naughty attitude OOo -laughing- You know whats worse then falling on stage? its falling OFF of it tun tun tun Oh Meh God Oh mY g- yEaH These are the wardrobe malfunctions YoUr NoT a LiOn?!? (Dorothy’s face) T R I G G E R E D A secretary’s… Sometimes the show’s going gReAt! Until something breaks. Then your left with a blooper Just note that the glass bottle she is holding is a real glass bottle. Play the clip (rest in peace) Even Broadway has some bloopers. I would like to. SoN Of A- AgHH eheh sorry I’m so excited I lost my (?) Was it something I said? Ill give something in return! oh well some better glue And sometimes the set falls right over To EGHHH And no show’s complete without a finale. If you have a video or a fail you’d like to share with us Follow the link in the description below! Thanks A lot for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel And check out some of these other videos which we’re sure you’ll like -jazzy music-

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100 Replies to “TOP THEATRE BLOOPERS PT 2 | Theater Falls & Mishaps”

  1. During my first major play with my theatre, I played Helena in Midsummer Nights Dream. Well, I think it was the second night (the evening show) and when I had to grab Demetrius's cape his actress just straight up fell. We kept the scene going, but then her sword also fell, so, in a great moment of improv, she pointed at me as she left saying "I ALONE will go"

  2. I had a dream I did a cartwheels off stage last night and for some reason the stage was super tall and I was falling for a minute

  3. For my eighth grade play a seventh grader didn’t start his que because “I wasn’t looking” in his direction so he though I wasn’t ready. So he decided to not go out at all. It was an important scene in which we had to re improvise In. Super bad. Lol was funny though

  4. Last year our beast in beauty and the beast, tripped through a door and dislocated his kneecap. On stage. infront of an audience

  5. So, I did backstage for Legally Blonde and I was sick for one night. And on that night, the set piece I needed to take on was taken on by someone else (still don’t know who) and the photo frame that was on it fell off and broke. (The reason I know this is because the next night I asked why the frame didn’t have the glass anymore)

  6. One time in our school play I was supposed to be like a mechanic, so we made a tool belt with an old belt, some real tiny cardboard boxes and hot glue. I smacked one so hard it flew off and sat down in a chair and broke one off the arm.

    Another kid who was a year younger than me used a flashlight and CONTINUOUSLY dropped it. So the second night we turned it into a gag where he dropped it an insane amount more

  7. Ok on wordrobe malfunctions, I was once in a play called crazy 4 you. I was a tap dancer named Betty, I had a small number where I was infront. Well I had some issues with the skirt I was wearing and the wardrobe department didn’t fix it on the last show day. So in this big number I’m front and center when my skirt (held by safety pins) fell down, off my waist and to the floor. I tried to play it off but all I can remember is seeing my reflection in the sound booth window and watching my skirt fall. Got big props from everyone for playing it off and not running off crying cause my skirt fell

  8. When you see an ad and forgets it's an ad so you go to the commercial section excepting to see comments about the ad and not the video

  9. When I was in 4th we did willy wonka jr one of the pillars fell so we oompa loompas went to fix it like nothing happened

  10. During my performance with a bunch of other Russian dancers (we were performing The Nutcracker for school), since it was our last show in a row and I was tired, I tripped and stumbled during my high kicks but I played it off by getting on the floor and kicking up in the air and clappin a bit, also everyone’s hats and belts we’re flying everywhere on stage.
    It was a mess for Christmas

  11. The spider when it step on it by accident 1:59
    Life after people in a nutshell: 5:54
    The new Snow White and the seven dwarves looks great 1:46

  12. One time I was playing mulan in our schools production of mulan jr, and I reached down to grab my hat, which is important if you’ve seen the musical and I kicked it off stage. A girl sitting up front in the audience sat it back up there for me and I’ve never been more thankful for someone in my life 😂 I gave her a big hug afterwards 😂

  13. My high school’s lion in wizard of oz lost their tail and the scarecrow just improvised and said he heard oz has great plastic surgery to fix it

  14. One time when I was in an Aristocats play,(I was Roquefort the mouse) I hold up a poster that says "ship to Timbuktu" and I say "help is here!" But one night I dropped it and it flew all the way into the front row of the audience! Lol I was terrified but I went with the flow.The show must go on!

  15. I love the blooper from Book of Mormon where Elder Cunningham (Josh Gad who is hilarious) is looking back and forth really fast and his glasses fly off, and he just screamed I CAN'T SEE! without missing a beat and the other Elders rushed his glasses back to him.

  16. Guess what, during a performance of shrek jr I was in (I was momma bear) I had to give baby bear the true loves kiss sign cause she was small. Before we went on we all went on a frenzy to find it but we lost it, so baby bear went up to them and just put her hands up.

  17. In our school production, The Addams Family, the girl playing Alice, well her mic came off and it dragged behind her, and the next scene like everyone stays still and Uncle Fester gives a little speech thing and he was covering her by saying things like “Well she grew a tail didn’t she? I don’t think we expected that to happen! I’ll have a little chat with her about this later..” doesn’t sound that funny but everyone onstage just broke out laughing our heads off. The audience went wild as well…

  18. I was in Little Mermaid in middle school I think and was in the ensemble. I was supposed to go to center stage during Kiss the Girl and do a loop dance thing with another person but we ended up slamming into each other. We were fine, but the other ensemble members started laughing including us

  19. I almost got knocked off a staircase by a raising door during a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Good times.

  20. last production I was in as I was leaving the stage I knocked over this massive tower (it was super light) and as I walked off all I could hear was this loud THWACK is was horrible

  21. Once, my dress came unpinned as I ran on for bows. Not wanting to flash the audience, I took the hands of the people on either side of me and I put my arms in something similar to the wakanda salute. It was awkward, but better than flashing an audience that included my parents.

  22. My sister broke the set stage once. However she completely rolled with it and according to the audience it turned out to be one of the funniest parts of the whole show.

  23. what the heck was that with the real glass bottle on the noggin'? She might have cracked his skull. I'd get an attorney.

  24. My dance teacher once told us that when he was in Hair the musical the power of the theater went off. Someone in the audience just shouted ”at least do the naked scene!”

  25. I remember two times i improvised in very stupid situations and the two were from plays based on tim burton's movies haha

    The first one a "The Corpse Bride" play in college, i was Emily and at the finale i had to throw the bouquet backwards so the girl playing Victoria would catch it… the stage was small and the ceiling very, very low, so the bouquet hit the ceiling and fell to the ground… there was silence and people started to laugh and i wanted to laugh too, so i said: "oh, this is a very low ceiling for a church…", and people exploded laughing. I never had so much in my life until i played as a monster in a Nightmare Before Christmas play in an amateur theater group.

    We were preparing everything for christmas and suddenly, i think i hit one of my mates who was playing as a Clown and her hat went off, so you could see her wigcap. We didnt know what to do and again, i couldn't help laughing, so i pointed at the Clown and yelled: "YOU ARE **BALD**" and the actors burst into laughs and the public did too…
    I love improvising in stupid situations :')

  26. Tpmvids is my very favorite channel I watch it almost every day just to get a laugh I love your disney videos the most so maybe you can do disney Easter eggs in the park or movies and have a only Broadway bloopers video.

  27. We did sister act and eddies police officer outfit didn’t rip off to reveal his disco outfit so the four girls where pulling in his clothes desperately and then pulled his mic pack out of his mic when they got the clothes off

  28. I must get into theather to i would freaking nail every blooper by improvising and awekward moments i would burst out singing carry one my wayward son and then after i would say like naild it 😂😂

  29. First performance- I tripped on the curtain during my big entrance 😛
    Second performance- one of the prop swords broke and flew into an actors face onstage.
    Third performance- the power went out mid-line. I improvised with "Did you pay the electricity bill?" The scene was set in depression-era America, so it worked.
    Now let's see what can go wrong with Annie…

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