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Morning drawing 11 19 19

Morning drawing 11 19 19

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100 Replies to “Top 7 Colored Pencil Mistakes that Beginners Make – Lachri”

  1. I always finish my work before it’s actually completed because I get scared that I will ruin it if I carry on. I have so many ‘okay’ pieces of work because I get the that stage and stop

  2. i have a problem with ppl that i no that are very little liking and understanding art so i don't get any feedback i like some one to tell me what they like and don't like about my art i never was able to work on all the ideas in my head i have 3 autistic boys and one is savorily and is in a group home now when i started 3 yes ago i never talk to anyone no one new i new how to paint oil acrylic and were stoked to find out i like to make old looking painting s portraits i brake rules a lot i love to always brake rules its how i am with art i get compared to pablo picasso a lot i do agree i have his style and way of seeing art i have done a lot of his paintings for my self because i love them i was forced by my man to put my work on facebook i ether just get likes or unwanted ppl that don't do art or want to talk about it just want to be un apropreat to me if any one can u or any one can suggest what i should do i paint because i love it and it makes me happy also love phoyografy im sorry this is so long but i really need some feed back like i sed i don't have friends its hard to when ppl don't understand you have autistic kids i have been pushed away or avoided by most family and ppl because of my kids i would like to make friends with ppl who like art and we can share ideas and talk about art thank you so much for whom ever takes the time to read this

  3. Never thought of the circular blending. Have you tried the scale divider? I got a great video on how it works. 🙂

  4. 0:25 thought there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents! lol. thanks for the advice tho will definitely take some of it on board!

  5. I don't use white as a drawing surface. . .I don't layer very much, as I like a slightly less smooth finish to my drawings. . .I usually layer the most when I'm combining colors to achieve a particular shade. . .I try to let the color of my drawing surface assist in the blending as I transition from darker to lighter tones. . .I also never work on a smooth drawing surface. . .In this way I achieve just a bit rougher but still finished look, using more of a feathered transition than a smooth burnished look. . .For this reason I never use any "spirits" to assist in blending. . .Just my preference. . .Your work is exceptional and I admire your results!

  6. The Polychromos Pencils had a little Booklet explaining how to use them… and it was realy easy to understand.

  7. best tip for me, thinking it's done when it's not. I think I just get tired. Thanks for the affirmation that colored pencil work takes time, time, time.

  8. I know this is an older video, and this is kind of random, but I was looking for colored pencil tips for fine art and I just really like you and the way you talk and articulate and you’re just very nice to listen to… soo yeah sorry that was creepy I’ve never said anything like this to anyone online but you just really stand out for some reason

  9. #5 the first example actually has some great detail (the claws, the greens on the head) that were lost on the finished product. In my opinion you over finished!

  10. Is that a lock n lock container you are using to keep your mineral spirits in? I heard, (somewhere?) to only use MS in glass containers, obviously not true, seeing you using it in this non-glass container. Thank you in advanced, for considering a response to my question.

  11. im like extreme with coloring and i literally push down way too hard because to me, it looks really good.

  12. ik im late but can i ask why do my color pencils not cover the white of the page there is allways white spots (i dont have varnish)

  13. My issue is learning how to use Polychromos & Holbein pencils. They are so very very different than for example Prismacolors. I’m trying to learn how to shade & highlight. I have hardly any layers. Hmmm….It sounds like I need to see a video on “how” to color with colored pencils.

  14. HEY LISA, I have a serious question dealing with colored pencils. I use Polychromos and Caran'dache which I know the polys are more oil based the other waxed but I noticed these Lyra Rembrant oil pencils. Are they similar or could they be use especially in defrying the costs. I know nothing about them and was needing your expertise. Thank you. I enjoy your program so much and I think I have imoroved. I also use Fisher 500 paper or hot pressed with a layer of liquitex. I have yet to use my drafting film again with the polys. It would be cool to meet at a show but lately I have been battling with my health so we can say it will happen down the road. Take care!!

  15. Colored Pencil Picker App Free Download

    Colored Pencil Picker app is a very helpful tool for Colored Pencil Artist/Beginners. It helps artist to pick the best colors to use or to mix for their drawings using a reference photo.

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  16. I've never even heard of oder less mineral spirits before watching this video. Is it expensive? Where can I get it? What's the best way to use it and how is it used?

  17. You are changing the way i draw and its amazing!!! Blending with the odorless mineral solvant is life changing, all these years of hating colored pencils. I have a new found love thanks!!!

  18. Holy crap I love this video. I’ve been using colored pencils for the past week and was really frustrated, but after watching this video a lot of those problems went away

  19. I think what you’re calling “Me Tints” is pronounced “Me Tee-IN-Tez, “ which is Spanish for … half shades or half tones = literal translation. But it may not be meant to be taken literally. Does it mean anything to you? Thanks for this video! I’ve been using colored pencils for at least 50 years and using them ALL WRONG. Looking forward to using them right, if I have the patience to put down a huge number of layers you suggest.

  20. Interesting that you say tracing is a good way to learn. I came from an art school where they shunned that and kept saying you need to use tools like your pencils to sight measure and a plum line tool. Although some teachers I had said measuring with the head on the figure doesn't work

  21. I thought I’d try prisma colour pencils today. I’m hating it but I have to learn. I have polychromos but I’m not using those to practice.

  22. Is there a way of getting white whiskers over other colours with colour pencils? I’m trying a swimming tiger and the whiskers have disappeared

  23. I appreciate your insight! Trying to come back from mastectomy and got some oil base pencils to be busy in a creative way… so will do the layers! 3-5! Thank you!

  24. How do you guys do this! I'm blown away. I just picked up coloring in my 30s. They encourage it at work to reduce stress and I really enjoy it. But I am blown away by the level of detail artists get over what I can. When she started talking about 20+ layers my ears started to leak brain matter.

    Where should I start? What is this odorless fluid she keeps referring to? Am I too late to the party to believe that I can actually catch on to this artform. There are about 100 other questions I could list but I'm almost certain this comment is in vain anyway.

    I was never much for art. I always enjoyed it and respected it but my mind always drifted towards the sciences and math so I never worked on these skills. Any tips ot pointers would be much appreciated.

  25. one question, why is it that some consider if you don't draw in realistic or picture perfect drawing your not considered a professional artist?

  26. Do you ever use colored pencils and ink on one picture ? I'm having trouble getting the skin color to stand out without wanting to outline it with a color that doesn't help give it a " real" look.

  27. So amazing. Hope I could make videos like this as well. Hope to get support from fellow artists ❤️

  28. Omg I had a dream about you, but this is the first ever video that I have ever seen you in. Other than just now I’ve never seen you before

  29. "0:45" – "#1 – Not [e]nough [l]ayers"
    "1:36" – "#2 – Pushing too hard on the Pencil [too soon]"
    "2:48" – "#3 – Not keeping the Pencil [s]harp [enough]"
    "3:30" – "#4 – Choosing the [r]ight [p]aper for the [r]ight [t]echniques"
    "4:41" – "#5 – Calling the work finished too soon!!"
    "6:16" – "#6 – Scribbling"
    "7:10" – "#7 – Starting with an inaccurate drawing"

  30. I have some color pencils (faber castle) and I've been using them for a month now. Yesterday when I'm about to color some of my doodles I noticed that the color of the lead was paler and it couldn't release a color no matter how much I scratch it on a paper. Then I put a pressure and there WAS a color BUT it's not as colorful as before plus the paper might get ripped to how hard I draw a line just to see if the pencil still worked.
    I tried sharpening it, the lead was still smooth but the color's just too pale

  31. By the way I don't have a ton of money so I am always looking for hacks when I don't have the money but wanna do something. For instance I was given water color pencils as a present but no brush came with them… so I finally decided after a little while to try it out with a cotton swab when I had used that method to blend my Graphite art… it worked well in both situations though I would still prefer a brush and smudge tools but IF you are in the middle of working and say you run out it's good to know.

    ALSO the oderless mineral thing people keep mentioning… I looked it up and I even tried it out on an old picture and it worked! I had Prisma Color Pencils.. a couple years ago.. and I took a swab to one of them where the hair was black and looked like it has wax bloom (I think that's what it's called I just learned about it) so.. I took a swab and it worked like a charm! I was like O_O!

    I have to wait a little longer to get my set of Prisma's going again.. kind of on the broke side but I love working with my Graphite art pencils, and the water colors… I enjoyed the PRisma's while I had them before but was dealing with depression and taking care of my dying mother left me too tired to do art so I ended up giving them away…still kicking myself for it! LOL!

    Anyways like to get in touch with other artists and I am on deviantart as well if you want to connect.

  32. Awesome your work with this channel – could you please provide subtitles in Portuguese you have no idea how the brazilian public would love your amazing channel content 10/10.

  33. 4:52. The bird looks like you shaded it in with your feet, but it is not wrong, it's not bad… it's unfinished. A slight contridiction of sorts there, lol.

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