TOP 10 Singing Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

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  1. But all the same my country S old stylessmesslesshatemoremoremoremoremoremoremoreshinemoreshow. Wow thing only oioioi born tobe while thing wild but thoi met quá rông ra to mö ra that xa càng xa Còn bà xã cüã tao kë tao dinh tap can bình tùm lum hêť

  2. Me too old to show off to all the babes I don't want to break the rules and when I love the Love one I feel old but when I move the fun's for all of you that I m the goungest in all

  3. terry crews is the best host ))he is emotional and friendly))and lol he has a great body))and the second audition he has soul time goess by fast but he is a good person inspirational)))

  4. I'm very good at singing and I want to be on stage but how if I'm 14 years old and I don't have money I don't deserve support for family, school, because everybody think: is hard to learn singing. Yeah It's hard but I did it I write songs about fellings about life but not about love or somethingelse that famous singers do. I don't have friends because I'm the bullied person from 8 years and because I think different, I'm shy, I'm amotional and I'm not bad girls I'm people who had very good heart but nobody needs this heart nobody hear me. Yes I have a lot of Talents I discover maybe this is why peoples don't like me. But when I got depression I go to peoples who help me and I meet a lot of kids that respect me, hug me and thet become to my friend and I win depression and now I know I'm very special people who need to live who need to inspire peoples.
    If you want to know what style I sing and write songs please chek Sia she is my big, big very big elk and support, she save me from suicide.
    And I understand this peoples in this video I cry all the video thanks this peoples who exist they support me.
    How Sia say: Keep going, I Love you!

  5. wow wow amazing,i wish everyone,can be so happy together🖤💛🕊like this in the world 😭what amazing show🙏4updt, TERRY👑🙌🏽😘

  6. How can people hate a race of people, some of whom have given their lives for this country because of the color of their skin – Still I Rise…

  7. Ngl I would prolly get fired as a judge first day lmao I'd prolly give everybody the golden buzzer and the cleaners or whatever they're called would make about 10 complaints every audition 😂

  8. Every time I watch the choir from Detroit I tear up. Man them kids come from easily one of the roughest places to grow up in and instead of giving in and acting a fool they are doing something positive and not just doing it but being great at it! And to hear Terry break down like that talking about them. And when they win they all just have pure raw joy pouring from them. Just awesome to see.

  9. Anyone absolutely amazed by the autistic guy omg damn dude my dude went from not being able to talk to singing like a god I came to the comment section to see like whatever thought dude damn this guy is amazing

  10. Olyan kiválóan felkészült emberek kerülnek müsorra,hogy esténként 1-1.5h orát néha csodálkozva töltök a számitogép elött. Köszönöm.

  11. I hope kodi lee becomes famous and i would kill to see him its so good to see what people can do i really would kill to see him i feel sad for him and hes such a good singer and knows how to play music

  12. le petit à 48.00: il est juste magnifique…quelle voix…j ai beaucoup aimé. Et j'adore le juge prénommé Simon…..Il est tellement…tout…je crois qu'il me rappelle mon grand amour…que j'ai stupidement quitté d'ailleurs.
    ah, c est la vie

  13. I read in a comment section once where someone said Kody Lee wasn't anything special because he just sings other peoples songs. I never seen 1 comment with so many thumbs down

  14. Oh my heart! Loved every one of these acts! To the Detroit youth choir…..please stop at nothing to reach the incredible potential that lives in you! Wow! So inspiring!

  15. "I take it you're going to be singing with us" how did she know? he could have been about to do ANYTHING. 11:50 … scripted????

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