This Delivery Man’s Dance Caught On Camera Will Absolutely Bring A Smile To Your Face

This Delivery Man’s Dance Caught On Camera Will Absolutely Bring A Smile To Your Face

(clapping) – Christmas is the most
wonderful time of the year, but you can all imagine just how much work getting those gifts out, is
for the real life Santas, delivery drivers, that is. That’s gotta be chaos and people angry, you know all that stuff. So a kind woman wanted to do her part to spread some Christmas cheer. She left candy and snacks on her porch, along with a note inviting the
drivers to help themselves. There’s one driver though
who couldn’t just contain his excitement over the surprise. You can see it in this fantastic
viral video, here you go. – Oh this is nice! (muted audience laughter) – [Karim] Wow, oh this is sweet! Oh wow. Get out of here! This is sweet! Well this is so nice! (audience laughter and clapping) – [Kelly] Ah that’s my favorite part, that’s my favorite part. (clapping) My favorite part is the dance. We have the generous woman who
left the treats by her door, please welcome Kathy y’all.
(audience whooping and clapping) – [Kelly] That dance, that
dance makes me so happy on my, on the inside. Like, but what inspired you
to do this very sweet act ’cause it’s, we don’t usually
think of that, you just, they get delivered, you
don’t think sometimes, because we’re all busy, like
what inspired you to do it? – Right, so we were raised like this, I mean in my family we were
raised to just put others first and always think of other people, – [Kelly] Servants heart. – [Kathy] Right. -[Kelly] Yeah. – [Kathy] Before ourselves,
so it was just natural to put treats out for
them. They work so hard. They work in all weather, they don’t talk to people
during the day. -[Kelly] Yeah. So it’s the least we could do. – [Kelly] Well that kinda sounds awesome. – [Kathy] I know. – [Kelly] No I’m just kidding. How did you come across
this video for this actual, because people deliver stuff all the time. How did you come across this one? – [Kathy] So I had just
been in a car accident and I was home, yeah I was
home, I had just gotten home and was sitting in my living
room, with my jacket still on, and – [Kelly] You’re okay? – I’m fine -[Kelly] Okay – Um, I, my car is not but I’m fine. But I heard all this noise outside and I looked at my husband and I was like, whoever that is just made my day, I’m fine, I’m all better now. So I reviewed the camera
to see what was going on and then that’s when I
saw, – [Kelly] Pure joy! – [Kelly and Kathy In Unison] Yes! – [Kathy] So, I made his
day but he made my day, and he has just brought joy to millions, – [Kelly] I think that’s,
that, look at the dance! It’s the dance, I love it! (audience clapping) – [Kelly] Well Karim wanted to say, thank you to Kathy in person and meet her. – [Kathy] Is he here? –
[Kelly] So come on out Karim! – [Kathy] Where is he? (audience whooping and clapping) (Kathy whooping excitedly) – [Kelly] I love your dance. – [Kathy] Oh! I didn’t think
they were bringing you! (excited mumbling) (audience cheering and clapping) – [Kelly] Come and sit down! Oh you can sit over
here, when you’re done. (introductions drowned
out by crowd cheering) – Well just scooch, I
wanna sit by amazon. Yeah. Now you come down here,
where are you going? Where are you going Karim? I don’t bite. – Hey people! (Kathy’s laughter and crowd cheering) – First of all I just wanna say, thank you, I love amazon, so, – [Karim] Oh yeah? – [Kelly] I’m a prime member! – [Karim] Sweet, sweet. – It’s where all my money goes. So you had quite a good
experience that day. That was awesome. – Absolutely. – Oh! I’m so excited you’re here! – [Kelly] I mean you’re
reaction to the goodies was, well it went viral, there’s
a reason it went viral. It was like pure joy. You were
so excited about the food. – I was. (Kelly and the audience laugh) – [Kelly] Had you not eaten? – Well I had, uh, left my
lunch, so I was like, oh. – [Kelly] You left your lunch on accident? – [Karim] Some snacks, yeah.
(Karim and the audience laugh) – [Kelly] Oh! See, someone’s
looking out for you, that’s awesome, you
left your food at home. – [Karim] Oh, yeah, absolutely. – [Kelly] I love you, your whole spirit. – [Kathy] I know he’s the best! – [Kelly] So, do you want
to say anything to Kathy? – [Karim] Thank you for
your thoughtfulness, and for your selflessness, – [Kathy] You are welcome. – And I appreciate you. – [Kathy] Awe, you’re welcome.
Thank you for your energy. You have the best energy. – [Karim] Thank you. – [Kathy] You made my day. – [Kelly] She had just
been in a car accident and its funny she put it
out there to be thoughtful, – [Karim] I just heard, yeah. – [Kelly] And then you
ended up making her feel so much better, because,
like, let’s face it, a car accident around
Christmas (Karim mumbles), that’s an expensive thing. – [Karim] Yeah, definitely. – [Karim And Kelly In Unison] Yeah. – [Kelly] I love the video.
– [Karim] Oh, do you? – [Kelly] I’ve watched it a billion times. I’m like a million of them. (Kathy laughs) (audience clapping) – [Kathy] A lot of people like it. (audience continues clapping) – You gotta hit it for us one time. (all laughing and talking over each other) (audience clapping) – [Karim] Eh, eh, eh. (audience
clapping and cheering) (Kelly and guests laughing)

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47 Replies to “This Delivery Man’s Dance Caught On Camera Will Absolutely Bring A Smile To Your Face”

  1. Lord I'm cryin again!! 😆!!!! I love when people are kind and giving and I love the people that are joyul!!! She is great!!! He is great!!! I love this!!!

  2. I love when Kelly interviews “normal” people…. she’s great with celebrities, but dam she’s sweet to normal people… 😌

    i know it’s normal, Kelly’s a good person I get it, still fun to watch

  3. I think that’s a very thoughtful idea but I also think that it’s just one more thing for “porch pirates” to steal.

  4. As a kid, I grew up in a rural part of Long Island, New York, on a county-owned farm property because my dad managed the farm on the property. (this was mid-80s-mid-90s)My mom always offered the UPS driver coffee or hot chocolate, baked goods…etc and every year my parents gave them a holiday card with a tip inside, whatever they could afford. At 36 years old in Burbank, CA, I tried to extend similar generosity to the refrigerator repairman, who then tried to take his clothes off, then groped me goodbye after I helped him with his tools back to his truck, (I helped carry them out so he would not come back) after refusing his advances. I had a bad experience trying to keep my parents' thoughts alive, but there are still good people. Just be careful.

  5. So terrific to see two people unknown to one another who end up making reciprocal joy for one another!! Wish that was the norm!! ♥️♥️♥️💃

  6. I love this! I’ve wanted to do it for a couple of years but always forget to grab some snacks. Her video reminded me, and I immediately ran out and got snacks and drinks to sit outside as well. She is so right! They do so much for so little in return

  7. My FB brother, your energy is what carries you!! I’m proud to see that everyone in the world recognizes you for your Kindred spirit!

  8. Dang it Kelly! You are worse than the Hallmark card commercials! You keep making me cry!!! But they are grateful tears! It’s so nice to see positivity in this crazy world!

  9. Hey Everyone this is Karim Ahmad-Reed III. Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays to you and your Families and Close Friends in your lives. Im very honored and humbled by my experience with Kelly and the Staff as well as the Panel. LOVE is the Key to Understanding and Learning one another in this Journey we share called Life.

    It's a pleasure to see all of the happiness people are feeling and expressing to the concept of being Grateful for the little things that can turn into Great Ascensions and Aspirations for self and others.

    Feel free to visit me on Facebook YouTube and Instagram ( Karim Karim Ahmad Reed III

    May the Divine bless you all with Goodness in your lives, understanding in your Journeys and Prosperity in your living.

  10. I'm so glad this is on You Tube since this episode of the show was preempted by the crazy people in DC who thought Christmas was the best time to further divide the country. Thank you Kelly!

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