The WORST Art Subscription Box I’ve EVER Opened.

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55 Replies to “The WORST Art Subscription Box I’ve EVER Opened.”

  1. Hi everyone! Wanted to clear up a couple things!

    I used the phrase “I’m an artist not a crafter, I can’t do crafts” crafters ARE artists! What I meant was, I am the type of artist who draws not the type of artist who makes crafts, or writes/sings songs, etc. the umbrella of an artist is so large! I just didn’t perhaps use the correct term whilst speaking/should’ve said I’m a painter/drawer/sketcher? Type of artist? I know a lot of you know exactly what I meant but some of you perhaps took it to heart I meant otherwise. I can assure you I think crafters are just as much artists as people who draw. Sometimes what I mean and what I say when speaking fast doesn’t always mean it how I mean it in my head, so yes to clarify – crafters are artists, musicians are artists, I’m the type of artist who draws not the type of artist who is good at crafts (if you watch to the end you’ll see me fail at them greatly)

    Secondly, YES I have got Jazzas art box on the way and will be reviewing it when it gets to me. But it doesn’t ship until the end of July 🙂

  2. If there gonna be doing boxes that cost that much then they should do the decent thing and put better pricer stuff in. Crayola are robbing people
    This needs to be posted everywhere insta Facebook twitter warning people crayola are robbing people.

  3. If I was you I would have got in touch with them and include copies of those prices you found and ask where their prices come from!

  4. So, if memory serves from when I used to work at Michael's (in New York, for New York prices) : the model magic looks like the same amount as in the normal retail package, which they sell for 5 dollars. So, that would be 25 dollars. The paints sold for 3 dollars each, so 12 dollars. Patterned cardstock was 50 cents, those crappy Crayola brushes were like 3 dollars for 2, so call it 1.50, and the wood blank, especially that thin, would be like 4 dollars, and the clockwork kits were like 6 dollars.

    That's around 50 dollars, but Noone who shops in Michael's more than casually does so without coupons and/or bumming the employee discount, so you'd never pay that much.

    Also, off hand, you could also go to the same store and spend 40 dollars on the following: a 5 pack of 16×20 canvases ($20), a 25 pack of assorted brushes ($5), a 5 set of assorted pallets ($5), and a 16 pack of assorted acrylic bottle paints ($8).

    Its why I always tended to just get customers to just buy normal art supplies when they wanted to get their kid stuff, but brand names sell.

  5. Box O crap. You’re being generous. If I bought this for a kid I’d be pissssed.
    Burned Crayola. Can’t buy marketing line this!!

  6. This takes the fun out of art I think.. it should be creating what you want to create not given supplies in a box and told what to do with them 😂

  7. I LOVE your painting!! It’s beautiful!! Also, you are an amazing painter and I love how honest you are!!

  8. Hi Chloe, I really love you and your channel! I was wondering if you could possibly restock the bear painting? I know it was limited edition but I really like it and it seemed to have done very well. Anyway lysm! Sending love from Ireland!

  9. What a ripoff! They could’ve definitely added a more, somewhat respectable kit with their poster paints, scented markers, and coloured pencils (which beginners would definitely love), along with their more decent sketchbooks and THEN little odds and ends like the clay stuff and instructions for crafts.

    Crayola, I loved your crayons as a child and still somewhat as an adult. Do better.

  10. Honestly, in my country, crayola products are too expensive cause its a "well known branch". So… the price of this box doesnt surprise me… like, Im sure Ive seen some of their products at that price here, like… the "super complet crayon set" or stuff. Yeah… crayola here is everything but cheap

  11. 4 paints are worth $2
    5 oz is the model magic $9.52
    Crayola brush .50
    Wood round $5
    Clock battery and hands $8
    Drink 1.79
    Pen .62
    Post it notes $1.50

    $28.93…. that box was not worth it…

  12. Madam you are being way too kind. "The price is a bit too high." No the price is absolutely ridiculous! Extortionate prices!

  13. it looks just as cheap as that $99.00 art box. You can get almost everything in that one as well for less that they $100 asking price.

  14. Chloe: a strawberry milkshake…

    Also Chloe: a chocolate milkshake

    Also Chloe: I’m going to open my strawberry milkshake

    Is it strawberry or chocolate? Did anyone notice she said that?

  15. I just went their website and the feedback button doesn't work, LOL…. They do not have any reviews on their website to look at….. Crayola SHAME SHAME SHAME

  16. I’m the opposite of you! I’m more of the crafty, build with your hands type than the drawing/painting type. I can never express my ideas in paint or pen but I’m ok with using clay to make something. I recently started working with polymer clay so I’m still learning and experimenting with it.

  17. I'm a Professional Sculptor. ive tried EVERYTHING. E V E R Y T H I N G. and Crayola Model Magic is one of, if not the ABSOLUTE WORST clay ive ever touched. it's just HORRIBLE. Mushy, Gummy, Sticky, Smelly, UGH.

  18. Your sound keeps bleeding into the next clips. It's just something I've noticed from a few of your videos

  19. I feel like given how cheap all their supplies are basically everywhere, Crayola would be able to make a subscription box really valuable by instead sending you some kind of craft KIT every month. Like a ready to do painting project or something, instead of bits and pieces. A box that's a whole activity to do with your kid, no other supplies needed. I feel like that would be something you might want to pay for as a service, not like…overpriced bits and pieces from someone's kids' art supply drawer -_-

  20. “I’m an artist not a crafter” Same. And yet I’m sure everyone I know doesn’t know the difference. They say “oh ur artistic wanna paint my walls?” And I’m like I use charcoal and color pencils on sketchbook paper do u want me to ruin ur wall??? Like me and paint DONT MIX😂😂😂

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