The Mysterious Planet

The Mysterious Planet

[music] Mysteries abound in our
universe, but bit by bit, we are unlocking its secrets. We now
know that our galaxy contains billions of other planets – but
how can we learn more about them? What traits do these
exoplanets have? What are they made of? What are their
environments like? How have they evolved over time? Are they
habitable? And can planets lose habitability over time? Imagine
we could study one of these planets up close. We find one of
similar size, mass, and composition as Earth. By all
accounts, this planet appears very similar to our own. We
discover evidence that this world may have once had liquid
water oceans and volcanoes – a setting that could have been
favorable to life. But over time, something drastic happened
to this environment. This planet’s sun grew brighter and
hotter – increasing the temperature here to the point
that the oceans boiled away. And then gradually, the volcanic
gasses created a thick atmosphere with clouds of
sulfuric acid. That once friendly environment was gone.
But all is not lost. The remnants of such a world may
hold the key to understanding planetary evolution and
habitability. The twist is that this isn’t science fiction, this
planet does exist. And if we want to learn more about the
past, present, and possible future of our planet and the
billions of similar exoplanets out there – this mysterious one
needs more study. And it doesn’t reside in some distant solar
system, truth be told, it sits right next door. This planet
is Venus. And the more mysteries we can unravel here, the more
answers we can find out there.

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32 Replies to “The Mysterious Planet”

  1. The climate change can do this with the earth. I think in 50years the 3. world war with nuklear bombs will do this. (I know the climate change is already here)

  2. That whole "victim of global warming" narrative is unwarranted – Venus has twice the amount of solar radiation as Earth, and very little magnetosphere to protect the H2O molecules from decomposing in the solar wind.. Highly unlikely that liquid water ever existed on the surface. Even less likely that there is strong evidence, considering we can barely even detect the surface. IMHO.

  3. Rofl, look within and you will see a star or universe out there that resembles each and every type of being since creation.

  4. I was thinking halfway of Venus, and wondered why the protomolecule was taking so long… Not science fiction the man says!

  5. Vénus será uma espécie de trampolim…Para a descoberta de planetas extra solares?? Olha que é deveras interessante esta suposição ou ideia!! Vénus terá respostas a muitas perguntas?!! Impressionante que o planeta que se vê a olho nu, seja tenha os pontos fulcrais para novas descobertas? Incrível vídeo!

  6. the universe has no secrets we are ignorant lacking in knowledge and seeking enlightenment , stop fooling your self its how fanciful rubbish like gravity waves and dark matter /energy come about and crudity to animals like stuffing a cat in a box for pleasure as Schroedinger suggest

  7. New probe to Venus? That hasn't been done since the soviets landed Venera landers. NASA has been developing high temperature electronics for this purpose. They have a better chance to make the craft survive this time.

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