The Knockouts Continue as the Artists Are Star-Struck Over Mega Mentor Taylor Swift – The Voice 2019

The Knockouts Continue as the Artists Are Star-Struck Over Mega Mentor Taylor Swift – The Voice 2019

-Get ready for the knockouts! -I’m the team to beat, I’m just
say– I’m just bein’ real. Keepin’ it real and honest,
you’re welcome, America. -Well, I have the most
incredible team, that’s literally gonna lose
their minds. -Oh, really? Man!
-As soon as they see you. -Aah! Oh, my God!
-I knew it! I knew it! -Hello!
-I don’t know why I felt like it was gonna be her,
she was lookin’ good, she had that bad suit on, honey. I hugged her,
felt like money. It was just amazin’. -She just represents, like,
all the women of today, and, like,
she’s just truly herself, and I look up to that so much. -What’s up, y’all,
this is Taylor! Look at her!
-Taylor Swift! -Basically, y’all win for
greatest mega-mentor ever, so, you’re welcome!
-I’m not one to get starstruck, but there’s famous, then there’s
Taylor Swift famous. -I usually have one of her CDs
on repeat all day, every day. -Oh! -That’s not for me.
-Hi! -They never react like that when
it’s just me. -No, it’s your outfit,
it’s incredible. -I was so starstruck walking in
there, like, “Oh, my gosh,
that is Taylor Swift.” -Whoa, this is so weird,
oh, my gosh! Wow! Okay! She knows exactly what she’s
doing in this industry, and I want to be where she’s at
right now. -Look who’s here!
-This is cool. Whoa-ho! You’re Taylor Swift. Please don’t make me sing
in front of you. -Hey, what’s up?
-I used to have pictures of her on my wall.
-Hey. -Oh, snap! -Boom!
-I was completely blown away. One of the best songwriters of
our time. -All the feels. She’s so
impressive as a songwriter, when she goes through hard
times, she says, “I’m gonna make
a hit out of it now.” -My God!
-What’s up, y’all?! Taylor Swift is here!
-Hi, guys. -I’m freaking.
-I did not expect to meet Taylor Swift — I was
scared to look at her, that’s how amazing it was. -Taylor Swift is somebody that I
look up to so much as a songwriter, and to
be able to bond a little bit over songwriting was
really incredible. -Oh, Lord!
Freakin’ Taylor Swift! -Hello.
-Hey, I’m Taylor. -For me, Taylor was a great
mega-mentor. She started off in country, and now she’s crossed over to
the pop genre. -This is crazy.
-And she a mega-hit in pop. -What…
-Hi. -I’m shaking, literally.
-This is what we call a mega-mentor.
-Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I
would even, like, touch Taylor Swift, let alone be
in the same room as her. -To have them both in a room,
like, legends, literally, crazy. -Can you believe
this is happening? -Hey, guys, what’s up? -I was excited, I almost wanted
to, like, run off the stage. -She’s very versatile, she kinda
does a little bit of everything, she does it all well,
she’s incredible. -All right, come on out, ladies.
-Yeehaw. -What’s up,
this is Taylor Swift. -Hello.
-Look at her. -I’m freakin’ out! The day I met Taylor Swift —
Nice to meet you! Literally one of my favorite
people since I was, like, freaking this tall. -You look so pretty. I mainly relate to her
as a songwriter because she’s so not afraid to
just put her feelings out there, and whatever she feels, she just
says it, and I love that. -Yay, who’s next?
-That was it. -Oh, my God, congratulations,
you’re the trick. -That’s amazing.

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  1. She’s not . She’s a sell out / shill . Caved in to the democrats for slandering president trump. She also didn’t write her bs earth equality letter to the proper house / senate because she’s a moron

  2. I can believe Gwen put Royce vs Jake! Shes a fcking idiot 😭😑 the 2 more diferent artist this season both deserve to move forward … I hope Jake got through

  3. I just keep seeing her face on all video and just saying hi. Can we get some footage what is she bringing on the table. Is she here to mentor or to just look pretty

  4. If I could have a wish made true I would love to meet some one it would be Luke Bryan as his music helped save my life when I was in a bad way, Country music in general has helped me. But that would never happen meeting Luke as I live in Perth Australia

  5. ❗️⭐️❤️ TAY TAY ❤️⭐️❗️

    Of 🇺🇸
    LOVE U 😘
    & THANK U 🙏
    For ALL U DO
    & ALL U ARE ❗️
    🎶 🎤 👍


  6. Nothing like getting advice from someone who turned her back on the genre which led her to stardom,country don't miss you

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