The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – Ep 79 – Full Episode –  29th September, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – Ep 79 – Full Episode – 29th September, 2019

– Greetings. Greetings, Ms. Archana. Hi, Ms. Archana. Ms. Bori, hi.. No.. Ms. Bori, you should
stay away from such people They are a bad omen. You shouldn’t
take an advice from such kind
of brother-in-law’s. They speak
sentimentally about their wife and hug
their sister-in-law. I don’t talk
to poor people. You’re calling
an owner of dhaba poor? You have 3 bowls,
4 spoons and 5 lids and you’re calling
that a dhaba? Hey..
Hello.. I have six lids. I’m sorry, Chandu.
We forgot to include you. Ms. Bori,
a lid is not a small thing. Without the cooker lid,
the cooker’s whistle won’t blow. Yes.. If there is no lid
on the soft drink bottle then, you will not be able
to hear the fizz sound. If there was no bottle
cap, then with what would Akshay Kumar perform
the bottle cap challenge? Wow.. You’re the ambassador
of fools. Why don’t you try and
squeeze yourself into a bottle? Nincompoop! By the way, Ms. Archana. Tell me. Since, I’m the owner
of the neighbourhood. I have decided..
– What have you decided? I’ve decided
to develop the neighbourhood. I’m going to remove
all the old things and bring
in something new.. This neighbourhood is mine and I’m the Bacha Yadav
of this neighbourhood. I’ll do as I wish
in the neighbourhood. Hey, what’s
happening over here? Get rid of all this. Get this away..
– Hey.. – Move it.. Hey.. What’s happening
over here? Pack your things
and leave from here. Go.. Hey.. W-What do you mean? Hey..
– Hey.. Your neighbourhood has been bought
by a sheik in Dubai. How can a person
by a neighbourhood? You cunning lady. I’m telling
you politely but consider it
as a threat and leave. Consider it
as threat and leave. You’re threatening
a woman? If you have the guts
then talk a man. All right, talk. Talk to me. Talk to me face to face. No, sir..
– Talk.. Sir, I was asking
whether we have sometime or do we have to vacate
the neighbourhood immediately? Vacate, immediately.. I was also saying
the same thing. There was a confusion
that I had to clear. Is it clear now? All right then.. – Okay.
– Vacate the neighbourhood. Let’s go.. Wow, Chandu.. You continuously acted like
a man for 12 seconds today. Wow! Proud of you.
– 12 seconds. How can someone threaten us
like that and we just get out? I’ll call the police.
– Come on, do it. – Call.. Hello.
Yes. Hello.
I am here. ‘Jai Hind!’ I’ll slap you.
– Inspector. – Yes. Why do you arrive
before I call you? There are so many problems
in your society. There are many other shows
running on Sony TV but no one else calls. In Crime Patrol,
even murders take place. Tell me, what happened!
Who is hitting on you? No one is hitting on me.
– That’s what I was thinking. Why would anyone hit on you? You tell me, fat guy.
What did you steal? I’ve stolen Victoria’s secrets. He’s so strange. Do I look like a thief?
– Oh, then he must have done it. You look like you’re sorry.
Come here.. Inspector, ask those girls
who are yearning to touch my face. Listen, Inspector.
None of us has done anything. Have you called me to dance here
if no one did nothing? Just a moment, sir. Why would
we call you to dance? You guys never call us
on happy occasions. If someone dies
or meets an accident then you call the police. It’s because of people like you
that we can’t dance. No one from our department
got selected in ‘Super Dancer’ this year. Inspector, policemen
aren’t supposed to dance. Then why don’t you tell this to
Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan? Sir.. Please come here
and listen to me. – Yes. Some hooligans came here
and they threatened us that we have
to leave this place. Did they threaten you?
– Yes. Did you take it? Don’t take such threats
seriously. Last time, a man threatened
in the colony next to this one. Did you solve the matter?
– No, they committed murder before I reached.
They don’t listen. Listen.
Come here. Yes, sir. It’s Sunday.
– Yes. Go and bring a bottle,
let’s enjoy. Go. I have a bottle,
but I can’t open its cap. Can’t you open it?
– Yes, sir. Let’s play a cap challenge. Akshay Kumar. Hello.
Akshay Kumar? Sorry to disturb you
at this hour. I wanted to get
a cap opened. Yes.
Okay.. Did he agree? No, he said he’ll teach me
a lesson at 4 a.m. It’s because of the people
like you that my relation with
celebrities is being spoiled. I got it. Inspector,
please come here.. – What? I can understand. Hey! – Please take it.
– Put it in the pocket. Actually, someone
has threatened us to leave this place.
He wants to acquire it. Acquire?
– Yes, sir. I got the training
of commandos. I can teach anyone a lesson,
let alone these hooligans. I’ll see who comes
to oust you from here. Yes. – I’ll be here.
– Thank you, sir. I neither have a child,
nor a wife. You can come to my house
any time. Hey, listen! Why are you saying stupid
things in our family show? Hey, you idiot!
I was just parking my camel. Just a moment.
We can’t see any camel. Can anyone see you acting
in this show? No, right? But you’re still
an actor, right? Similarly even I have a camel.
– Right. Nonsense.
– Step backwards. What are you doing?
– Even I am parking my jeep. Wonderful! Inspector.
– Yes? The headlights of your jeep
are very beautiful. Even I like the eyes
of your camel a lot. Can I suggest something? Why don’t you just get
them both married and make a camel cart? That’s wonderful.. Hey! This camel is pregnant. Wow!
Come here. Whom did you do this with? Inspector, this sheikh
is talking nonsense. You are not uttering a word. I am angry with you. Why didn’t you tell me that you are going
to have a baby? I will name the child. Sir, name the child
and take care of it too. Oust this sheikh
from here first. He has come
to acquire this colony. Hey! You stay away from my camel.
I am warning you. If it eats you,
people will say that there’s cumin seeds
in a camel’s mouth. Cumin seeds. Stop this nonsense? Do you know why is
my camel looking that side? Why is it? Because its Goddess
is in front. Look at that. Listen to me carefully. Hey, son of Kabir.
– Not Kabir. Harbhajan Singh’s son. Kabir Singh is my uncle. ‘Kabir Singh’ is based
on my uncle’s life. He had gone to jail
for drinking and driving. That is why
Shahid Kapoor was casted. That is the reason. Really?
– Yes. I wish I had found somebody
like Kabir Singh. Buri, you are mine. Wow! Attitude!
– Wow! Look at the attitude. I said Kabir Singh
and not Pauper Singh. Useless people,
stop discussing your love story. Inspector, do your duty. Sheikh!
– Tell me! Hey, was I too loud? I didn’t have an idea.
Sorry. Let’s talk calmly. Is this okay? Yes.
– Yes. Sheikh, what is your name? Al-Kukaila-Bhooka I was walking on the road.
I was eat ‘Bhel Puri’. Khalid Chaurasia. How can Chaurasia
be a sheikh? Okay, you can have
banana shake here. You can have
strawberry shake. Can’t Chaurasia
become a sheikh? Don’t think I am
an ordinary man. You know, I have made
many people famous. – Okay. If you want to become famous,
come to Dubai and call me. Truly, neither a king
nor a baby. Come to my house, love. We’ll sit and watch TV
together. Inspector, this man
is flirting with me openly. You are not doing anything. Be happy that somebody
is flirting with you. Otherwise, people look
at somebody like you and show the direction
to the toilet. You.. Tell me how this colony
belongs to you. Mr. Sony had come
to Dubai. Really?
– Yes. I showed him belly dance.
– Oh! He loved it
and offered this colony to me. He told me
that this colony is mine. Sheikh.
– Yes. You are a sheikh.
How are you speaking Marathi? Punjabis are speaking Marathi
in Mumbai. I have come from Dubai. Well said. This sheikh is lying. Mr. Sony would inform me
if he wanted to see belly dance. Well..
– I am good at it. Music. My camel vomited
after seeing her dance. Sheikh, I have been listening
to your fake talks from a long time. There is no camel here. You know, beggars
cannot see camels. But a person
who is good at heart can see this camel. That is why
I was wondering why I can see the camel. Buri, look how honest I am. Sheikh, I’ll wash
the camel’s mouth. Hey, what are you doing? Why?
What happened? Its face is that side. So.. How does it feel to be
kindhearted? Kindhearted, your hands
are dirty. Wash it. Wash it. Sheikh, nobody
has seen my talent so far. I never got a chance.
– Yes. I am also good
at belly dancing. You were very bad. Get lost!
Music. What is happening here? What is happening here?
Have you come here to dance? Your face is like
a bell icon. I’ll hit you.
– Wait a moment. You guys have joked enough.
Vacate this place quickly. I have to put sand here
and bring my camel too. How can you leave
your camel here? Where will my buffalo go? Your buffalo will go
inside your dhoti. I am not bothered. You also keep your camel
inside your frock. I am not bothered either. If you humiliate my camel, I’ll tell you who I am. I’ll hit the tail
of your buffalo. I’ll deal with it
no matter what. The sheikh is speaking
Bhojpuri now. – Yes. I have done
a Bhojpuri speaking case. Yes. I am launching my camel
as a hero in a Bhojpuri movie. And I have registered
the title too. Look at this.
– What? Brother is lying. Sister-in-law ran away
with the camel. Ms. Archana, the shooting
will take place in Ooty. Ootay..
– Okay. Ooty because it is a camel. Inspector, have you come here
to watch the shooting or for some other reason? Why are you not
telling him anything? I’ll tell him now.
Sheikh, what an idea. I think you should include
one song in this movie. “Touch with your camels
and make my camel immortal.” Look at that. I have started
cracking jokes like you after spending time with you. I hope the channel
doesn’t ask me to perform with a ponytail
and ask me to crack jokes. Wait a moment. You guys are joking a lot.
– Get lost! What are you saying?
– That’s not for you. Your camel is licking my jeep. Sheikh, enough of this drama. Show me the notice first if you want to acquire
this colony. I have also been
a law student. The word law doesn’t suit you. Say that you are
a laundry student. You wash shorts and banyans. ‘I am a law student!’ Does this uniform suit you? What is the use
of being so powerful? You can’t take action
against a sheikh. Hold this. I’m giving you this power
for 15 minutes. Go and take action.
Come on. Come on, Chandu. Should I imitate
your voice too? Well done, Chandu. Don’t talk nonsense.
Go there. Take action.
Come on. I, Chandu,
son of Chandni consider Ms. Archana
as a witness.. Nobody considers her
a female and you are considering her
a witness. Everyone takes a pledge.
You take action. Why are you asking me
to take action? Let me enter
like ‘Simmba’ first. Come here. He is looking like a joker
in this shorts and he will enter
like ‘Simmba’. Make an entry now.
– Okay. Oh, my God!
Amazing. You are a good comedian.
Join a comedy show. You will do well there. That is my talent. I work well wherever I go. No, I am telling you
to join some other show. It will be good for us.
That is what I meant. Go. Sheikh, I am here
by selling tea and not by massaging people. Wow! Wow, Chandu! Buri.
– Oh, wow! I have become
an inspector now. I have a permanent
government job. Say yes now at least. Goregaon’s Umrao Jaan. Romance later.
Take action first. Go there. Do it.
Come on, Chandu. Sheikh, leave this colony in God’s name. Wow!
You have taken a good action. You just didn’t do this. Otherwise, you were
almost begging. Move aside. Today,
I will drive the jeep over him. No.
– Okay. Why will you drive the jeep? I’ll also make my camel
walk over him. Where is my camel? Isn’t your camel here?
– Where did it go? No problem.
I have my dog. Take this. You did some stupid comedy
by showing a dog. Is this a dog?
– Wait a moment. Take this.
Keep your dog with you. Idiot! What was the need
to do all this? What was the need
to do all this? I’m standing here quietly. A dog is a lion in his area.
A dog is not funny. Give me the stick. Get back! Sheikh, I arrest you
in the charges of capturing
this neighbourhood. Show me the arrest warrant.
– He’s not believing it. Answer him in his
own language. I’ll not be able
to speak his language. I tried speaking his language but I ended up
sitting in this pose. Look.. I’m Shamsher.
Somehow, I changed myself. I.. Inspector.. I like this pose of yours. Wait! Dial 200. What? – What? Inform them, the police
under Dial 100 is a fake one.. Let them send another
team of police. Get it? Inspector, you got me wrong. Keep KWD2000 and transfer this neighbourhood
in my name. – Bribe! Sheikh, maybe I’m not able
to fulfil my needs but even my conscience
is taking a beating! There you go.
I’m sold. – He’s sold. Hold on!
What are you two whispering? He only whispered.
He didn’t speak softly. Stop this nonsense.
– You might whisper in his ear but at least arrest him!
– Arrest him? Culture is taking
a beating here. – What? Everybody should be
good to guests. Didn’t you hear about it?
You..- Tell me, sir. Give him the respect he needs. You being the guest,
demand the respect you deserve. Give him the respect.
The sheikh will receive it. Wonderful! I liked everything here.
– Really? Happy New Year..
My Majesty! Rs. 1200 more and the registry
of my house will be done. What? He’s trying to buy
our neighbourhood and you’re busy
taking bribe from him. Arrest this man!
– You’re an angry man. So what?
– I’ll arrest him. Give me ‘a little bit’
of handcuff. – Are they fritters that you’re asking
for ‘a little bit’? I don’t have handcuffs on me. Stop calling the police if you
don’t have handcuffs. The police should be
having it on them. – Yes. Don’t expect the police
to bring everything.. The vehicle, baton.. Don’t expect me to bring
the criminal! Nonsense! Enough!
– Hey.. Enough of this! I’ll complain this matter
to the Commissioner. Idiot! Stop it! What did I do? – You stepped
on my camel’s stomach! No one can step
on a camel’s stomach. My camel is lying on its back.
He’s chilling out. – Get that? You stepped on his stomach. Darn your camel
and his chilling time. You’re diverting the topic.
– Yes. Show us the documents
on the property. Don’t expect yourself
to be the accountant. Dirty man! When he was born, instead of
asking for his birth certificate his parents requested
for a NOC. His parents asked if they can
get a No Objection Certificate or do they have to leave him
in the wild jungle. Sir, be it any document but he is a man of his words. So what? Don’t
expect me to dance on that. I gave it back to you. I’ll ruin your career. Sheikh, show me the document. I have the papers, fatso. Fatso.. Here are the papers. Wow! The papers are here.
Good. This place is yours now. Let me see it. This is documented in Arabic.
Do you know Arabic? Arabic? I know Chinese,
Continental.. Everything. I got your point. Excuse us. What are you trying to prove? Stop walking around!
– Wait. Stop it, I say.
We gave the sheikh the money. You gave him Rs. 20,000. For Rs. 25,000,
I did what he told me to. More 30,000 is required.
– I wanted to know that. Take the money.
– The note is torn. All of them are crisp. You got Rs. 50,000.
Arrest this man. – Okay, Boss. Excuse me.. Sheikh. After checking the document I’ve noticed there are some
incorrect spellings. The neighbourhood
goes back to them. Take KWD20,000. Look.. I double checked
the papers. There aren’t any
mistakes in this. The letters have
a specific design. So, this neighbourhood
belongs to the sheikh. Get lost. Leave, I say. Wait. A few minutes back you showed us
the mistakes in the document. I was reading them incorrectly. Someone corrected me. That’s what I’m saying.
– Excuse me. Inspector, a document
is read in a descending order. And Urdu is read
from right to left. That’s it. Come here, fool. You have a lot of knowledge
about Urdu. Do something in Urdu. What was this?
– Being angry in Urdu. What are you doing?
Arrest him. Arrest him.
– Here, take Rs. 20,000 more. Fall back.
– Wow. Hey, you.
Listen to me. This design in the paper
is wrong. It’s a family show.
This is a bad design. We will not allow.
It’s their society. Here, 40,000 Dinar. They are not letting me
stick to my words. See. I have censored the spellings. With an A certificate,
this society is theirs. Along with your tummy,
go from here. Leave. Inspector, the way you
are changing your character no one even changes
channel at that speed. Right. Money.. Hey, you! This society.. Here, keep 50,000 Dinar. I will gift you..
– Keep it.. I will gift you.. Get my jacket. I will give you an oil.. One minute.. Why don’t you bid? I’m being pulled
from both the sides. Law has a long arm
but my legs are small. I’m fed up of being pulled. I don’t have a pocket anymore. Rs. 2,000 note inside.. Wow, Inspector.. You are taking bribe
from both the sides. Yes.
– You are fooling us. You could have told this
normally as well. What was the use
of acting like this? Minnie Mouse.
– So hilarious. I got betrayed.. What?
– I thought that you are a real inspector
– the one who accepts bribes. Hey you! He’s crying as if he got
betrayed for the first time. What kind of a person is he? Listen. Don’t be tensed.
– Yes. Now, I will teach
this inspector a lesson. When Indian and Dubai
get together. My dear.
– Anytime. One minute.. Listen to me. How is this possible? Indian and China are brothers. You are wrong. Hindi Dubai is not possible. Mister. Take his case. Yes.
– Mister, one minute.. Did you move your camel? Why should I? Because I will take
my jeep and abscond. Hey.. So, pals,
welcome back to the show. Please give a big hand. As I promised you all.. Tiger, it’s Sunday. Wake up. Tiger, wake up. Oh, God! You’re sleeping right here
you could have gone inside. The room was empty, sir. There was no bed. Oh, sorry. You do something. I’ll begin the show so you enter from that side. And act as if you’ve arrived
here just now. Like you’re coming to this show
for the first time. Shall I go and take bath?
Brush my teeth? Even Ms. Archana
didn’t taken a bath so it doesn’t matter. Come with me. Nobody takes a bath here. You have to enter
from that side. Okay. All right,, guys.
– Yes? The two warriors
of the movie ‘War’ are going to spend
one more day with us. So, the first one
to arrive on stage is the person who has eight
packs not six. the one who
is blessed with sharp features Mr. Tiger Shroff. So, Tiger was working somewhere and he came here from work
directly. Please sit, Tiger.
You must be exhausted. We had to catch up
on a lot of things. Yes. Whenever Tiger comes here I feel very happy he is like a little brother
to me. He is so hard working. I text him sometimes or call him. He inspires me so much. But the moment he hangs up then I become lazy again. Thinking that I should take
a nap. It’s very difficult.
– I know. Tiger, you’re such a shy person. Although he is very talented but very shy too. He feels shy to interact
with girls. You must have seen
how crazy girl are about him. So, he just waves at them. Tiger, the kissing scene you did in the movie
‘Bagi 2’ and ‘Student Of The Year 2’. Oh, God! Did you do it
by yourself or were they your body doubles? I can do anything
for the character I play. So..
– I can do anything to be characterless. Tiger, all these questions
were asked by your fans not me. It’s said
that you’ve a nice body. Yes.
– Has this ever happened to you that in order to impress
a girl, you might have spilled juice on yourself and taken
off your shirt to flaunt your body? Have you ever done that? Not that way but I used to do that
in school. You had such a nice body
while you were in school? I mean, I had six packs
ever since I was a kid. So.. So, I used to change in front
of everybody shamelessly but just my shirt. So, yeah.. Then why did start feeling shy
from girls after growing up? I don’t know. I guess, after becoming
an actor I specially became
an introvert. I don’t know why. But the good thing
is when you are in front of the camera..
– Yes. That time you forget
everything.. – Yes. Yes.
– Ma’am, my pal is a rock star. Tiger, your fans have one more
question for you that you perform
such nice stunts. The way you do this.. Split.
– What we do using our hands. Split.
– Yes, he does it using his legs. So, has your jeans
ever got torn while doing the split? Yes, many times
what would happen is that when I used to kick
really high so my jeans would tear
from here. Oh.
– Oh! What is so surprising
about it? He works hard
so it happens. The person who sit like this
the whole time his jeans won’t tear. I mean. Okay, so Mr. Hrithik
and Mr. Tiger are acting together
in the movie ‘War’ there is plenty amount
of action. Mr. Hrithik has also acted
in a superhero movie. Tiger has done it too. Tiger, if you really
achieve a super power in real life then what kind of super power
will you choose? And how will you use it? Sir, the power you have.
Making people laugh I think there is no bigger
super power than that. Love you, pal. I request Sony TV to telecast
this line repeatedly. The promo shout be cut. Tiger, one of your pictures
went viral on social media. I would like to show you
the picture first. Okay.
– Please show him. ‘Hiding your fear behind’
– ‘a mask.’ There is Hrithik Roshan’s
picture there. Yes.
– From the movie ‘Krish’. Tiger, what does it mean? It means that why are you
hiding your fears behind the mask? There is a war going on
between us. So..
– Okay. Just.. – So, the war
is going on openly. Yes. I mean..
– Because it’s oaky if you do it in the movie but you are wearing it outside
openly. Great! We found out one more thing that you have been signed
for ‘Dostana 2’ also? No, that’s not true. I don’t know..
– I want to show you something.
Next. Oh! Down..
Did a fish go inside or what? I thought,
since John Abraham had done it. So a person does it two times
either for ‘Dostana’ movie or when you want to get
an injection from the doctor. But you have a great body. God bless you.
– Thank you so much.. Tiger, whenever you come
it feels great to talk to you. When you go to shoot a movie then there are few rumours
which build up so we want to confirm the same..
– Okay. Whether it is true or not. There’s this rumour
that you helped Aamir Khan to help build his body
for ‘Dhoom 3’. It’s a lie, sir.
No. Actually, the character that Mr. Aamir was
playing in ‘Dhoom 3’ was of an acrobat, a gymnast. So he heard that I also take
a lot of interest in this field in gymnastics, acrobatics.
So he was very kind. He had called me once
to workout with him. Okay.
– He got trainers from abroad. Okay. I got an opportunity
to practice with him and yeah, we talked a lot. But I never offered tips
or trained him. That’s false news.
– It’s a huge compliment. This is because
of your hard work. There’s this rumour
that once you went to zoo and then there was a stampede
there that tiger came.. It may be true. I don’t know. So this is the right one. There’s one more,
that you are very shy. So when there’s a romantic scene you go without bathing so that the heroine
denies it herself. It’s a good idea but for now no.. It’s wrong. Okay. Kapil, if you are offered
a kissing scene in the movie. Okay. And the condition would be that
you have to do the kissing scene then only you will be
able to act in the movie. So will you do it? I will take out a toothbrush
from here and wait. Okay, there’s one more rumour that you are in search of
a well behaved, beautiful girl. That’s why, you fast on Mondays. Oh!
– It’s true. Do you really fast on Mondays? That’s it for today’s rumours.
Thank you. But do you really
fast on Mondays? I do fast, ma’am. I’m Lord Shiva’s devotee so.. Oh!
– I.. So yeah, every Monday. We will massage..
– After applying oil.. How’s the oil?
– Hot, sir.. How’s the oil?
– It’s hot.. Kapil since that movie came..
– Yes. We have made
our own team to massage. Are they your commandos? Why? What happened? All of them look like criminals
from their appearance. Do you know, he’s so dangerous.. He does threading
with his teeth. Really?
– Yes. – What about him? Once blood flows after threading so he apologises. Do you know his ability, Tiger? No.
– See, how fit they are. Perfect..
– If you merge them together then they grow up to
32 inches from waist. He’s a big fan of yours.
He’s saying hello in Arabic. Lovely..
– Go from here! Go.. Hello.
– Hey. How are you.. You are acting in great movies. Thank you.. I saw your movie,
‘Munna Michael’. In Nalasopara, when I used
to see you dance I also used to dance a lot
in front of the TV. Wow. Now, your movie ‘War’
is getting released. I’ve watched the
promo of that movie. You have done such
amazing action scenes. Thank you. My god!
Seeing those action scenes I got so excited that.. You know my boyfriend Mukesh,
right? I beat his mother up. Really, I am telling you. Join hands with me. We both will get together and
exact revenge with Hrithik. Okay, fine..
– I have started giving new varieties of
exotic massages. Is it?
– For instance? For instance,
we give massages to soldiers and even to their weapons. I even give massage
to the weapons. How can a massage
be given to a weapon? We guys give massage
to a machine gun and turn it into a missile. Really. This is what she does. You manly woman! Hey! What did you call me? You called me a manly woman,
is it? Then why didn’t you call
that woman who looks like a wrestler sitting right in
front of you, a manly woman? Tiger, you should tell me
one thing very Shroffly. Sorry! I mean clearly. The public is quite confused
about your movie ‘War’. Yes.
– What is the confusion? What ‘var’ is it? Is it ‘Somvar’,
‘Mangalvar’, ‘Budhvar’? Hey! It is not ‘var’,
but is an English word ‘war’. Means battle. Oh! My condition has
become so pathetic that Kappu is teaching
me English now! Hire me as your assistant.
– Okay. – I like your dad a lot. He addresses everyone
as ‘pal’, right? Right. I am ready to become
his girlfriend. But he already has one. He won’t get such
a jumbo sized one, right? I love him so much
that I am ready to die for him.
I am telling you. Then, what about your
boyfriend, Mukesh? Let Mr. Jackie agree to take
me as his girlfriend once. If I can beat
up Mukesh’s mom I will beat him to
pulp that very moment. Tiger, how are your kids? My kids! He is still a bachelor.
How can he have kids? Then why do people call his
dad as ‘Dada’ means grandpa? That’s only
as a mark of respect. Are you the host of this
show or an encyclopaedia? Mr. Know All! Listen,
I have some work with you. I want you to come with me to Nala Sopara for
a couple of days. There she goes.
– Okay. Why do you need
him to come there? Why?
What work do you have for me? Actually, there are a lot
of mosquitoes over there. When I try to kill them,
they fly away. But you can fly
and hit them, right? So,
that’ll be very helpful. Means, you want such a big star to kill mosquitoes for you,
is it? Just because he
is a big star should I get flying dinosaurs
there to match his status? He keeps talking
such utter nonsense! You already know. You had
visited my parlour previously. Yes. – I give different
kinds of massages. For you, I have something called
‘Baghi’ massage. Is it? What do you
do in that massage? In this massage, we take off
the clothes of the customer. Then we call ‘Baa’,
means mom. She will give a massage using
‘ghee’ i.e., clarified butter. ‘Ba-ghee!’ We have played with words.
– Oh, okay. Then we also have something
called ‘Ba-ghee-2’ massage. Okay, tell me about it. For that,
we call in two moms. And they, too,
give a massage with ‘ghee’ So we call it as ‘Ba-ghee-2’ Okay, okay. We also have something called
as ‘Ba-ghee-3’ massage for you. Three moms would be giving
massage in this variety. That’s not how things
are always with us. Then? In this massage,
it is only one mom but she applies the
‘ghee’ three times. Hence ‘Ba-ghee-3’. Tell me honestly. I work so very hard. Our show has
completed 80 episodes. For the first time I am
using ‘ghee’ in the name of
massages I give, right? Yes! Superb! For this Ms. Archana will be
giving me Rs.51,000 as a reward. Oh! Is it? Why me?
– Don’t forget. Okay? Give the reward without fail. Otherwise, Mr. Sidhu is
ready to give me Rs.52,000 to come back to this show. I will give it.
Surely. I told you.. Sir, shall I make a move?
– Sure. Carry on. – I have a lot of clients who have
come from Hollywood waiting for me.
– Oh, wow! – Is it? You know Lady Gaga, right?
– Yes. She has some swelling
because of continuous singing. Where does she
have the swelling? I will come to know
after going there. I will come to know about
that only when I see her, right? You have come so many
times on our show. I have been telling you
about the massages I give. But, you never asked
me to give you a massage. Then, let’s do it today.
– Really? Oh! – Which one? ‘Ba-ghee-1’,
‘Ba-ghee-2’ or ‘Ba-ghee-3’? Let’s do ‘Ba-ghee-3’.
– Okay. ‘Ba-ghee-3.’
– Come with me. Please come. What did you say?
– What did I say? No, no! No way! We give only massage.
This is India. No..
Only massage. No.. I didn’t say anything.
I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything.
– That’s how she is. No.. – Don’t go with her. This is not right. Once she was massaging a hippo
and drank the river! He was left homeless.
Go.. Okay, that’s okay.
– Give him a massage. He’s tired. Come on!
– Okay! Come on, Tiger!
She won’t do anything to you. Okay.. Now Tiger is scared to go
with Sapna. Ms. Archana,
because of their war my mind is getting disturbed. We don’t know who’s going where. Something’s odd..
– What happened, sir? Was there someone by the name
Tiger here? No..
– I heard his voice. Ms. Archana was burping. It happens, sir.
The day she has a heavy meal.. We had lots to talk but they
took you away all of a sudden. Sir, if someone comes
and takes you away please don’t go. Yes.. – Vani, I heard something
about you. What is it? – I don’t know
if it’s true. Have you studied tourism?
– Yes! What is that?
– Tourism.. Yes, I did.
– Let us know about it. I like travelling. And.. – Do professors teach you
or travel agents? Professors.. It’s a proper course.
– I didn’t know about it. It’s rich people’s studies. But what does it have, Vani?
– They teach you what you can
explore in different places that you travel to. All of that.. I didn’t know
that she has studied this. Because we were in Lake Como. It was my cheat meal day.
– Okay! I told her
that it is my cheat day. I told her that we should go. She said she’ll choose
the best place for pizzas. She took us with her.
– Okay! It was the worst place
in the world. I mean, I ordered five pizzas.
– Yes! – Okay! I was so hungry that
I was ready to eat. They were the worst pizzas
in the world. Ma’am, there’s one actress
in the movie and there are
four action directors. Is it so?
– Yes! So what do we infer from this,
sir? Do you need direction for
action? Romance is inbuilt. In this movie, the romance
is beautiful. It is very surprising.
– Okay! The action is intense. So the contrast of war
and love.. – Yes! I love the mixture of it.
It’s beautiful. I really enjoyed it.
– It is very beautiful. As we all know, in this movie there’s a war
between Mr. Hrithik and Tiger. So this is about the movie. But even in real life, all of us
have a war going. You carry on. It can be between husband
and wife. Or it can be between siblings
for clothes. So I would like to ask you
if you have such incidents in your life
which you would like to share. So who among you.. Two women
have raised their hand. Hello, Mr. Kapil!
– Hello! How are you? I’m fine! Sir, if we’re talking about
having a war. It’s my sister
whom I’m dead against. Is it so? Is your sister with
you? – Yes, sir! Here she is. Okay, so that’s why both of you
raised your hands. So why do you
and your sister fight? Sir, actually my sister
took away my man. What! – Your man..
– Your man.. Your boyfriend.. She took him away.
She left.. – She took him. Where did she take him?
She’s right here. Sir,
she married the man I loved. She got married to him. So at the end of the day,
the product is at home. But.. – Sir, I have to call him
my brother-in-law even though I don’t want to. The product is at home. What if he would get married
and go away somewhere? Let him be at home.
It’s better. Nothing can be better than this. How can I call him
a bother-in-law when he resides in my heart? Okay! But girls are quite close
to their brothers-in-law. You’re giving ideas
to that brother-in-law. So hasn’t the brother-in-law
come with you? No! – Just check if he is
behind the third woman. I want to know your sister’s
opinion regarding this. Yes! – What have you done?
The people want to know. Sir, he didn’t like her.
She was behind him. He was in love with me. That’s why he’s married to me.
– What kind of sisters are they? I’m married already. I want to see
who this handsome man is. Yes.. – Both of them are..
– You should bring him here. Where are you from?
– I’m from Mumbai. What’s the truth? Where in Mumbai do you live? Andheri! You’re from Andheri. Where is your husband now?
– He’s working right now. Okay. – In the darkness.. Husband is in the darkness
and she’s in Andheri. Such things keep happening.
That’s okay! You enjoy yourself. Jokes.. – When you get married,
don’t allow her to talk to him. Thank you! Thank you!
Please be seated. Is there someone else
who wants to share their story? You can raise your hand. Who is it?
Yes, sir! Sir, your movie war
is going to be released. Yes! – Congratulations
for your movie. Thank you very much. Everybody will know what’s going
to happen in your movie. Yes! – But there’s a war
in my life which has been going on
for the last 12 years. 12 years..
– Forget about the world even I don’t know
when it’s going to end. Okay! What’s the war about?
– The biggest war, sir. Okay!
– The husband and wife’s war. Oh! – Oh!
– That’s never ending. So has your opponent come
with you? Your wife..
– Yes, sir! She’s with me. So is it the woman
who is next to you? Greetings! – Sir!
– What do you fight about? Sir, actually it’s the wives
who call their husbands to know if they’ve eaten or no.
– Yes! To check what they’re doing.
– Yes! Here it’s just the opposite
because I call and find out if she has eaten or no.
– That’s so sweet. That’s very sweet. That’s very sweet. – But
here it’s the opposite, sir. She answers my first call
and talks to me but she doesn’t pick up
the second call. She’ll answer it
and keep it aside. Okay! – My daughter picks up
the call and asks her to talk but she doesn’t want to reply. But why is it so, ma’am?
You’ve got such a great husband. He’s calling you and asking you. I can see a halo symbol
on his head. I can see some supernatural
power. He’s such a good husband. Why do you do that? Actually, the problem is that
it’s okay for a year or two. Yes! – Okay!
– It was okay. But twelve years.. Yes.. Where will he find a wife
who gives him the permission to go to Goa with hs friends
for an outing. I’m giving him a chance
to explore his freedom. Where will he find someone
like me? – That’s nice. You tell me, where will he
find someone like this? Wow! I can see a halo symbol
on your head too. I have never seen
such a couple before. The husband is calling her
and asking her to eat and she’s telling him
to go to Goa. Wow! Sir, you please explain this
to him. I want the government of India
to give them pension. I have never seen
such a lovely couple. You’re so sweet.
– They’re fighting with love. Wow! Sir, whatever
you’re doing is right. You carry on with it. Because you’ll be in trouble
if you stop calling. For the next 12 years,
she’ll fight with you because you don’t call. You’re right, sir!
– So you continue doing whatever you’re doing.
– Thank you, sir! May God bless you.
– Thank you for supporting me. It was very nice to meet you.
Thank you! Thank you, sir! Is there anyone else..
Yes! Actually, the fights in my house take place because
of Mr. Hrithik. But why? Actually, I want to be
as fit as Mr. Hrithik. Okay! – Even I wish for it. But by just wishing for it,
nothing’s going to happen. You need to work hard.
– You need to work for it. Actually,
my mother helps me a lot. She asks me to diet
and not to eat heavy food. But the problem is that
from the time I’ve got married for the last one and
a half year.. – Yes! I started gaining weight
from then onwards and I never lost weight, sir. Sir, I want you to..
– I hope you’re not pregnant. I mean, your wife feeds you
a lot of food. Yes, sir! Yes, sir! She doesn’t allow me
to go to the gym. She doesn’t allow me to walk
nor she allows me to diet. This is a very big problem, sir. Why doesn’t your wife allow you
to do it? Let me talk to her. Why don’t you allow him to walk? Sir, actually I put in a lot
of efforts and cook for him. Yes! – He tells me
that he doesn’t want to eat. Sir, you won’t believe it,
I look for videos on YouTube and cook for him. He tells me to
make tastier food. So as soon as he goes
for work in the morning I start searching for recipes
to make something tasty for him so that he gets impressed by me. I wasn’t this fat
before marriage. – Okay! What was your weight?
– I was 90 kilos. Now how much is it?
– Now it’s 105, ma’am. So both of you together
must be 400 kilos. Sir, I tell her that I want
to reduce my weight but she tells me that she likes
fat men. Mr. Hrithik, you tell me,
is it wrong to eat food? As you just said..
– It’s not wrong to eat. Not at all.. – His mother always
stops him from eating. I tell Manish that I put in
a lot of efforts to cook. So I force him to eat.
– Who’s Manish? He’s my husband.
– Oh! Okay. This is so great.
His wife has no problem. She has no problem. Actually, I want to be fit
like you, sir. Kapil, he’s talking to you.
– I like him like this. What can I do? You’re a lovely couple.
Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much, sir!
– They’re lovely.. Thank you! – Thank you! Mr. Hrithik, now that
the war has ended. Yes! – You wanted to eat
fried snacks. I will eat. – Look at how much
they love you. Wow! – They never brought it
for me. If they’re nice, I’ll eat it. Are they tasty? What do you mean? – The
calories shouldn’t go waste. I don’t care how they are.
– Look, even I don’t care. They are after all tasty.
How are they? Shall I eat them?
– They are tasty. Wow! Look.. – The best
thing is it’s for free. My first cheat meal
after war is on your show. Come on! He’s come with his coffee. You won’t get anything to eat. I am dieting these days. Oh! Hello, Ms. Vani!
– Hello! Hello, Mr. Hrithik! How are you?
– Beyond your reach. What’s this?
– This is coffee. It’s much beyond your reach. Which coffee is this?
– Yes! Show me.. That’s not how you open it. It’s lentils..
– Lentils.. Don’t you feel ashamed carrying
lentils in the mug? He’s a crazy man.
– I’m sorry. I brought Ms. Archana’s mug. I’m sorry, Ms. Archana.
– Is it so? You didn’t tell me that you
drink lentils. Anyway, we’re talking
about coffee and lentils in front of
such good looking people. – Yes! Ms. Vani,
I’m a huge fan of yours. That’s so sweet. Thank you! Mr. Hrithik, I’m a huge fan
of yours as well. Thank you! I have seen your trailer of War. You’ve done a great job, sir. I can do anything for you.
I’m with you. You want to do something
for Mr. Hrithik, right? Yes! – Leave this country. All of us will be very grateful
to you. Mr. Hrithik, I’m such a huge fan
of yours. When I saw your movie Krish,
I didn’t remove my uniform for six months. Actually, he’s absolutely
right, sir. The costume was the same. When he wore this costume
he looked like a super hero. But he looked like
the thirsty crow. That’s you. Sir, I auditioned for Krish
four. In your production house. Yes! – But I didn’t get
any update from there. I got an update.
Look at this. Mr. Rakesh Roshan has sent me
a message. What is it?
– Look at this. ‘Dear Chandu, I saw your
audition. Wow! Shame on you!’ ‘I’m sorry, after looking
at this audition’ ‘I realised you’re useless.
But don’t worry’ ‘I’ll do something..’ ‘I’ll try to take you
out of this channel too.’ You’ve got a reply. Ms. Vaani. Do you have any space
left for friendship? Since he’s taking
me for granted. Taking me for granted? Fine. Spell it out. I will get you Rs. 10,000
and a shawl right now. Spell, taking me for granted. What’s the difficulty in that?
– Tell. In taking, take warm tea. After that, comes king.
Take the letter K from king. You can add T and A.
It becomes ‘taking’. Rest is granted,
and you are doing it. Leave Rs. 10,000.
Get the shawl that I had told which will be given
from the channel. We will wrap him up
and beat him. Listen.. If I spelled it wrong, then it’s
okay. Give me a smaller shawl. When you don’t know English
then why do you mess with it? Because I’m a teacher. Sir, the way you taught
Tiger in the movie. Right? You taught so much. In the same manner
few years back I had taught
few things to someone. Today, he’s running
a show in Sony TV. And I’m working under him.
– Okay. The things you taught
to the person if you would have learnt
even a bit from it.. Then your boxers would also
have been multi-coloured. Teacher it seems! You know what?
– Yes.. He doesn’t know anything.
– Yes. He’s so weak in studies.
Let me tell you something. Once our principal got ill. So I came and told him
that the Principal sir has been admitted in COMA. He replied saying, he’s a great
person. He can go anywhere. Tell me. Kapil Sharma, if I knew that you will defame me
in front of a crowd. Then, I wouldn’t have
taught you anything. You didn’t teach me anything.
What’s this? Such long Hindi words..
Your mouth will swell. You know what he taught me? He said, one should faint
when you go to school because they make
you drink juice. Yeah, so..
– These are his ideas. Yeah, I told something of use. Yeah, sure. Next day, he took his father
along with him for the juice making him wear a skirt. He got caught when
teacher asked, who’s she? He said, she’s my sister.
But I call her dad with love. You should respect your teacher. Haven’t you seen in ‘Super 30’ how the kids
respect Mr. Hrithik. Yeah, he’s talented.
What’s your talent? The same old, to take out lice
with a comb from your legs. What do you do apart from this? Legs.. Sir, I need a personal
advice from you. I want to expand my business.
– Expand it.. No, one minute..
What do you want do? Expand.
– I want to increase it. No, say what you said before. Do you want
to learn it all from me? Sir, I had taught him,
hello and welcome. He started a show from this. From now on,
host’s kid won’t become a host. The host will be the one who
will be a sycophant. Sir, I have great ideas
for being a sycophant. Please, can you help me select?
– Absolutely.. Please, come.
– Absolutely.. Yes. Ma’am, please come.
– Should we go? – Yes.. Huge round of applause
for Vaani and Hrithik. Mr. Hrithik, I love you.
– I love you too. And sir, there’s formality
but still I’m saying all the best,
because everyone knows that the movie is going
to be a hit. Thank you, Vaani.
Thank you so much for coming. Thank you..
– Thank you.. I..
– Huge round of applause. The amount of effort
we have put in ‘War’ I’m getting the prize
for it today. All your love. Your support.
– Sir, love you. And ‘Samosas’. And my ‘Samosa’.
– ‘Samosa’. Thank you. Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. Now, that’s it.. Sir..
Was Mr. Hrithik here? No, he has never come here.
– I heard his voice.. That was Ms. Archana burping
after eating. It is nothing like that. Tiger, you can see how many
fans are here of yours. So they were saying, we will
challenge Tiger.. – Okay. And whatever step Tiger does
we will copy him. – Amazing. Okay. – Okay, so come who all
want to copy. Please come. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
– Hello. How are you?
Hey, mister, how are you? Please come.
– I am a very big fan of yours. Thanks. Thank you. I have named my son after
you, Tiger. – Wow! Thank you. – Wow! When I saw his movie ‘Heropanti’ I had decided at that time that I will name my son
Tiger Shroff. What is your name?
– My name is Anil Gupta. So then name yourself
Jackie Shroff. – No, sir. Tiger, you come here. – Sure. So these are the ones who have
challenged Tiger. Say your names one at a time. Mr. Amjad Khan, you.. Sorry.
– My name is Anil Gupta. Mr. Gupta, thank you.
The one standing next to you. My name is Riyaz Khan.
I live in Bandra. Bandra? That’s a very
expensive area. What is your name?
– Jai. Where is your Veeru? What is your name?
– My name is Tushar. What is your name,
extra tall mister? My name is Aryan Shah
from Patna. Aryan Shah? – Yes.
– Okay. Tiger Shroff, I’m a very big fan
of yours. Thanks, bro, love you. I am a very big fan
of yours too, Kapil. He points towards me and
says I am a big fan! So Tiger will do one step.
– Who will come first? I will come first, I have never
danced in my life but if you teach me..
– You won’t dance after this. Come on. I will stand here
and try. There was a hook step of one
song if you remember. Keep your feet like this. Both inside.. Like this.
Keep the feet inside. You have to do only twice.
One and two. It’s so easy. Now, upper body. Hold the shirt collar like this. The other side. And this right hand below. Just hold it like this. Firstly, a huge round of
applause for everyone. So basically Mr. Gupta has tried
to dance. Damn good! Very good.
– And this junior Farhan Akhtar. And the others, did you only
come here to tell us your names. Thank you, you did very well. Thank you.
Thank you so much guys. Hey.. Thank you. Love you. Please come. A huge round of applause
for the guests. You all danced very well. Hello. Hello. Kapu, your aunt is here.
– Aunt! Kapil! My child! Hey you! Touch my feet. My child!
May no evil eye befall you. Is your martial arts going well?
– Absolutely. Is everything going well?
– Everything is fine. Sit.. Tiger, she’s my Aunt Kammo.
– Okay. She came from Delhi
for two days. It has been two and half months,
but she’s still here. – Oh. So what?
What’s the big deal in that? You can see my
two and half months. Can’t you see that she’s sitting
from nine months? Stupid. Two and half months. You start eating almonds.
Your brain has become weak. Look at your body.
You’ve become so fat. Look at him.
Look at Tiggu’s body. He’s so fit. If you knock at his body,
it’ll sound like metal. Aunt, what do you mean, Tiggu?
His name is Tiger. That’s for you.
For me, he’s my Tiggu. He was so small when his mom
used to leave him with me. He used to play
for the whole day. Even the rain wouldn’t have
drenched Mumbai as much as he drenched my dresses
by passing urine. You’re lying. You said the same
thing to Ayushmann too. What’s the big deal?
I am the same person, right? I don’t change my statement
just for some money. And even the children do
the same thing. When Ayushmann was young,
he used to pass urine. Would he pass juice? Even he used
to pass urine, right? I saw your trailer. Wow..
– Thank you. Is your war going on?
– Yes. But don’t worry.
Kammo is here. Anyone will have to face me
first before touching you. Do you know
whom he is fighting with? Yes..
With Hrithiku. Hrithiku.. Who is Hrithiku?
– Hrithiku.. Don’t you know Hrithiku? You’ve hosting this show
from six years but you don’t know Hrithiku. Mr. Roshan’s son. The one who dances
like this. Dear, I saw the trailer.
It’s Hrithik’s fault.. I know.
– How do you know? Because Tiger is decent.
– He’s Tiger Shroff. Aren’t the Shroffs decent? Naughty.. He’s such a shy boy,
he’s blushing. That’s a different thing. Some are so shameless
and some are so shy. I saw, dear.
It’s Hrithik’s fault. I know him.
When he was new he worked
in ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’. Then ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.
In ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.. When he found someone,
then he started ‘War’. Sir, you tell me.
Isn’t this wrong? I.. I always keep taking
his suggestions. You’re wearing
nice kurta pyjama. Wow! Oh! Dear, you don’t have to worry.
Let’s go there to Mr. Roshan’s house.
I’ll tell him that his son wronged
Mr. Jackie’s son. Just a moment. I always bring something,
but haven’t brought this time because he has come. Why would I make him work? Please press here
using your hand. Actually, I am suffering
from acidity. – Really? Oh, my God!
– Do it.. Aunt, what are you saying? Don’t you know,
it’s the story’s demand in the film? They are not
fighting in real. Oh, my dear.
I raised you. Kapil, don’t tell me
about the stories of films. I’ve seen so many movies
in my life with popcorn. Come on, dear.
Let’s go to Mr. Roshan. I’ve seen enough of wars.
– Aunt, don’t you know they’re using guns in the war?
– Who’s scared? I’m from Delhi. He’s telling me.
From Delhi. We turn the motor off
before the tank is filled. What kind of threat was that?
– It’s not a threat, dear. It was a message with threat.
Save water. Dear, I don’t know why I am
feeling like Mr. Roshan’s son Hrithik is jealous of you.
– That’s a character in film. He’s acting as his student
and he’s his teacher. Really?
– Yes. D-Dear.. What did you do, dear?
After becoming so fit you’ve become a student. I don’t like this. You’re so fit, you should
make girlfriends and hang out. You’ve become a student?
Wow! Amazing! I don’t like this.
Student.. So fit.. Student.. Aunt, tell me one thing.
You call everyone ‘dear’. Whom are you close with?
– Take out the scooter go to his dad
and ask him first. He calls everyone his child.. Does that make him
everyone’s father? He says that politely.
That’s swag.. Am I right? But I am missing Mr. Jackie.
He was my friend. Didn’t your dad tell you?
– No. How could he tell that?
No one tells about mistakes. Those were wonderful days.
He used to call everyone ‘Bidu’ and used to call me ‘Bidi’. He was so handsome.
When he used to tie a hanky around his neck,
I used to go crazy. Those days were awesome.. Do you really know Mr. Jackie,
or are you lying? What do you mean?
I played so many games with him. Such as hide-and-seek. Many people used to play,
but he would get me out first. He would say ‘out’.
I would hug him then. What are you blabbering? Never mind.
I haven’t yet spoken about the police and the thief. He was looking very handsome
in his movie ‘Rangeela’. I watched the movie
on a black and white TV. It turned into a colour TV. I am saying
that you are bluffing. You keep insulting me. That I..
Hold on. That I lie. I’ll show you the truth
right now. What’s this? – It’s upside down.
– It’s upside down. Is it so? What is this?
– ‘Flashback’.. – ‘Flashback..’ I’ll show you the flashback.
I am lying, seriously! Play the flashback. You are my son, pal. You are my son. Why did you take so long?
I’ve been waiting for you. I was planting a tree behind. But who planted
this banyan tree? Forget it.
Let’s sit in the shade of the banyan tree. You never know!
It might bear some fruits Not fruits,
it will bear worms. You know, Tiger?
I was standing here. I thought that a fruit stall
has been put up here. Even a witch won’t rest on you.
You think I will? Heard that, Tiger? Back then, he used to be
very jovial with me. He used to be
very frank with me. He used to be very open. Excuse me, you’ve come here.
You could’ve trimmed your moustache. The moustache.. Even you could’ve trimmed
your nose hair. Oh, God! How does it matter? – Look,
the hair is sticking out. Hold on. Here you go.
Ask for a wish, it’ll come true. What the heck! What the heck! Excuse me, play me the flute
like you’d played in ‘Hero’. For an anaconda like you, I’ll
play a kettledrum not the flute. We are friends..
– I see. He keeps saying these things. Fine, tell those three magical
words that I wish to hear. I’ve been waiting
for a long time. Come on, say it. Should I tell her? What do you say?
– Say it. – I should? You’re my child. That means, I’m your child.
Even you are his child. We’re siblings from now onwards.
How are you, Brother? ‘Siblings..’ What the heck! Move aside! Move aside.
Nobody touches my son. Hello, Son.
He made me feel proud. ‘War’ is about to release. Come on.
Tell everyone about the movie. Everyone should watch it. It’s time for me
to dance with my son. Whosoever played this song
isn’t my loved one anymore. Superb! Now my loved one
will play a song. Yes.
– Come on, play it. Superb, man. Thank you. – Superb, really!
– Superb.. Give a big hand to fake
Jackie Shroff and Aunt Kammo. A huge round of applause
for Tiger too. Tiger, thank you so much
for coming. Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.. Many congratulations to you and we wish you
all the very best. Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Thank you, sir.
– We had so much fun. – Yes. It’s always fun, in fact.
– Thank you. We wish you all the best..
– Thank you so much. ..for ‘War’ and every movie
that you do after this. Thank you so much.
– We love you, Tiger. Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you. And you guys, keep laughing
and keep smiling. Keep your surroundings clean and keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Good night.
Take care.

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  1. কে কে বাংলাদেশ থেকে দেখচ?
    নিচে লাইক দিয়ে জানিয়ে দাও

  2. जो टाइगर किया है उसे q नही दिखाया हैं सोनी tv वालो ने

  3. Bina Gulati ke ye show ka dekhne ka mn nhi krta 1 ye mota haathi h saala phle khud itna hnsta h phir public ko chutiya banata h missing Dr😊

  4. How many of you skiping krishna parts..? And how many of you missing netural comedian sunil sir😊.. love you kapil😘😘😍

  5. Kapil I'm going to talk to you about your show. Your show present Indian police are corrupted in india. This is showing so much insult of Indian police.

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