The Data Center Mural Project: Meet the Artist – Jenny Odell

The Data Center Mural Project: Meet the Artist – Jenny Odell

♪ I’m Jenny Odell,
I’m an artist and I’m here in
Pryor Oklahoma because I’m working
on a mural that will be going on this
wall of this data center. The wall is massive. Which is awesome. So I’m cutting things
out from Google Maps imagery and compositing
it in Photoshop and then from there
it’s going to be hand painted onto the wall. ♪ My team is in charge of publishing 3D imagery all over the world. We do something called
“mowing the sky with airplanes” these airplanes take
images every few seconds over and over and over
that will then create 3D geometry and then
they go and upload it to the data center. Watching Jenny do her work,
it’s kind of fascinating because she takes one
piece of infrastructure and she breaks it
down into these tiny tiny little parts. I guess in essence you
can say like I put things together and she
takes them apart. The circles in the mural
are each collections of a different type of man-made
structure so they’re swimming pools, circular farms, parts of waste water
treatment plants and salt ponds. Seeing them from a
satellite perspective kind of brings out how
strange and specifically human they are. A data center is a place
that a lot of information is going through so the
satellite imagery that I used to make this mural at some
point passed through a data center like this one. I hope in looking at my
mural that the people who work at the data center
in Pryor will have an opportunity to think about
the types of things that are enabled by the system
that they’re working really hard to maintain. Thinking about data centers
really brings that home for people to have an
appreciation for like these really crazy
structures that you are in some way interacting
with every single day. ♪

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  1. why doesn't google have "Zero paper policy" . it will be a big inspiration for world, if you can do it.

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