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82 Replies to “The Case for Land Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios”

  1. absolutely love this, wish I would have been able to see this when we went on a land art making trip with school last april

  2. I recommend the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium. It might not be the most land arty of land art, but the land is very important in the outdoor stuff. It's also just my favorite art museum.

  3. When this started, I wondered if Cristo was going to be mentioned. I am so glad he was. When of my favorite installations of his and his wife Jeanne-Claude, is the Surrounded Islands in Florida.

  4. Did I miss any mention of Donald Judd? Considering he literally moved to the west Texas desert of Marfa specifically for the land and scenery

  5. I've been really inspired by land art lately. As a senior in college (rising senior?) I'll be working on my thesis show soon and I want to dig in and find some good writing about land art—suggestions?

  6. "What is conquest and what is cultivation?" Thank you for this insightful video about the ever-relevant issues that land art raises.

  7. Great video as always! Can anyone recommend some other similar channels especially about contemporary art? I have strong feeling that there is a huge lack of art related videos and channels on youtube…

  8. "experiences decay from the moment it's made". Oh god you're eloquent. And the intro bit too was so well written. Do you write all this on your own?

  9. "experiences decay from the moment it's made". Oh god you're eloquent. And the intro bit too was so well written. Do you write all this on your own?

  10. i was going to leave a comment about seven magic mountains b/c i think it is the most recent example of land art i've seen in person. but then i saw it pop up on screen for a few moments. 🙂

  11. So excited to see Agnes Denes mentioned on the channel! I found out about her work this fall after discovering her photograph "Human Dust" at the Whitney. What an incredible artist!

  12. Just now reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I'm thinking that the giant arrays of radio and microwave telescopes all over the Earth would also be considered land art. I know we have seen one of them in several movies. I'd love to see the array in the Andes and in array in China (which is currently the largest). Thanks for this giant plate full of food for thought.

  13. So good! Thank you for showing and talking about incredible works I have not seen yet! Please do one on electronic art, new media or web art!? There are so few resources for us E.A.T. artists in the art world. (comparatively)

  14. My great aunt who is an artist made a book with pages made out of chunks of dirt and mud and rocks (like if you had taken a square cookie cutter and ripped a piece of turf out of the ground) and I think it was literally called land art! My cousins had one of the ones she made hanging out in their dining room for a long time. I don't think I understood it until now (nobody ever really explained it to me) so thank you!

  15. Is there a possibility for a video about mathematics in art? These are two things that I like a lot and the connection between them is often swept under the rug or even denied…

  16. Any plans on doing anything related to fan art? I understand it's in a murky legal gray area and aren't exactly shown in galleries or museums, but it's undeniably a huge part of people's lives today

  17. For Pride, your channel should make a list of LGBT artist like Tom in Finland, J.C. Leyendecker, or Alison Bechdel. (I have a background in illustration so a lot of the artist i know are illustrators)

  18. You should do an episode that is a case for tattoos. I believe that tattoos are a form of art and self-expression, but also a collaboration between canvas and artist. An interesting art exhibit you could talk about is the whole glory tattoo project by Scott Cambell that takes away that collaboration.

  19. Recently went camping at Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels with an art class at BYU. We slept inside the tunnels themselves and then had discussion about the work, and it was a beautiful experience

  20. we do not make nature, obviously… because nature would thrive without human beings, yet we could not survive a split second without nature. We are guests who have exploited nature for our own self interests and selfish gain, disrespecting nature completely i n our own pursuit of unhappy, happiness.

  21. One artist who I would classify as earthwork and who did work in land art was Andy Goldsworthy. He is one of my heroes in the art world.

  22. Thank you for that wonderful content! It really makes me want to discover more and more each time I watch a video. Thank you so much.

  23. For anyone interested, there are dozens of boards on Pinterest with thousands of images of land art like this one: and this one:

  24. I do not have a problem with Land Art. as long as it doesn't disrupt the topography or environment of the land and fit well in the landscape, Land Art is good.

  25. My childhood was spent in art studios while my mother was attending art school and had a chance to meet Andy Goldsworthy and viewed one of his Art Exhibits.

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