The Arts at UC Santa Barbara

The Arts at UC Santa Barbara

– The art department at UCSB and just the art community here in general really lets me express myself in a way that most other departments
don’t let you do. – I guess for me, it’s something that I can
look forward to every day. I feel like it’s very well
integrated within the campus. – I think that we have a
really diverse community here. Arts can be used to show
the different cultures and to allow students to represent their different backgrounds
and beliefs and ideas. – The dance department here has given me such a community on campus, being able to come in as a freshman and just meet my fellow dance majors, and get to dive in immediately, doing creative things, performing, just being with them day to day. – I think the arts are really enriching, because it allows you
to experience something other than your day-to-day school life. – Being exposed to
different genres of arts, whether it’s poetry or musical theater, or other styles of dance, it’s been really interesting and unique. – Upon coming here, we have a pretty good selection
of courses that we can take in the art history department. I think it’s fascinating. I also like seeing some of
the art that students have, in the… there’s that clear building. I like walking by there, it’s interesting seeing
different students’ take on more contemporary art. – Even though I’m a bio-psych major, I am able to take the dance classes here without being a major, and I’m exposed to so
many amazing artists. I just saw Damian, he’s on World of Dance, he was our teacher for three days. And I never would have met him, except for being in those dance classes, which is really amazing. – I never expected to
go to a dance recital and things like that,
and I thought that was a very cool, experience
here at UC Santa Barbara.

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