The Art Deco Glamour of Shanghai

The Art Deco Glamour of Shanghai

(mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Shanghai is
home to one of the world’s richest collections of Art Deco buildings. The city’s signature style saw its heyday in the 1930s
and epitomized luxury. It grew increasingly popular with the rise of cinema and Hollywood films, sparking a widespread hunger for the same glamorous buildings moviegoers
saw on the silver screen. – [Announcer] This Great Big
Story was made possible by Fairmont, an Accor Hotel experience. (mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Art Deco is
a style of visual arts that influenced everything from architecture to everyday objects. Its trademarks are geometric forms, linear shapes and narrow windows. A great example is the Grand Theatre. Built in 1928, the Theatre was frequented by Shanghai’s glitterati, and features a sophisticated combination of modernist and traditional elements. The Theatre boasts a beautiful
modernist Art Deco facade with its stern horizontal
and vertical lines. Meanwhile, its classical
red and gold interiors are reminiscent of styles
from Rome or Florence. One of the most notorious buildings from this golden age of
cinema is the Paramount. Built in 1933, it was the most
glamorous ballroom in town, and a favorite gathering for starlets, tycoons, and gangsters. Its huge circular tower, with
its avant-garde lighting, was an ambitious and revolutionary design element at the time, pushing the traditional architectural boundaries of 1930’s Shanghai. Today, Shanghai is widely known
for its futuristic skyline; but nestled in between
is a trove of treasures of the world’s finest
examples of Art Deco. (chiming electronic note)

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26 Replies to “The Art Deco Glamour of Shanghai”

  1. Honestly, China has a lot of great authentic foods and their culture is very interesting to learn about. If only pollution didn’t exist.

  2. Shanghai's district are very interesting. The Art Deco area is located in Old Town Shanghai. Mind you, some of the places there are a bit run-down since the revolution. But yeah, very interesting city to be in, one of the cities in China that is culturally diverse.

  3. If you're into art deco, you should check out the town of Napier in my home country of New Zealand. The whole town was devastated by a massive earthquake in the late 20s/early 30s and many of the town's main buildings were rebuilt in the art deco style.

  4. Shanghai is so cool. You find people from virtually every ethnic background there. The Nanshi district has tons of cool buildings, shops, and street food. The Bund has a ton of beautiful western architecture with some beautiful hotels. The Pudong New Area has the ultra cool Pearl Tower. There's so much in Shanghai

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