Make Cement Water Fountain – Cement waterfall craft with DRY TWIGS
BAHRAIN:  GLUE GUN PAINTING TUTORIAL | Mixed Media Bahrain Map with glue & gold leaf

BAHRAIN: GLUE GUN PAINTING TUTORIAL | Mixed Media Bahrain Map with glue & gold leaf

Hello everyone & Assalam o alaikum Welcome to my channel. Its Iqra with You Today & Today I’m gonna make a Bahrain Map It’s mixed media art & i make it with glue gun, mostly my paintings are by glue gun i do make with glue gun actually i draw them all with glue gun,


Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we will draw two sketches of women with pen and ink. You asked me to go back and draw some of the simple things with ink so here you go… first, with a brush pen, I sketch the general

My Student Experience: Creative Media And Game Technologies – Short-Degree Programme #studyinholland

– Yeah, I like it so much because I experienced here a lot of things. Also, I made a lot of good friends. They can help me when I have a problem. And I learned a lot of new knowledge here, so I think it’s a quite amazing experience for me. We had a really

Great Guide Plastic Models – How to paint cockpit

Great Guide Plastic Models – How to paint cockpit

Welcome to the new video tutorial. How to paint aircraft cockpit. For this video series, I have choosen Focke-Wulf 190 model made by Eduard. The first step is to carefully read the manual and find the parts that I need. I cut out the individual parts with splitters and clean up with a sharp knife.

LGR – Strangest Computer Designs of the ’90s

[Typing] The 1990s. Where boring, beige boxes ruled the PC world. Or did they? Actually, if you know where to look, there was a bit going on in terms of experimentation, and technological shots in the dark. So, let’s take a look at a bunch of computers that stand out to me for their weirdness,

Drawing with Charcoal: Historical Techniques of 19th Century France

Dark. Velvety. Grainy. Soft. These are some of the intrinsic qualities of charcoal that artists are drawn to. Charcoal comes from charred pieces of wood, capable of producing a range of tones that are easily reworked. But because charcoal particles are large, they don’t readily adhere to a surface. And so finished works of art

Acrylic painting 캔버스에 아크릴화 , 노을지는 바다 그리기

Acrylic painting 캔버스에 아크릴화 , 노을지는 바다 그리기

A morning in chilly December, I start the morning with a hot coffee and a bagel Milk chestnut spread made by my friend Airing the room out as the air is nice Running the washing machine as well I find myself humming Drawing in the afternoon in a long time Placing a sheet onto the