How to Draw Animals | Doodle with me!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to get this tutorial out to you! So many of you have mentioned that you wanted tutorials so I noted them all down and have a list of different video ideas for things to help you draw. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw animals in my

HOW DO THEY MAKE BABIES? – 500 Drawing Prompts #139

Hello and welcome to prompt number 139. And welcome to me back to Canada. That’s right. I’m back from Australia, which means the end card prompts are back. You can finally join in and be in the video! Alright. Let’s get into this prompt. We have… two! We have “Gargoyle” and “Diamond.”Ooohh. Alright, let’s get

🌊Misty Beach Morning | Sketchbook Story Sunday

🌊Misty Beach Morning | Sketchbook Story Sunday

good morning friends, happy Sunday. this is Annabelle, I just got my cappuccino here.. is deceptively giant because this glass cup has a layer of air all around it and I guess one thing that sucks is that it’s gonna cool down really quickly so welcome to the first Sketchbook Story Sunday and the