Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and first of all I want to wish you a Merry Christmas full of color, and a Happy New Year with many new creations! And I want to let you know that I have decided to take a little holiday and

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How to Draw a House in 2-Point Perspective: Step by Step

How to Draw a House in 2-Point Perspective: Step by Step

Hello and welcome to my new video, my name is Tom McPherson and this week I will show you one way to draw a house in 2-point perspective, the first step in this drawing is to draw a horizontal line that is a little lower than the middle of your page, next, you need to

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2 COLOR CHALLENGE – Painting with James Gurney

Hey guys. What’s the lav you use instead so I know not buy one? No, it’s actually really good. Okay, it’s good. It’s actually really good. I don’t know what’s happening. Here we are. You start it out it’s your show. Yeah, there’s all these old ones that I have tested out. That’s cool. We

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