Drawing with Charcoal: Historical Techniques of 19th Century France

Dark. Velvety. Grainy. Soft. These are some of the intrinsic qualities of charcoal that artists are drawn to. Charcoal comes from charred pieces of wood, capable of producing a range of tones that are easily reworked. But because charcoal particles are large, they don’t readily adhere to a surface. And so finished works of art

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five years ago on a day in September I found myself in this same exact spot looking at Monet’s water lilies I can’t tell you what I was thinking or feeling on that day just that I was drenched from head to toe as if I had climbed out of one of the paintings themselves

The Next Web Features SocialWall.me’s Data Visualization Tools

Let’s go back to that hashtag. If you’re sending hashtags but you’re the type that can’t just send it out, you gotta see what’s happening, there is a Social Media Command Center – just as important as the name sounds – it is over by the business area. It is passed the field, there is

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