Continuation Painting with Richard Prince

RICHARD PRINCE: You know, there’s just lots of different things that I do. And sometimes I spend a day doing a de Kooning painting. And then I’ll spend the rest of the day doing a nurse painting. The next day I’ll do a photograph. And the day after that, I’ll do a hood sculpture. And

Easy Drawings | How to Draw a Green Monster | Paint and Draw Step by Step
Easy Drawings | Cute Baby Lion Drawing | Paint Draw Step by Step

Keys to Success | Drawing & Poetry

the keys to unlock success lies within hands reach close to the heart inside of a mind set free there you will find peace purpose and belief to be anything something unique close your eyes and open your mind your personality hidden within chained and shackled skin-deep take that risk take that leap screaming under

Draw My life – Part One

Draw My life – Part One

A lot of people have asked me to do a draw my life video. Thank you all. It’s very flattering, but the trouble is that most of the people who make draw my life videos are quite young and they manage to fit most of their lives into one video. Well, I’ve been around quite

How to paint a portrait in oil paint. Summary of the long video.
How to Draw People in Perspective

How to Draw People in Perspective

Hi, Tom here and welcome to this week’s Circle Line Art School video: How to Draw People in Perspective. In this video I’m going to show you one way to draw really simple people in perspective, so that you can draw a crowd of people in a simple space, so let’s start by drawing the

Drawing with Charcoal: Historical Techniques of 19th Century France

Dark. Velvety. Grainy. Soft. These are some of the intrinsic qualities of charcoal that artists are drawn to. Charcoal comes from charred pieces of wood, capable of producing a range of tones that are easily reworked. But because charcoal particles are large, they don’t readily adhere to a surface. And so finished works of art