Ah yes. Chocolate. The universal gift for love on Valentine’s Day. You decide to have a snack while you draw and oh my gosh, you picked up the Pocky instead of your pencil! Well, I guess we’re painting with chocolate! So here are the chocolate materials we are going to be painting with. We have

How to Draw Animals | Doodle with me!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to get this tutorial out to you! So many of you have mentioned that you wanted tutorials so I noted them all down and have a list of different video ideas for things to help you draw. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw animals in my

TEST IT OUT! Spray Paint Makeup! NataliesOutlet

TEST IT OUT! Spray Paint Makeup! NataliesOutlet

Hello there today. I feel like a Victoria’s secret model because I’m in this pink robe But I can promise you because nothing to do with Victoria’s secret today’s video has to do with spray-on makeup Spiders had the spray trend has kind of been rocking in beauty products. We have like Spray-on nail-Polish Spray-on

How to draw a  rabbit or bunny- in easy steps for children. beginners