SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech  – Aurora Borealis

SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech – Aurora Borealis

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , Crafting amd DIY Art. Wasaaap my AWESOME YouTubers ?! Thanks for your great support. And in today’s video I’m gonna make one winter picture , it will be in blue, turquoise and purple color. I’ll try to do Aurora. And if you are first time here, if u like this video HIT that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos like this, Stay AWESOME stay tuned and lets go. Lets roll guys! Hey guys thanks for watching this video! I hope u like it, I hope u enjoy it. If u are first time here SMASH that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos like this. Stay tuned, stay AWESOME and I LOVE U ALL!

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100 Replies to “SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech – Aurora Borealis”

  1. Hey my AWESOME YouTubers ! I'm thankful for each of u who support me. I'm sorry because I late with this video but we travel 1000+ miles with car past day and i didn't have good Internet connection :/
    Stay Awesome and i love u ALL!

  2. hey skechart i love your videos and artwork they had inspired me so much i been having ideas of my own as well since im beginning to spray paint

  3. I like all of your videos. I watch your videos one day. but i like this somuch (I come from Thailand^^)

  4. Hi there skech!! I have been subscribed to your channel for a few weeks now. I am learning spray paint art techniques from YouTube, mostly from your videos. I have gotten pretty good at creating planets, stars, comets, and space. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with creating terrain, mountains, and water. I watch your videos and trying to copy, but they just turn into a messy glob of paint. Could you do a few videos explaining these techniques? Thank you and look forward to more videos.

  5. You were smart this time instead of using or making paper cone for the paint to brush u instead used a spray paint cans top smart this time☺️

  6. I just love your art it's amazing , I am some what good with art and I just want to ask what paper do u use? is it regular white blank paper?

  7. Hey Sketchs Art! I also like art and I just wanted to know what kind of canvas are you working on?? P.s I'm a huge fan of all your work

  8. I've been watching your videos for a little bit now and the patients and time that you put into these paintings is just amazing everyone of your paintings just come out so beautiful what got you started in spray paint

  9. Step 1 pick a color theme and scribble with it

  10. How do you make this look so easy? ;-; Also, what kind of paper can I get for this that doesn't cost so much and could be found at any store?

  11. I adore the Star Wars soundtrack but can you maybe select a few other tracks? John Williams wrote some beautiful pieces that would compliment your beautiful creations and add to your sick talent.

  12. New subscriber here and I am addicted. You are amazing! I want to paint now lol keep it up. I love watching what you make.

  13. wow your art is so amazing😍 I subscribed to you like a few months ago and now you still know how to let me fall in love with your art 😍😍😍😍😍💜

  14. Damn… IT'S AWESOME!!!!!! I sent the link of a different video to my boyfriend and he was left speechless XD

  15. Your art is awesome I really like it you made all your YouTubers stay tuned and amazed by your art me too and you made all your youtubers so amazed like you just cured them from the aches and the distress I like it

  16. You are so talented! I would love to see a Sagittarius in a blue scene with waterfalls, rocks and trees … I can't stop watching all of your videos! One day I would love to hang one of your art pieces on my wall!

  17. What kind of caps do u use when u are close to the canvas it looks like brush strokes are u just moving your hand fast do u have a fat cap on there tell me lol I need to know

  18. Can I please just sit in front of you an watch you do this for hours please it is so relaxing an peaceful to see you make such amazing images come to life little by little an not only that when you look at the image for so long the art piece that you are making comes to life makes you feel like your really there😊

  19. hey Sketch, just want to give u a shout out from Australia. I think your artwork is amazing. I am thinking of teying some of this stuff out. could you tell me what kind of spray paints you use?

  20. You must do one with the actual aurora .. more of greens and turquoise. Make it glow in dark. I’m definitely buying one from u 🙂

  21. I was wondering what kind of martial are you using to do your work and can you put it in the descriptions below in your upcoming video please

  22. as always cool painting. i went to the toledo zoo saw cool sting ray swimming up side of aquream and jelly fish change colors. so idea maybe spray paint jelly fish as there round shape just figure out how tingles and glow dark paint. as for sting ray. in wild never see swimming this high up but take they seem love swimming top and corners. so think paint idea out line sting ray swimming and look up waves night sky through top water. so got moon and stars look up through water to see moon. got sting ray out line black. smear top make look watery.

  23. Hello i really like your work and i am a huge fan of yours because i would like to do some work like you i do already some paint art with liquide paint and not spray paint but my friend say to me that it's pretty cool so will try to amelior my "talent" bye bye ! 🙂

  24. That's the first piece that has me disappointed… Those aurora borealis are too bold… they're supposed to be thin, transparent, like a delicate layer of see-through piece of clothes… a veil or a curtain, kind of. They're supposed to flow, to dance in the sky, and blend within each other. :/

  25. Hi skech you are awesome
    your art inspire me ❤️
    its also help me for my bignineing painting and art
    can you tell witch color you used in art painting tell me that spary color name and one you use for 🔥 fire
    its amazing

  26. I like your art, but the aurora borealis are transmitted very poorly, there should still be green shades, as well as it is very smeared, should be transmitted more gently.

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