So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art

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[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ special performance – Tommorrow 20180513

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100 Replies to “So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art”

  1. Awesome and unexpected video Riot, hope you guys don't end like Blizzard any time soon and keep flowing good video content. (KDA video, Pentakill video, this serie, cinematics, etc)

  2. well, I play dota. but this is way better than i thought. I'm a graphic designer and I learned a lot from this. Thank you Riot.

  3. This video was so insightful and helpful and knowing more about how the incredible concept work i've been ogling came to be just makes me want to do it more! Thank you thank you thank you for this tubular video!

  4. YES
    Everyone understands conceptart so wrong. When it says it's just concepts for something anyways. AHHH
    I want to become one, let's see where I'm going =)

  5. I want to design concepts for games.
    Mainly, I want to work for video game companies such as Netherrealm or valve.

  6. This really helped me a lot. I aspire to be a concept artist in the future and this video really provided lot of inspiration and helpful advice for me. ^^

  7. I recommend everybody listen to the podcast ArtCafe, it's on youtube and features amazing movie/game industry artists!

  8. Thomas Randby is like what Ryan Reynolds would look like if he was Captain America in the first movie, pre super serum steroids.

  9. 我想问一下这他妈中文字幕是谁翻译的。。。太有才了!!!!!!!!!pitchfork翻译成40米大砍刀。The chinese subtitle is awesome! Whoever is responsible for this deserves a raise!

  10. What do you do if your client wont finish the basic backstory, script or even general information, thereby making it next to impossible to close doors?

  11. Nobody said a word about reference and that u not only can find reference on pintrest/google but also movies and cartoon/porn. That is what kim jung gi do! ;3

  12. Just found these videos and never has the YT Algorithm been so useful. I love these and I hope you all find the time to do many more past the initial 10.

  13. So I've been working as an artist in Japanese Game companies for the past 6 years, but none of the places I worked at had a official "concept art" position. How common of a position is this usually? Is there a high demand for concept artists or is it a relatively difficult position to get?

  14. Thank you for this. I myself am still unsure if I want to be a concept artist primarily in character design or become an Illustrator. So far freelancing might be what I do after some experience in the field.

  15. Lord I wish I had this when I was in art school almost 20 years ago. And I just applied for position with you guys. I doubt I have a chance against all the strong artists that are already applying but I took my best shot.

  16. 8=D
    Thats an idea for Yasuo's new passive. It looks like a dick but its actually double crit. I know he has so much in his kit already. I feel like nothing wrong with overloading a character.
    8=D 8=D
    New riven passive… Two swords at level 10. Double the auto attacks.

  17. Riot: "The sketches don't have to look perfect" Also Riot: drawing sketches better than any of my fully rendered art

  18. In game design… I actually prefer it if every single piece of art doesnt explode with excitement. If everything in the entire game is competing to be coolest, you end up with a lot of weird shit.

  19. In case someone is pressed for time!
    Here are the notes:

    1)Project Prep

    -Understand the Problem

    -Set Constraints


    -Mood Board = References w/Clear narrow focus

    2)Generate Ideas

    -Drawing for Ideation ( silhouettes, sketches, progress shots)

    -Closing doors = process of elimination for bad ideas

    3)Navigating feedback

    -Ask specific questions

    –Show work early and often

  20. Thank you so much Riot! it'll help me in my search. I've just a question, who's making those awesome draw? Is it a job? plz Answer me ^^

  21. Wow, this is very well made and you absolutely understood how a beginner (like me) would think. Answered pretty much all my questions and gave plenty of useful advice. Thanks for this video!

  22. As somebody who just got a gig to design.. everything for a small mobile game (but never done such before..) this helps a LOT! Thanks <3

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