So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 1: Intro to Game Art

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100 Replies to “So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 1: Intro to Game Art”

  1. Not a fan of LoL but the art of it has always inspired me as an amateur artist. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. LOL after i watched the videos and read the comment i realized this series of videos are from riot games. I was wondering why so many artists from riot games XD very helpful video actually. Helped me to have a direction and knowing so much more about game art ^^

  3. I been doing Playable models for League for the past 5 years and made over 77 models in my whole time it was great giving back to the Community and made countless great stuff it good now that you are displaying these Thanks for the share Riot game you should check my Channel i made tons of great works for the Community

  4. Where the dude said saturation contrast the first time at 5:19 , that was actually value contrast you showed. Saturation is the "amount of pigment" so to speak, how strong the hue of the color comes through. Value is the "brightness/darkness" of a color. A better visual for saturation contrast would be to have grayish washed out orange boxes next to a fully saturated "neon" orange box.

  5. Final Video "Game Design" boy am I excited to see the philosophy they will preach but not following themselves like the good old " you don't need to play your game in order to balance it"

  6. I dont know when or why did you think about making this kind of videos, but it is amazing. Thank you for making them, it is kinda new to see a company make this kind of things and its pretty inspiring, thanks.

  7. I was interested in the videos but the narrator is just anoying. Is this a video for kids with adhd? It looks like it.

  8. This is a great video! I'm an art teacher and will use this in my art career lesson about being a Video Game Artist. It explains and touches on everything I needed to say, all the while showing a diverse sample of artists. Thanks!

  9. Best explanation video ever?!?!?! 😀 who are those video makers? Their artists!!! 😀 lets give them credit ♥

  10. Ok, as a game PROGRAMMER I launch the video out of curiosity while coding. After 2 minutes I was just taking notes from the video for my next games. These advices are super important to hear for every one involved in the creation of games, good job ^^

  11. This series looks great, but there's something I do not like. It's okay to inspire, but I do not like superficial advice about "do not give up" or "if you're passionate".

    I would love to hear real advice, how they started in the world of video games, what were their first projects, what programs they use, etc.

    Anyway, I'm going to follow the series, it seems fun to watch, and even informative if you like to identify the elements that make up a videogame

  12. Who else is already overwhelmed AF?
    Details: I did a lot of art when I was younger, and was pretty good at graphic art (old school Wacom tablets and Photoshop) but stopped for several years. I have retained a little of my knowledge but I agreed to do some art for a friend for a video game they're trying to develop. 😳

  13. I am artist and writer in the team for game Dead Fungoria but half the time I don't know what I'm doing still lol

    nice one

  15. I'm studying visual and graphic design and seeing my friends and mates drawings and projects usually makes me think "Am I talented enough to do this? Maybe I should do something else…" But I keep coming back to the art because it's what I really love, and I want to get better at it. Thank you so much for doing this series of videos, it's really helpful and motivational for people who tend to compare themselves with other artists. I will consider "not stopping" in the future haha <3

  16. Something else as well, when creating something, you have to make sure that the work can be visible, by making sure that the colours don't blend with each other.

  17. I hope you also like being underpaid too. They're always at the bottom of the pay scale in the games industry as it can easily be outsourced to cheaper countries.

  18. Incredible editing, insane storytelling. Literally the best introduction to game dev as a whole. By the way, I want to know whether if shaders are used to create those wriggling effects for texts.

  19. Where have you been? I mean seriously where have you been?

    I've been seeking this type of content from Ages.

    Thanks a lot

  20. Look talent is real but a non talented person has the same potential as a person who isnt. Talented people just start out a little higher on the lader

  21. I don't know why but the tone of this video feels super condescending. Like its a show for kids on public tv. Honestly can't stand it. But you have some good info and advice going for you

  22. Given me more information about Santtu Huotilainen. His voice is very interesting. Who is he and where does he come from?

  23. 6:05 "Kogmaw, Malzahar, Sivir, Xerath, Zilean, Mordekaiser, Camille, Karthus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, this guy, Tom Clancy, UBISOFT……and so, we've removed all the bad characters from this game." #givenithinawife

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