Shin Lim Performs a Series of Increasingly Shocking Card Tricks for Jimmy and The Roots

Shin Lim Performs a Series of Increasingly Shocking Card Tricks for Jimmy and The Roots

-We are joined right now
by an incredible young magician who was just named
the first winner of “America’s Got Talent:
The Champions.” Give it up for Shin Lim. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Now, you see those dice in your
hand. You want to examine them? Just make sure that all
the sides are different. -You just placed this
in my hand. -Yeah, right. You can roll it up
and throw it into the cup. -Okay.
-Just try to make it random. Go ahead. Take a look at top.
Do you see those two numbers? Add it up.
What does it add up to? -Do you want me to tell you?
-Yeah, yeah, doesn’t matter. -10.
-I can know. 10. Cool. So we have the number 10. And then let’s get, um —
Let’s see. Tariq. Do you have a suit in mind? Clubs, hearts, diamonds, spades.
Just name any one. -I’m gonna say hearts.
-Hearts? All right, cool. So, 10, hearts. Completely random selection. I have a deck of cards here. ♪♪ Watch. The entire deck
turns into the 10. -Oh, my God. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Wait. Jimmy, don’t move.
Okay? Don’t move. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Okay, look. Don’t move. Okay? ♪♪ -[ Laughs ] Dude, I don’t know
how you’re doing this. Oh, my God. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Whoa! ♪♪ -You guys should, uh,
check out your inside pockets. Yeah, go ahead. Everyone.
Check out your inside pockets. You might feel something. -Wait!
-No! -Aah! Aah! -Yeah! Ha, ha! -Wait. Watch. ♪♪ Oh, no, no. Just watch. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Whoa! Yo!
What is going on?! Oh, my gosh! ♪♪ Dude is insane. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Watch the floor. ♪♪ -[ Laughs ] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
This is unbelievable. How in the world?
-Thank you very much, everybody. -How in the world? Dude, what is going on?! You are amazing.
You are awesome. Shin Lim, everybody! ♪♪ Awesome!

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100 Replies to “Shin Lim Performs a Series of Increasingly Shocking Card Tricks for Jimmy and The Roots”

  1. Unless this is fixed he had to know that the dice would be 10 (shot glass special with magnets set to 10?) and the band singer somehow suggested to or impressed to say Hearts (there is a silver heart on the bass drums u can see- dont know if anything to do with it) – everything from there is easy.

  2. Shin Lim definitely made a deal with a devil in exchange for carpal tunnel he gets the devil to help him with magic.

  3. The only explanation is that the other members were in cahots with Lim. Otherwise I do not know how. I know that the card that changes is a trick card.

  4. Slight of hand is amazing. He won his season of AGT, and then won the Champions round.
    Showmanship and personality…..that attributes a lot.
    He very good, and I hope he makes a tonne of money, and doesn't have to deal with people explaining it how it's done.
    I like being entertained.

  5. He has sold his soul for fame and fortune. WHAT IS IT TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND TO LOSE YOUR SOUL?

  6. These card tricks are f'ing bogus: you know there's a gimmick but it's not even worth trying to figure out what the gimmick is

  7. Asian dad: Shuffle the cards.
    Asian kid: shuffles
    Asian dad: Now make them disappear.
    Asian kid: give cards to Shin Lim

  8. For the first time, I have come to say: he now surpasses David Blaine in card tricks and sleight of hand. 🃏

  9. Imagine if Shin was an assassin:

    Shin: check your inside pockets.
    Random Victims: * pulls out small explosives *

  10. Watch this while wiping my ass, big mistake. I
    My asshole got paper cut by a 10 of hearts, damn you wizard shin.

  11. Great Shin show as usual.
    True magician or new mutant X-man 😱🤯?
    Teleportation power (of cards and another things)? 😱👍

  12. Unless somebody explains to me how he transport those cards into their pockets, I will think that the entire act is all set up. Just curious!

  13. Shin, you are the best and you have spent many hours doing this and retooling to make it flawless. Very entertaining.

  14. What a brilliant way to denigrate your image as a magician by pulling off a Chris Angels on us. The sad thing is, superstitious idiots in the comment section won't realise that this is all a fucking set up 🤣

  15. I had to use the bathroom realllllly bad after this and you wouldn’t believe what was in the toilet when I was done…..

  16. I am not going to be fooled by you mr. Lim.. you might have your sleeves folded but I know everything you are using to perrform your tricks are all hidden in your thick asian hair!! Busted!!

  17. watch the thumb and index fingure placement at 0:55 and watch at 0:56. The index finger is no longer seen. he turned the cards around. probably double faced cards.

  18. All other tricks can be illusions, but as far as pulling card from Jimmy and him band members, is not possible unless all are in into this preplanned, for sure.

  19. You guys crack me up. Its staged, its this, its that blah blah blah. Watch the performance. Without the performance, sleights and tricks are just that and nothing more. The performance takes it over the top. Everything done here, with some reading, practicing can be done. Just saying. He is excellant at what he does.

  20. For those of you scratching your heads, just look up absolute black for magic. That should help you understand most of his moves without directly spoiling anything 🙂

  21. can clearly see the strings that he uses to pull cards out from his jacket..

    but the beauty of Shin Lim's magic is that the difficulty lies not in how he did it, but how he did it so immaculately

    if only he'd stop with his orgasmic faces

  22. If those cards aren't engineered to do that, then I dont know what to say. Or where is the devil? I'm willing to sell my soul too.

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