Hey what’s going on guys, SSundee here and welcome to a–another reaction video *laughs* *How Original Ian* I have a lot of talent (you do) *laughs* No, I’m just kidding I’ve seen both Crainer and Jordan do this what we–what they do is they look at uh uh my reaction and uh they look at each other’s reactions to each other’s trolls so what I’m going to do I’m on Jordan’s channel and I’m on Crainer’s channel. I’m gonna to look at my trolls that I’ve done to them and we’re going to see how they reacted to them So uh there’s one specific troll that I want to look at at the end of this video that I did to Crainer We’ll check that out in a little bit but let’s first look at Jordan’s page Let’s find a troll that I did on Jordan *reading* TrollCraft episode 4 – Ssundee trolls me good *laughing* ok what is this one? Yeah while this is loading up–oh it’s this one! *laughing* *clap* I remember this one! Hold on let me put it fullscreen Hold on let me find out where it was and yeah while I’m finding the beginning of this Again dudes if you want me to maybe do this every so often reacting to the trolls thing Uh let me know either sellout moment leave a like on this video *laughs* or hit the subscribe button if you’re new uh enough selling out… let’s do this Yeah it’s right here I *laughing* uh remember I replaced his floor This is episode 4. I replaced his floor with invisible ghost blocks and made him fall into spikes let’s watch this I was about to start the recording and then I was going to be like you’re dead sorry alright so we are okay we are a okay… What the H*** ouch! No! What! What! What is.. they no no no I dont have a thing to mine the thing Aww shoot! Oh shoot can i destroy this? destroy the spike! destroy it oh jesus oh jeez, oh jeez *Inhales heavily* (*Reading* Bro… you tripped on a scale of 1-10 how mad) Oh… is this what the thing reference to in the… Oh my God what the H*** is that? What did he? *Stutters* Wow dude… Top keks, ladies and gentlemen …Top zany troll Uh… Little preference on the uh preference on the *stutters* How this… why this works so well, apparently he just died So he didn’t have all of his stuff to easily dig up and get out So he was down her for like *shakes head* 15-20 minutes He couldn’t get out because he didn’t have a pickaxe to dig through the stone. *Laughs* Perfect timing Jordan, s-sorry about your luck *laughs again* Wait, what the s*** oh my god *bleep* oh god *bleep* I’ve… This is actually the worst this is actually did he got me way better, waaaay better than Than he should have, because I was worried it from allow oh my god dang it oh my… /SSundee: That’s beautiful let’s go find another video let’s go look at Crainer’s channel oh I remember this one, this one is called I… Ssundee killed my daughter this is what I first introduced uh re-introduced villain derp sundee back into this series hold on hold on, let’s go to the start let’s go find a good spot Ssundee : here we go /Crainer: ok ready Derp Sundee: Hey Crainer so I noticed that villain crainer is back Crainer: It’s been awhile /Derp Ssundee: I told you before don’t let villain crainer to surface again Crainer : I think I messed up/Derp Ssundee: I try to ignore it but you struck again and with that being said… *Deep Voice* Villain Derp Ssundee is back! You will learn Crainer……if you want your family to stick around(Crainer saying NO) for a long time you better subdue Villian Crainer And you may notice at this point You’ll hear a noise in your base *Door opening sound* You better go check out your daughter You may never see her again /Crainer crying *Both Ssundees laughing *Pause* Oh my god I did that *laughing nonsensely* remember i put his “fake” daughter over there in the corner and I timed it perfectly toward the lava would drop on her head What!? No! Stop Laughing! Stop Laughing! *Ssundee laughing* well that I worked out better than I remembered *laughing* o my goodness I told you guys that He killed my daughter Nooo! Dude! Remember that I fake. I killed his fake daughter. That was good. That was good let’s go back to Jordan channel remember I want to look at one specific troll that I did on Crainer later on let’s go check out Jordan’s oh yeah this is the one that I introduce speaking of Villain Derp Ssundee introduced Jordan to Villain Derp Ssundee Ssundee’s bloody troll I remember this one, yeah this one right here oh this is that good I was actually really proud of this but hold on let me find a good spot there we go this ain’t good well we’ll play the disc and we’ll see what happens let’s do it Derp Ssundee: Hey there Captain Sparkles Now I know you may not know who I am so let me introduce myself my name is Derp Ssundee and normally you know I I’m a happy guy but recently you murdered my family which has awoken…VILLAIN DERP SSUNDEE Oh my god. VD Ssundee: So I know u may not know me CaptainSparklez But I know you Now at about this time you will hear something in your base *Trapdoor opens* Look right in front of you CaptainSparklez know that I’m not Lying *Pause* *starts laughing* This is beautiful i remember this is what i did is i placed an obsidian en- en- encasement and then in here I put out one way glass which if you guys don’t know one-way glass I put him in Adventure mode whatever he’s an adventure mode it’s impossible to Blake up break one-way glass but he can also see through it and then on the other side of this check this out just remember you have caused this. I hope u enjoy Ground Beef. why can’t I can’t I break this! No No *VD Ssundee laughing* I couldn’t… And then back here if you guys dont remember this Jordan had two cows they were called Edgar and Steve they were his family so what I did is I i took them add that I grind them up in a meat grinder and then i spit out there meat back here check this out couldn’t break it no I couldn’t break it why couldn’t break the glass why couldn’t I break the glass oh my oh my goodness why couldn’t I bre– oh my goodness. And that if you look in his inventory He has ground-up beef called Steve and Edgar oh my goodness oh my goodness how dare he how dare he how about how dare you that wasn’t you didn’t even you didn’t even give me a chance I gave you a chance i gave you a chance with your family i gave you a chance to save them you just have to protect them from the lava quickly No chances ever CaptainSparklez welcome to do it videos with Derp Ssundee oh i remember this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna watch one more troll that i did on Jordan right this one here my house is gone and now we’re going to go over to Crainer’s channel i wanna watch this final troll it’s going to be good okay still out my house is gone you guys remember this one hopefully remember when we first started this series we were living in that like Canyon I had the pink house on the right Crainer lived in the Middle and Jordan lived on the mountain on the left remember I veined mined their entire house and move them move Jordan over to the volcano that’s this one I haven’t been on the server since Ian has done his thing I’m gonna jump on right now and we’re gonna see what’s happened maybe it’ll be nothing but maybe it’ll be something big who knows we’ll figure it out i just want to accidentally trip anything off as part of the grandiose plan while I’m not recording so come on loaded up I’m not cutting you can see this was done in one here we go his house is gone If u This took forever i had to vein mine everything I had to.. i had to mine all along his house so vein mine wouldn’t take out his house as I vein mined and than I used Archimedes ship mod to uproot his entire house and then take it Umm.. so what what what wait what what huh im where’s my where’s my house where is everything has made everything is gone and then he finds the chest i forgot what i said in this book sorry mate Oh God did Crainer get it too hey Jordan so I know you tried to kill me and & TP’ed me way out in the ocean For that I have destroyed u destroyed my house but I saved your stuff wait did he destroy did he actually destroy all my Magical crops and ME system actually go nuclear on his *beep* He did that ok 3077 2930 3070 so you have remember this i bet of getting i put the the check right behind the scoreboard right in front of him it was like a mini scavenger hunt wow we well we’re going to have to see where my where my stuff is still at and have to react accordingly also crater has been on his chest is empty so we find the best what are you talking about Oh 3047 3675 are you doing to me okay let three 3050 and 360 yeah i remember this is yeah this is that second book was just telling him where his new house was alright let’s see what he does when he finds his new house here we go in case what i can do is i can make those what the heck is right in the world and why why haha huh ok wow it’s all the gangs all here is it wow is it still working properly I mean you know if we’re being honest oh that I look at his house picked it up with the ship body moved into a volcano an active volcano fact let’s go to our craters video this is the trouble I’ve been wanting to see let’s find this is this right here this was my 2nd district on Craner I went kind of at ham I want to see his reaction to this I forgot I forgot how we reacted bility here so we’re what to say flip the lever for the burning fuel oh it is a district is knit it isn’t this track isn’t it miss this sunday Bing so Sundy p what is all right you guys ready for this ok ok ok 44 what’s your mom tossed my baby sample son you know you have 10 seconds to reduce the myth that crane degenerate era girl I’ll be sure to tell your president this year and it’s kind of part of past the white son what’s good grinder so I heard that you have an obsession with my hair through if you have an obsession with my wheelchair no yeah you know my wheelchair ya know that was coming out its Santa talking about my hair but I don’t care how good your derriere you’re getting can’t come here to apply your dad feeling this wheelchair speaking of shares Craner maybe you should go grab one and get in line for that Twitter verification coming out of a hole and also held that last pic collage battle go yeah you remember that you have yet to wear that or the story of your life in your future life No and like this come on tonight how your life is sad trainer he’s been someone with no brainer wood knows all i actually remember that sorry to cut it off but after this remember shooters that this was over I killed Craner it’s just kick a man while he’s down ok we go that’s your baby knows they’re only good huh I love your ride this that live right there i was kind of meat but uh three watch that like how about you and also recall that last pixel much battle co yeah you remember that you have yet to get a lot battle is the story of your life even your future wife no my kisses cuts on tonight how like dad crater has been someone with no trainer would know that your videos they’re only pictures I’m the Entertainer my gosh how about this for christmas merry christmas everyone stay happy holidays you cradle let’s do it trainers you’re so stupid that you would like an idiot trying to win pickle on your mod react if i try to sell your names after this it would be to Allah claimer clean all the help you cake sorry I just farted that that’s odd this fart smells just like craters breast give you a hand there sunday here we go take one more shot to Mike online time for my last few slides that will break your ex line and put us on Dateline you know what today live is greater it’s that new show about murder and I just I just murdered this how do anything if you want more time you can’t be the guy your channel is fine but we both know it’s like fine said fond of mcdonalds here we go wait for it I believe that happens I drop something there was an accident could also hopefully you don’t die what’s that you’re gonna kill me that’s actually going to tell me my sale what is that what you live for all mine tonight by because of bed and then you actually kill me watch wow what that went perfectly according to plan but anyway his kids but now i’m going to add this video here get if you guys want to do this every so often react to some of these Charles let me know of course hit the like button double also show me some love HIPAA superclod this subscribe subscribe but if you do to my channel and yes we’ll see you do next time

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  2. what sundee thinks we want:Leave a like for more reactions to troll craft

    What we actually want:more troll craft

  3. "your life is sad crainer. Even someone with no brainer would know that your videos are only good coz im the entertainer."
    me: So True

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    Ssundee now: β€œCAN WE GET 200K LIKES IN 2 DAYS?”

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    β€œHello Amanda. You don’t know me, but I know you.”

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