Rainbow Shield Crystal Protection Visualization (September 26, 2012)

Rainbow Shield Crystal Protection Visualization (September 26, 2012)

I do have a few protective processes
that are sort of go-to processes. I really like this visualization where you pull white light
energy into your body. I usually use a clear
quartz our rose quartz for this exercise held
over my heart. And I see the energy come into my Crown
Chakra, move down into the area of my Heart Chakra, and then get sent out of my heart into
the stone, and out of the stone. So that white
light comes in and as it is expelled from my Heart
Chakra and passes through the stone, I see it divided into the seven colored
rays of the rainbow, and I project that rainbow shield
of light out in front of my body. And I find that that’s really great at
dissolving any negativity or un-wanted energy. It’s a really great protective visualization.

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  1. You could also then project the rainbow around your whole body filling all of your aura. I find if u project to always cover your back you will be betrayed, lied, or gossiped about a lot less and I find more support. Great video keep up the great work.

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