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29 Replies to “Putting the CGI In IKEA: How V-Ray Helps Visualize Perfect Homes”

  1. Great Video, they have amazing resources to hand.
    Now , a strange question, the Monitors were propped up by a drawer unit, is this Ikea too?

  2. Where do Ikea's 3d artwork end up? On their website? Recently I learned of Roomle, which is an app with a catalogue of 3d models which you can use in AR. IKEA is one of their brands in that app, but the quality of the models is naturally less realistic as they're rendered in realtime by the mobile phone.

  3. Ps yeah pretty envious of their job, the output is impressive. They definitely looked hard-worked to me though (as employees)

  4. Bonjour bravo pour cette video
    je suis architecte 3d Artist pour une société d architecture dans le domaine tertiaire.
    Je trouve dommage que vous ne partagiez pas vos modèles en fichier *.max
    Bonne continuation je suis fan

  5. Great video. This is what I do for a living, working for a furniture maker in the contract furniture industry, except I'm a one man band and have to do all of it – texture creation, modeling and prop making, interior design, composition, rendering, and retouching. I wish I had a big team of specialists. I'd get a lot more sleep. I've known for a long time, long before I started in this industry, that IKEA was mostly CGI. It's very cool to finally get a look inside.

  6. Thanks for posting this video! Like @Chip Matthews and @Derek Elliot, I too am a one-man army doing 3D product/furniture visualization. Like IKEA, I am trying to bring as many automated or semi-automated process into the workflow, but it is definitely like trying to tie your shoe while running the 100-yard dash. MaxScript, 3D scanning, network rendering, and outsourcing are all corner stones for myself trying to do more with less, but I am still very envious of the toolsets that IKEA’s AD team has developed over the years. I have seen presentations by both Martin Enthed and Taco Van der Maden where they spoke to staggering quantity of high quality output that you achieve which is truly impressive!

  7. Hello I’m a industrial designer and I work with solid works, 3d max and vray and I really like what they do, I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of schools or colleges offer some academic program where I can look for training in this, I would love to one day be as good as this professionals!

  8. Really impressive! I love the progress IKEA is doing and how they are leading this massive move into a fully digital workflow!

  9. cmon at 5:32 the cg image looks absolutely unreal. the whole contrast is messed up and everything is way to shiny and clean. the kitchen is fine i guess, maybe the leather on the chairs could use some wrinkles

  10. 😲What?? 3D has been my hobby for 6 years and I can do everything in this video. Im so surprised to see all my skills in an actual 3d working environment

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