Puerto Rico: The Palette of Paradise

Puerto Rico: The Palette of Paradise

♪ There’s a reason why our island is called
“The Island of Enchantment.” Its beauty is undeniable. The rich sounds of music
that pierce through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan will captivate you and never let you go, not until you have tried
rice with beans in Piñones and alcapurrias in Vega Alta, played slot dominoes against the wooded picture frame of El Morro, and danced with The Doña
in the clubs in Santurce, and that’s just on one part of the island. Further ahead, there are mountains, beaches surrounded by coconut trees, rivers, tropical jungles, and more vegetation
wherever you go, all sonically connected
by the beat of the drums, the congas, and the hands that play them. This Caribbean mosaic of 100 by 35
has a certain opulence to it, with Culebra and Vieques next to it. Beyond the tall palm trees
and the pearly white sands, the rich history of our ports will tell you about a Caribbean Shangri-La full of refuge and resilience, a history that can be heard in the small squares and bars on any night. You can see it painted on the murals along the highways
running through the island, in the sculptures, and the canvases
that capture the essence of our people. The coffees and sweet mallorcas in the morning are always highlighted
by the freedom in our songs. For that reason,
the arts and culture are so vital for us. They speak for the unspoken when the spoken speaks too loud. So, we hide our truth in our music, visual arts, dance, literature,
theater, architecture, and all those expressions
of art, identity, and beauty. If you pay attention to the expressions of our artists, you will be able to appreciate the gospel of the streets, and most of all, you will hear the magic that our arts and culture has over its people, who are living libraries of this beautiful nation we call Puerto Rico… the island of my dad and my mom.

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