#ProjectFastmask: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

#ProjectFastmask: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

All right, we have
more magic ahead of us. This next one is really for,
again, anyone that does video but definitely
our video editors. Please welcome Joon-Young Lee
with Project Fast Mask. Welcome. Okay, hello, everyone. Today, I want to introduce
Project Fast Mask. Team learning based
Adobe Sensei technique to help your video editing task. For video editing,
I hope to start from downloading video
from Adobe Spark and import it to Adobe
app Playback. I want to add visual effect
to the foreground and background layer, so I’m first selecting
program object. However,
with current Roto Brush, the mask will break
after the first frame due to fast motion
and appearance changes. I could spend hours
manually fixing its frame, but that would be tedious
and time-consuming. What should I do? Maybe give up, or maybe invent
a new solution. (laughing) Okay, now, let me show you
Project Fast Mask. Open the same video
and select the object. With our team learning
based solution, I just need to boundary create
for selecting an object. How about the other frame? Just click “propagation.” How many points? (applause) Yeah. (cheering) Joon-Young. This is the real demo
learning on my laptop. This Fast Mask technique
takes 4HD video and automatically propagates
the selection mask to the video frame
in real time. This Adobe Sensei technique
can save you from aborting selection task and help you focus
on your creative work. Now I have
a good selection mask. Okay. I want to change my background
to gray color, and I want to add
text layer between foreground and background layer. All set. Let’s see how easy my video editing
with Fast Mask. -Yes!
-Amazing. (applause) Three clicks! (applause) Okay, let’s say I want to edit
one of my daylight video. Often, this kind of video
have more complex environment and object variation
with lots of camera motion. It makes selection
very difficult. Let me select this baby girl. Okay,
and with a few boundary click and propagate
the selection mask. Even with the complex content
and lots of camera motion, Fast Mask propagates
the selection mask greatly and you can still get
your selection mask. First of all, you can further
refine the selection mask with an additional click, or using current Roto Brush
and refine it, too. (cheering and applause) It’s amazing. With the selection mask, I direct below
my background layer and add an effect layer. And this is my lovely
baby girl video edited just in a minute. Together, “Aw!” That’s adorable. (applause) -Too cute.
-Okay. Let’s try… Aw, together, everybody. Aww. Okay, I can select my kitten with boundary click and propagate
the selection mask. My kitten sneaked
behind this pillar, however, our technique
is smart enough so that it can propagate
selection mask to the video frame. (applause) Let me add an effect layer
and let’s see my edited video. There you go. I hope this new
Sensei technique… -Yay, it’s a celebration!
-Yay, kitty! Okay. (applause) Yeah. (applause) Joon-Young. Yeah, I hope
this Sensei technique help you enjoy
your video editing process and inspire you
with more creative ideas. -Thank you.
-Thank you. (applause)

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49 Replies to “#ProjectFastmask: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. The mask is ok, but it needs drastic refinement before it is of any value. Also.. what is driving it? Is this a rig with 5 highest end GPUs or a single sub $400 GPU?

  2. The person holding the presentation is a savage 😂 either he didn't hear anyone else speak or he just didn't bother to answer because he had some practiced script 😁 super dope tool tho! 😍

  3. It doesn't look perfect yet, but I'm rooting for you, Adobe. An automated technique that is as good as manual rotoscoping would open up so many doors.

  4. How does it works? How does it know where is object and where is background?
    Is this neural network based?

    Anyway hope this shit is real

  5. Результат грязный.
    Просто под блогеров точяи софт а не под профессионалов.

  6. If you can’t wait for this to be released and you run an OpenFX based compositing package you have to see Rotobot from Kognat https://kognat.com only for preview quality at the moment. Just tick a box for “person” and you will get all the people in a mask layer. Want one person, give a pixel coordinate, then just that person.

  7. Yeah… if that guy in the grey shirt could just stfu and let the other dude present this awesome new feature without completely irrelevant interruptions, that would be great.

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