Pixar Lamp Costume!

Pixar Lamp Costume!

I dressed as a partially
eaten gingerbread man. Inspired, of course, by Shrek. I did another movie-inspired one two years later the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Look at that fishnet stockings I got the pump on the light is functional in the skirt. After that I dressed
up as a flamingo wait for it. This is my foot. That’s my face down there. It’s sort of a
crutch handstand. I took it to the zoo. I tried to go like stand
by the regular flamingos just to see if they would like I don’t know, try to mate with me or talk to me. My favorite part about it is this child who is so much more
interested in me than actual flamingos. I dressed as a
foosball player the Halloween after that. I did an IHOP sign. Wait for it it’s like a double pun. Dads? Where my dads at!? I know you guys
like that one. I did Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. A Blizzard from Dairy Queen. So this was actually
not Halloween, this is just here in Santa Monica
on The Promenade right before Christmas. Look at that lady’s face I love her face. You remember fidget spinners? Yeah I did a one-off random fidget spinner costume. This is Halloween 2017. Tigger T-I-double-Guh-Er And Halloween 2108 I dressed as Genie
from Aladdin. Down here at the bottom that is my tiny dog Mushu. He dressed as Abu of course. Aww, aww When I did the Christmas tree, he dressed up in this dog Santa outfit. What I love about this is these people are just not impressed at all,
they’re like, “Oh yeah, just a tree out walking a dog.” But this kid over here, he’s like, “Something’s weird over there.” I got these custom semi-invisible
clear crutches made. So that I could
walk with my costumes and sort of float
above the ground. There was, for some reason a local news crew walking around so I was interviewed by… And what I love
about this is how seriously she’s taking her job. She’s like, “Yes, I’m a professional news woman, and I’m just interviewing a tree. Like, I went to journalism school to be able to do that. Hey there,
I’m Josh Sundquist. I lost my leg
to childhood cancer, but I grew up to become
a paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker, bestselling author, comedian, and, of course, Halloween enthusiast. So here it is, My 2019 Halloween costume. It’s easy to get above it. Unfortunately the X popped. We have a bunch of I’s
because that’s the one I intend to pop,
but I didn’t have the foresight
to buy extra Xs. A medium gluten-free pizza. And do you have jalapenos? I do. We’re trying to
figure out if we can fill the balloon with something and
prop it up somehow. I just filled this thing
with so much toilet paper. The center part of the X we will tape onto the tripod. Baaaaa. Just another day
at the Sundquist house. Hey Mushu. Baaaa

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41 Replies to “Pixar Lamp Costume!”

  1. one of my favorite parts of halloween is waiting to see what your newest costume is gonna be and this year did not disappoint!

  2. Yesss, I love it!!! I've been waiting to see what you did this year. Been following you for a couple years now. Ashley was bo peep?

  3. I love it! You even got it to light up!
    I have been guessing this one every year hoping I would be right. So now I have nothing for next year!

  4. 1. Love it! Especially how mechanical it is.

    2. Didn't realize how long I'd been following this saga until seeing all the costumes in a row!

  5. I just love how hardcore you are with your costumes!… when I was a kid we also made and not bought most of ours too… half the fun of halloween used to be coming up with costumes with your parents… today almost everyone just buys them, such a shame. Also that reporter interviewing a tree like nothings out of place… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

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