Performing Arts Teacher Swap

Um, Ms. Sengstack is at Fairfax High School. I’m from Fairfax High School. I’m here to work with you all today. So we have the full performing arts
departments of both Fairfax High School and Lanier Middle School swapping
places so that includes the theater teacher, chorus teacher, orchestra and
band teachers. (making vocal warm up sounds) As these middle school students transition to high school this
is a way for those high school teachers to directly connect to the students, let
them know about their programs, the courses that they offer, what they will
experience, for kids to get comfortable with those teachers and hopefully
continue their Performing Arts course of studies. And at the high school we have our own, like, wood shop, so we have a whole shop. Having a high school teacher
here I think it’ll really help some of the students like later on go into, going
into high school they’ll, you know, get to know the teacher a little bit better.
They’ll, they’ll kind of get a taste on what theatre is gonna be like in high
school. I’ve met that I’ve met Mr.. DiCenzo before. He seems like a really
great theatre teacher and just a really amazing person all around. She woah’d. I think it’s really cool cuz when you have a high school teacher he gives you like new work you’re gonna
kind of experience what you’re gonna be learning in high school and so it gives
you like an option to more think about. I’ll say it’s like it’s good to know
like how the teacher is and what we can expect when we get to high school when
we join this class. Good morning! Glad to see you. Welcome welcome. It’s really fun because they come in and
they look so different they look so much older they act so different but then
they sit down and they start playing and I get up front and it’s kind of like no
time has passed because they see oh he’s still making those analogies oh he still
cares that I sit this way or that way and it’s it’s fun to kind of slip into
the old habits in that way. (students laughing) They’re curious and a little frightened at first
but I think when you’re silly especially in the theatre world and some
of the games and activities we play if I come in with a lack of inhibitions then
they soon see okay well if he could do it I could do it.
My main focus when I come in here on these teacher swap days is to make sure
that the students recognize that high school is not a scary place, that I am no
one to feel intimidated of. I’m hoping that every single classroom right now,
all eight classrooms where we’re kind of experiencing this, that the students are
going to walk away with one thing, just one element where they’re like I never
thought of it that way or I’m going to remember this day this one sentence that
they said. I think that’s really important. It’s a pyramid. It’s important
that they see that not only are we friends and that we support one another
meaning the directors from elementary through high school but that it’s
important to us that they continue with their art. The fact that I have a
connection to the elementary directors and those schools see me come in and
visit and that my program sees Mr. Buchroeder coming in to visit they see that
it’s important to all of us that their experience stretches far beyond the time
that we have them because it really does matter to us. (students singing warm up exercise) It’s important that we recognize that to
be successful in the arts you’re not receiving training from any one
individual. That’s not how it works. Your training legitimately never stops. It
offers us even if for a moment even if for one day a fresh perspective. It gives
the high school teachers an ability to teach a different age level, to feel
different energy, to experience the different mindsets and problems that are
existing in these students’ worlds and minds and it does the same for the
middle school teachers coming to high school. I think our teachers are amazing that they create these events to continue to
find ways to encourage our students to participate in these experiences,
continue the excellence of Fairfax County Public Schools arts programs and
just provide valuable, fun, collaborative experiences for our kids. ♪♪♪

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