Painting the Boat – Part 12 – Spraying Coal Tar Epoxy

Painting the Boat – Part 12 – Spraying Coal Tar Epoxy

brought it out for a test this morning
and it did not work that we found our problem the suction pipe is jammed we put point ounces of dividing akashi’s
either we used for the last run of a cleaning profit that’s why it’s dirty in
there it’s a five-gallon close to furs I guess hold that for a
while let me scrape this one down now the difference one yesterday and
today is today we’ll finish the whole boat on the outside and we even came
back down here and start over it was rolling on because it gives it a nice
and look on the outside a little better finish and we use five gallons with the
rollers up here doing two coats five gallons with the sprayer only gets you
about halfway so we’re putting on a lot more paint with a sprayer as we should
be it’s 20 mils thick on the wet gauge so if you’re gonna roll your boat you
probably ought to think about putting on three coats with the roller I think the
thing I like doing the most is having a little bit overlap at the pattern before
and then I’ll come back to go across it perpendicular to this way we’ll do that and we’ll come back do a
vertical spray and I have a wet Tim gage in my pocket that I’ve used and used to
what it looks like and how much I have to go out so I have to go I get on 20
mils milk and a lot of paint and three people that the american thing milk is
not a millimeter it’s a thousand seven inch we’re talking about paint and I want a little more paint on than
normal right here so we’ve gone over this with like four coats this is a
water line where stuff floating in the water will pump into the boat we talk
across it with vertical path okay here’s the results it’s all done
exterior of the hole yesterday Bart and I spent three hours putting two coats of
paint on with rollers on this side top half that was five gallons of paint
which turns out isn’t enough it’s just not enough coverage not enough gallons
to get the coverage you want about 75 square feet for per gallon for this coal
tar today with the sprayer we put on 35 gallons in three hours same time we
spent yesterday and we covered the entire boat and we got it 20 mils thick
we can came back over here to where we had rolled it yesterday and sprayed
another layer on top of that so if you’re asking yourself is it worth
working with the airless prayers yes it is well the today’s jobs that turn the
rudder back over thing paint the other side I tell you I don’t think there’s
anything quite as important for a sailors to learn how to attach ropes and
haul loads or for underwater so that’s what I think it was interesting at the
open house yesterday there’s a guy here named Rock and he had actually flipped
his catamaran right-side up again after hurricane had thrown it out of the water
and up on to a parking lot upside down on top of some other boats fascinating
story and a great design for doing that a lot of cool thinking out there I have
the advantage of three attachment points and three come along so I can control
the load real easy so all I do is lift and load up and then I’m trying a rope
underneath it attached it here and now we pull it back up pretty easy job set
it back down had the other side the amazing thing was rocket figure out how
to do this boat flip one crane and one extra winch you can read all the books
watch all the videos you like but you will not get good at this until you get
off your couch to get out there and start trying and that won’t happen for you until you
get the intestinal fortitude to get off that sofa and get out there and start
that big project you’ve always been promising yourself you do some of the
best comments I get or things like it I haven’t watched your videos in a couple
years because I got inspired to go build my house that I’ve always wanted or my
car or whatever and if you’re gonna build a boat you’re probably gonna still
watch other boat builders it’s what I do well it’s the volume that comes out the
gun – that’s the deal yeah okay I just got through finished
spraying inside the cabins and let me let me show you what I’m wearing mother
I have my respirator I have my goggles I got a hat I got long sleeves I got all
the shit now here’s the other thing I don’t need you to be my fucking mother
okay nobody needs you to be their mother everybody that sprays this shit knows
what the warning label says okay you let us make the decision about what we’re
gonna do with our lives amongst you can go take a flying leap okay if you
unsubscribe from my channel because you’re pissed off about this fine
unsubscribe I don’t want your kind of advice anyway okay I had a mother she
was a great mom don’t have a mother anymore that’s just perfect for me
that’s the way I want to live my life nobody else in our society needs you to
be their mother either okay I am fighting the war against people being
mothers when they don’t need to be mothers okay now if your mom okay be a
mom okay I had a great mom you know don’t go in
swimming an hour after you eat all that stuff fine you don’t need to carry that
on in our society so if that’s your job in your life
get off my channel okay thanks yes I feel better no yeah it’s a good
thing let me try to rephrase what I said before a little kinder slightly Canada
the world is full of cowards and wimps and pussies and we don’t need to go
around and couraging them the people we need to encourage are the ones that are
stretching to change themselves to make a difference to step out onto the edge
to do something that where they’re probably going to fail those are the
brave people in the world I’m trying to make myself into one of those kind of
people and we support that effort and this channel is all about supporting
them and destroying anybody who attacks those type of people and so we’re at war
the enemy here is the ones that want to tell you that you can’t do it we want to
tell you that how to do it that you’re doing it wrong and they’re doing that
because they’re not doing it themselves and they’re afraid of what you’re doing
you threaten them by your achievements because they’re too afraid to fail
they’re cowards and so do we nurture cowards and allow cowards to use this
channel as a platform the answer to that is no we don’t we will crucify you
and then we’ll block you and we have no problems doing that whatsoever
so this isn’t the place for you I’m sorry because you know you only live
life once and you ought to make the most of it and if you’re afraid of it you’re
gonna die without your dream being fulfilled
that’s too bad you

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13 Replies to “Painting the Boat – Part 12 – Spraying Coal Tar Epoxy”

  1. I agree with letting people make decisions for themselves, but I mentor a robotics club,the last thing I need is someone putting an eye out in my shop.

  2. I agree with what you said. I work for a property management company that require hazard assessments, safety plans, we are insured three times and does it make us any safer… nope. Use your head and get the work done so we can go home. It's all nonsense.

  3. Good rant. In the software industry, too, there are two kinds of people — those who know how to code and those who don't. Those who don't are fond of joining standards committees, where they can write documents telling those who do how to do their jobs.

  4. Omg, I’m so with you on the safety police. I’m forced to wear a seatbelt, etc. Next they will make everyone wear a life jacket and be clipped in all the times . It’s my life, I know when I need it and when I don’t.

  5. New T-shirt Idea "WE ARE SEEKER" a boot in the butt and off the poop-deck ya go. The dread pirate Doug is using "The Plank" in the comments.

  6. It is amazing how nice it looks painted! It looked good with the gray but now it looks amazing! You are doing such a good job and it shows!

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