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100 Replies to “Painting a LARGE portrait *for the first time* \\ Jim Ren #paintwithme”

  1. A gusto personal, me hubiera gustado más que tuviera más fuerza en ambos ojos. Pero es increíble todo lo que haces, sigue así ❤️

  2. Omg I can’t believe you are close to one million subscribers…one MILLION!! I started watching your videos when you had like less than 30k :,) and what makes me really happy is that I can’t tell the difference between then and now, but not in a bad way because change is always good and growth and everything, I just mean like your attitude and the way you talk to us so openly and honestly, even though there are so many more people watching, I just love that you remain that way<3 me encantas ☺️

  3. It's very interesting to watch your videos. Can you make a video where you show us how to paint with oil paintings? I am drawing and painting a little bit too and I want to try oil paintings but I don't know how to start and what other ingredients I need. Maybe someone on the comments can help me🤷‍♀️

  4. Tô nem ai se num faço a menor ideia do quê você fala kkkk adoroooo seus vídeos tu é muito massa! ❤❤ I love you!

  5. Kinda wished you would’ve finished the other eye to make it more powerful and put more emotion in her but I still love it 😍

  6. Disfruto mucho ver tus videos! podrias hacer un tutorial de como hacer retratos? <3 te lo agradeceria muchisimo!

  7. Your way to hard on yourself!! But you know what they say artist will stare at their work till they hate it!! But you do beautiful work and I love it!!! Good job girly 😍😍

  8. For some reason I'm always drawn to those colors, too. Red, orange, blue, gray ect. Very stunning painting, also! I just found your channel and I am in love with it!!

  9. Jim, podrías recomendarme alguna tienda de pinturas ( a poder ser online) para principiantes, muchas gracias🌹♥️♥️

  10. I cry the entire afternoon, thinking for a reason to be alive… Now im relaxed, and know you already found yours. Keep going, your art is stunning 💙

  11. 何気にBGMがジブリなの凄くなんだか嬉しいです(* ´ ˘ ` *)

    Hi! Im Japanese:)
    bgm is "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi" ♥
    I'm very happy ^^*
    Do you like "Studio Ghibli"?
    Japanese peopleIt is a very welcome!!❁.*・゚

  12. Solamente hay gente en inglés? Sobre la aplicación Jime. Tu retrato me encantó, estoy tomándolo como referencia para hacer un rostro también

  13. I've recently started a painting page and I strive to be like you I am terrible at looking at something and copying it…I hope to keep it up:) I loooveee your videos! I'm subscribed now 🙂

  14. Hi, what canvas looks so smooth like yours? cuz canvsas that i got from art supply store are not like this. Please lemme know your type of canvas, thanks

  15. omgggg ur actually the most sweetest art YouTuber! Ur really relatable! Super talented, inspiring aesthetic and just the person I want to be! I love ur art Thankuuu so much for sharing it!

  16. You seem to be living on the floor – I hope you do know it is not making your art any better – squatting on the floor – your legs aching – 20 year from now you'll be yelling and squirming with pain – and thinking back "I should have taken a chair"

  17. I was just sitting here taking a break from the frustration I am having while painting on a 3'x5'' panel. Thank You so much for the video and sharing your thoughts, which were refreshing and gave me some motivation to push forward. You are very courageous, your spirit is awesome and your heart giving. May you always be blessed with a never ending passion to create and learn in this beautiful and most precious miraculous life. Again Thanks

  18. ¡¡¡Me ha encantado!!! Ha quedado preciosa, delicada pero a la vez súper potente. El detalle de pintar más el lado izquierdo que el derecho me parece muy significativo. Eres única 😘 gracias por lo que haces

  19. Pls make a video for the beginners who wants to learn. Tips, how to start, guide and tools that you use! I love u sooo much you are so talented ♡♡♡

  20. i love your voice and i love hearing about whatever you have to say in each of your videos. i watched/listened to this while working on a pinecone study assignment for art school that i procrastinated on x)

  21. Wow I love it , I'm from Chile I only have 11 years old but I see this and I think that I can make something like this . You are art in all the sensing .

  22. Hi my name is Rachel, I live in Brazil, I would like you to subtitle in Portuguese, and put yourself in your videos. I really like your videos. Kisses😘

  23. When are you going to update your store? I’d LOOOOOOOVE to buy from you but every time I go online everything is out of stock

  24. Tus videos me dan una estética muyyy armoniosa, siempre los vuelvo a ver y no me canso de hacerlo. Me has inspirado mucho, fiel admiradora de tu trabajo 💕

  25. (Sorry for my english i'm french)
    Your paintings are really magnificent And i enjoy a lot your videos! I just have question at wich age did you begin to paint ?

  26. This is the first video you watched on your channel,Wooow you surprised me girl! I love it .. I am from Saudi Arabia💕💞💘

  27. I live these videos, you inspire me to continue painting even when I have no motivation or urge when I can't seem to get the colours or shape right. Thank you

  28. Not gonna lie, sometimes working bigger is easier than working smaller because you can blend with more space. I would say if you always work small, commit to making a massive painting, 60" x 40". You might find that you like painting big too.

  29. Hey guys im an artist too i paint a beautiful sketches but i dint have many subs give my channel a look plz ♥️♥️♥️🖌😍😍

  30. Hi I just wanted to ask a quick question……..

    Where did you learn to draw I'm currently looking for new people or things to help me draw better also, I love your art style 🤗

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