On communication, DNA and visual arts: Vis a Vis with musician, The Blu Mantic

On communication, DNA and visual arts: Vis a Vis with musician, The Blu Mantic

Welcome to Vis a Vis my name is
Victoria Voigt and my today’s guest is a multi-talented hip hop and soul artist
born in Killeen Texas he has traveled and lived across the
globe he’s performing as a visual and sound artist he is pursuing his dreams and career in
Warsaw Poland now ladies and gentlemen The Blu Mantic is here with me thank you
for coming, thank you for finding time and your hectic life
Tell me what and whom in fact is The Blu Mantic, because it homophones
with romantic The Mantic means fulfilling a prophecy or prophetic
word second so this is deep right? and blue came from being called this in New York
when I was around a lot of friends and somehow the word be blue and it’s
pronounced blue with the English and in New York I started listening to other
individuals languages and when I was able to use the word blue not just as a
color and translate as different languages and I started to be really
interesting so the older I got and the more on this journey as an artist blue
it’s literally the reflection blue is the feminine energy in which I dwell
this is the part in the duality of the blue Mantic as a whole because blue is
me and everyone but Mantic is me in my mission future past It’s very meaningful
I love it about artists that they always pick or create those nicknames
they’re always so multi-layered and I love it very much but blue is not
blue like a color let’s let’s clarify that, it really it’s the sound.
Is it challenging to be a creative soul like yourself nowadays.
I like challenges but in a sense it is difficult it’s
difficult when you realize we live in a world
is built around progress when it comes to a social structure or system that is
primarily based on money right so being creative which all of us are creative
what makes me valuable to the community as it created but the more we understand
art itself when an individual puts in the time the effort and the skill to
create that does bring value to the community of the culture and to our you
know evolution because it is the consciousness flowing through one vessel
to share with everyone else I have to be vulnerable as an artist in order to
create so that I can relate and translate this information to a major
group right so it’s hard the value that is gonna save the humanity that’s what
you’re saying uh innocence it will be a piece of it everyone needs to find their
own art because now I’m starting to see coding as art Tech is art right it is in
a sense you know and the beautiful part of art being in between science and
spirituality where biological beings the machines they have to consume energy all
right I’ve gasoline to a car but then you look at spirituality it’s much
deeper then we can even fathom or understand it’s it’s beyond what we see
and actually so much deeper from within so without knowing thyself how can you
know what is outside of you you call it It’s sacred right? you like calling it all
a sacred ceremony sacred as a word deals with spiritual
it deals with something that means a lot but on a spiritual level and that
spiritual vibration in that energy of all of us as individuals reflect and
vibrate with emotion if I brace with mental and of course that somehow
communicates with the physical because then it all comes into one we seem to
forget about the sacred because someone’s told us how to be sacred
there are ways religion books you know meeting people but when you don’t find
your own sacred you wake up in the morning and you brush your teeth and you
do your makeup and you’re enjoying what you’re doing because you see how
beautiful you are in the mirror this is your ritual this ritual exactly recap
this is sacred to you it means something to you now there may be this individual
who does not see how sacred it is to you and wants to disrespect it or say
something negative but that’s not a problem
this is his reality and we’re shared reality but you will meet those people
who say girl I like your sacred and your sacred might help that other person who
hasn’t found their sacred yes we should say it more often like
girl I just like your sacred world.
Even if you don’t, just be nice for no reason.
Sure, just be nice guys, just be nice what variety of opportunities and
advantages can give a relatively niche country/place like, in this case Poland
for for an artist like yourself? English being one of the main languages spoken
around the world, especially in media music which isn’t the problem just one
of them it’s a dash of it but in Poland what’s beautiful is I was able to
reflect with people on a level of confusion and I say this because first
of all they assume a hip-hop artists history right right
second of all do some of Jamaica third of all they may seem Africa I’m a
Jamaican oh are you I’m still waiting for the results of the
DNA test I might be hundreds percent… because the country itself has its own
history and not being so different the opportunities are unique so I get to
choose those opportunities if I was polish or if I was foreign and begin to
speak Polish that I would become succomb tours subjected to the rules the ways
the system that is bad here so the opportunities for me are interesting and
the growth of Warsaw as a city I’m able to be one of the one of the first
individuals and being blessed and honored to be a part of that group you
know and finding those right people to work with because there’s a lot of
people that I tried to work with and learned you’re not ready for the
development yep okay so the understanding is crucial and we’re a
very progressive country as whole but there’s still some barriers that occurs
in those little moments that we don’t want them to happen yes. So you
say the language is not a barrier what is language then?
In my opinion I don’t know I’m not an expert in we’re not studying Wikipedia now. Language for me is an agreed understanding of communication
but communication is deeper than that, because 80 to 90 percent of
communication is body language right whatever I’m saying means only a little
bit this a fraction what you’re seeing with your eyes and how you reflect with
your brain is still a fraction but what you feel the intuition is deeper so
language really it’s just communicating back and forth trying to figure out
what’s gonna happen for our survival okay
Marianne I like this situation I’ll take it
or am i now gonna like this situation now take it you might have heard this
before but um I fed my ego but not my soul it’s once said in your Korean
American comedian Yakov Smirnoff so here’s my question how could she go
aunt Seoul isn’t an artist it depends on the mission of the artist and the
intention of their art because it could be tons of ego because the ego needs to
be fed right or it could be tons of Seoul where the ego needs to die but
I’ve chosen to find a balance you asked me in the beginning when you asked us in
the beginning what is or who is the bloom antic blue is ego okay because I’m
doing or acting or showing in a reflective way where there’s a group of
people that like you’re just filming yes but the mint a visual art ever heard
that before that’s a different compliment I call you you’re in visual
arts and visual and sound artists to me but that’s just me yeah yeah yeah that’s
here you go though speaking yeah man take the soul he is from the past he has
been through a lot I’ve been on this planet plenty of times already there’s a
lot of things I register even at 28 earth years I’ve seen and understand
things on a macro to even a micro level and it’s difficult for the soul to
register that information and a reality that’s so physical right so I have to
balance to eat that asked me right it would seem that Poland could
make a perfect white light West for per person for a native Texan like you it’s
funny how it all relies on a perception right and so just put me out some of the
main differences you see an everyday basis between living in
taxes us generally and Poland’s Europe what are the main differences like
differences is we have traditions in Texas but traditions are a little
different traditions are interestingly quite similar is just that we have more
understanding of different cultures and different people when I visited in
different countries in Europe I realized that I think the word is humble of
genetic whether the where the majority of the people are the same race right
yeah this is what was interesting I’ve never experienced it we have a common
history yeah yeah there’s a majority of people who understand and register with
each other right not just on a personal level but on a
community level where I’m from I walk down the street and see a sign that has
it’s Spanish English and Chinese all right so we’re relating information for
many different people so it’s different but I still see the similarities okay
especially with the Internet all right so um what similarities do you actually
see similarities such as well for our generation we’re all revolutionary we’re
tired of the old ways of doing things we see that there’s a lot of the system
that just isn’t working a peaceful way and peacefully Eric I don’t know how
long it’s gonna last and work but yes peaceful
I just want to underline that we need to be peaceful so the vibration of our
generation is in the bridge of the elders and the bridge of the youth so we
feel older and we also feel young enough to do things it’s just we’re going to
have to fight and reconstruct the system so that the future can continue
this is the similarity that I see because whatever is happening in America
Chile Mexico Canada France Africa Australia it’s all very similar on a
vibrational level come on like the climate change protest just look at that
150 all of our countries care much about us yeah we as our generation are we’re
communicating with each other further yeah yes sir um so what are the dynamics
of those cultural changes that are occurring right now like are we going to
right direction I don’t know what the direction is I can
say this really right if you look at ancient Egypt did they know they were
one in right direction you know yeah I believe that in order for us to move
forward as best as possible we have to be honest with ourselves first we can’t
look at a goal or look at a mission or an idea and say yeah this is what we
want because recently I was at a cannabis conference and me being so
unique to myself I was surrounded by a lot of business professionals in the
industry which you know for me that’s a machine but they’re still human beings
just working and doing their daily life but in the professional world I noticed
that these individuals may primarily be focused on the monetary game or their
position of power or someone’s telling them to sell or they’re working because
they have nothing else to do and they don’t know who they are but we’re
speaking about a sacred plant that can do so many things you know not just
recreational or medicinal you can use clothes I can make bricks with him
there’s so many things that can be done with the plant and we’re focused on one
thing so where’s a place for intention here because magic money all magic is
intention what was your intention when you woke up this morning
what was your intention when you called summer what do you feel you want to do
when you take action the before of the action gives the action meanings always
back with intention certain ways yeah and some people don’t have an intention
which drives them mad because they end up lost why do you want to go that way
when you don’t know it’s gonna be harder so the intention is the root of it
because when your intention is good if everyone in the world ever took my music
as negative I don’t have to go home and cry because I lower my intention was so
you’re saying you don’t really see the direction we’re going no you don’t
understand it I do amazing we’re facing the shift where we’re going to have to
look at the ugly side actually destructive the darkness the shadow the
parts that we were so afraid to see for so long
especially here ok so it will start from Europe you said this I do not say this
very not live forget about it sometimes it’s difficult to move forward with an
answer because the answer gives us an assumption or a reason that’s not real
it’s like if your parents say you can’t go hang out with your friend because
because what because I said so that’s the answer but does it make sense and
why it might make sense when you’re young but when you’re older you think to
yourself I’ve been listening to my mom or my father say this for 20 years now
and it still doesn’t make sense parents so if I give an answer if I reflect I
don’t have it right now but for me the simple part is we have to be honest with
ourselves the more you’re honest with yourself the easier it is for me to be
honest with you so what is honest for yourself like should you be like isn’t
this like being honest with yourself increasing the amount of like this ego
centrism across the across the world that could be because it’s always you be
you be yourself it’s not about be a part of certain
community as about just just want you individual how
do you see it not everyone can be that one you some
people are from my experience some people are better at working with other
people or some people are more comfortable it’s just the way we are we
have to realize that we are human beings which are consciously and maybe
logically brain wise more powerful than animals but we still relate to animals
you can’t tell a lion to act like a monkey now just just can’t you can’t but
a lion works really well with other lions and it works in the same ecosystem
with hyenas unless it’s alpha someone’s image alpha you think so we need alphas
alphas get things done so what is alpha 2 for me and alpha is an individual who
takes control not just reproductively it takes control and takes the actions that
a lot of other males are afraid to it takes a leader but I’m not an alpha male
I’m a sigma male okay you know Sigma Mel is explain it to us
sexual social hierarchy right so of course you have alpha beta Delta Theta
Omega you have these dis hierarchy of individuals who fit in those places
Sigma is the individual they seem they call this mysterious lone wolf I’m a
loner because I work very good alone but at the same time I’m able to fit myself
into certain positions of the sexual social hierarchy right animals still
when I talk to women there’s a certain perception they have only when I talk to
men there’s a certain perception they have on me its energy its that’s all it
is it’s energy but it takes more leaders and I’m not just saying that there’s
alpha males there’s alpha females as well oh yeah absolutely sure the Milken
language is to protect the outlet mostly to protect the health
of female who else will nurture and teach to children
the male has no clue if any sometimes maybe other animals can raise their
young well I guess this invisible part of us is what that’s what I used to
learn but nice especially on female beyond gender masculine and feminine
energy it’s going to take us to find a balance to have that answer for the
future yeah what I’m actually trying to understand is who’s gonna teach us
dislike is it is this gonna be the old generations that it’s gonna pass on some
bit of like timeless lessons that are gonna know we have to figure it out yeah Elisa’s perfectly to your unrelated
business which is blockchain technology that I was for a while I was very
passionate about I want to ask you why did blockchain became such a trance such
a vast friend I almost a cool person’s charter pocket
okay I explained it for me the blockchain community invited me first to
be a presenter so as an actor an artist to present the information because what
I noticed is in the business world in the tech world those men are very good
those people are very good because it could be with most likely as women doing
coding and I just haven’t seen them yet but those individuals are very good at
creating something behind the scenes without the presentation of it this is
why I call it art but at the same time to present it for people to understand
it it takes an individual who gets people yes a Salesman yes I can even not
just a selling because valent just yeah you can evangelist
that’s the words they’re evangelists because I’m taking very boring
information why would this individual need to know this if it’s not relevant
to their life at this moment right but the thing is the future is blotching
it’s a technology it’s it’s and and translate it in a related
relative to us that we will need something like this for the future
because we’re in control of it now it’s something that’s under development I
think also for the community we have to realize that with cryptocurrencies
blockchain we have to be really weary of the financial sector the older
generation built that they have that that’s they have that that’s that they
don’t want anybody to touch that right the future of cryptocurrency
you can’t touch cryptocurrency right we are moving in the Age of Aquarius so
when you start studying astrology you understand it Sun tangible you can’t
touch it but it means something when multiple individuals agree on the value
of it and are using it unavailable lovely chair so it’s going to be the
future because we’re in control of it what am I having
in my hands what what is that could you we call it galactic changes because I
did not have time I didn’t prepare myself for this interfere when I arrived
to Poland I was a part of multiple key you know this popular and it translated
from the American double XL freshmen class where they take the most popular
artists or most unique artists or I think you know whoever in that moment is
doing something that is going up they take a bunch of us put us in one room
and we do multiple things together songs music videos so you’re actually a boat
so I was but I only spoke on English so this was well it was very unique for
that community in Poland because for them they were primarily speaking polish
yes are you able to work with letters like are you able to or you’re just
women sure I’m humbled as long as I can’t meet but now I’m
picking I work way too hard to be having people waste our time right you got to
be good I’m good at what I do but I’m honored I’m honored longer this is an
album that was created by me and the heart pains
is there a galactic Jasmine and I am a contemporary sacred hip hopper Wow
so we sat down together and we created this piece which is our first piece and
we called it room because it was from our beginnings so are we actually
carrying your first album yes created here in Poland yes you’re going yeah are
you an independent artist yes I am an individual so will we find it somewhere
online that’s right a fire cool no drop the link oh do you have I always love to
us make my guest about this do you have any message to pass line on to our
youngest viewers youngest views be yourself and find others who relate to
you financed under sir that’s what I would I think that’s what having a
younger generation from our point of view they’re not being themselves
they’re being something they want to be or they’re being something they think
they need to be it’s hard to be yourself and a generation that is absorbed by the
Internet hey our generation we had the Internet
we had TV you know we had a few people we really enjoyed the we kind of found
ourselves around high school college a little bit later right so I’m a little
earlier but the younger generation it’s a lot of them that are followers
right I feel for them because they struggle with depression and all these
things that they say are really hard it’s because you’re not being you
imagine a dog that’s supposed to be a racing dog stuck in a cage all day I
totally agree and I thank you so much for this Foley’s inspirational words of
your wisdom and this is just one of the notions but I
invite you all to to other stuff to just be out there Thank You blue thank you

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