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100 Replies to “Next Level Painting: Testing The VIRAL Watercolor Watch”

  1. My favorite moments
    "Woah woah woah that cute face"
    "Little miss thing here"
    "Hi this is my friend teyven"
    "Look at my wrist their so small oh my gosh"

  2. I liked the video so much cuz it was so cute and funny but there was thing I noticed… she’s left handed…that makes me so happy, she knows the struggles of being a left handed person

  3. Rae deciding the last color:
    Me: white. White. Choose white
    Rae: I got the primary’s I think I’ll go for this bright red
    Me: 🙁



  5. I don't think people relise that the bright red made with bugs. Also they were made into lipsticks. History/fun fact

  6. when the ad before this vid came on it was the sprite cranberry commercial i legit might've heard that for my 1,000,000,000,000th time this week

  7. h-honey, you don't have to cut the wristband 😭😭😂 there is a tiny bar with springs that attaches it to the metal part you can just stick a fingernail between the metal side and the band and push to pop it out

  8. 04:37 * looks in corner * omg. Rae. We have the same phone (I think)(mine is a samsung Galaxy a5 2017 and I got the same case .I think we have the same)

  9. 13:10 I thought 💭
    Where is the drawing then I realised that was the drawing (๑>◡<๑)
    You are so good at art it looked so realistic

  10. this was the first time i noticed the little "you're missing out" quote on the sauce packet, GIRL I AM NOT MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING, MY FAT A$$ GOES TO TACO BELL AT 3AM BECAUSE FOOD WAS 4 HOURS AGO AND IM ALREADY HANGRY AF

  11. I found the tin of maybe what the original person was using and it was a little paint tin with the block watercolors, (12) you can find it in the magical Land of jerrys artarama

    Update: nevermind

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