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Morning drawing 11 19 19

Morning drawing 11 19 19

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53 Replies to “NASA | Synthesis: NASA Data Visualizations In Ultra-HD (4K)”

  1. a legend at the bottom or within the video (or narration) would be very helpful. Some of the visualizations are obvious, but for others it's not clear what is being represented.

  2. Como é lindo nosso planeta. Obrigado por essas imagens. Poderia ficar olhando por horas essas imagens sem nunca cansar…

  3. Imagine if we traded war for space the things humans could accomplish would be nothing short of amazing .
    Sadly humans have been working on war in space so I don't ever see an end to the waste of war .

  4. There's only one problem with this. You failed to tell us what each data set represents. The cloud stuff was easy, as was El Nino, but some of the other ocean ones were not so clear. Still, amazing imagery.

  5. Thanks so much for all the effort on this amazing piece of art and science.
    Our planet is a living organism so to speak I can't even fathom all the processes that occur simultaneously and have been repeating themselves for billions of years in our planet alone.
    Seeing some of those processes with the aid of technology makes less difficult for us to grasp how complex and amazing our planet is.
    I particularly loved the ocean currents animation and the well.
    You guys rock!

  6. Space station views thousands of little white fracking squares in Tx. Do you really care about our home planet?

  7. +NASA Goddard I note in the Description it says "NASA develops some of the most sophisticated, most exciting tools of all.". I also read the Comments from your Viewers.

    In the opening and closing Section the Labeling sometimes flys ahead and sometimes behind the Object; it's altitude over the Object is a bit too high.

    If the Labeling had 'collision avoidance' the Labels could avoid obscuring each other from time to time (making them ineffective). As the Labels came to a 'collision point' they could shift apart slightly to maximize the duration of their visibility while maintaining the integrity of their connection – the Plan B where there were too many Objects in proximity could be that the Labels 'fly apart' further and have a stick from one corner of the Label that sticks with the Object.

    Some other Comments noticed that the Land seemed quite flat (as did the Clouds) and that depth was lacking, indeed the Earth (and the Land in particular) is too perfectly spherical – it looks unrealistic and unlike real Videos of the Earth (taken from orbiting Satellites).

    Also a "YouTube Technical Note": the Closed Captioning" simply says "Music", so much more useful it would be if it described each Scene; those not curious to know if Music was playing nor uninterested in knowing what they where looking at (or simply desired an unobscured view) could disable the Captioning – a 'Free Bonus' of Captioning is that Language Translations (along with a few customizations) are available.

    I only made this extra effort to be so particular since you said: "NASA develops some of the most sophisticated, most exciting tools of all.", so let's do it.

    YT, Rob

  8. fake fraud !!!!nasshole!!! now they have to do a lot of fakery because they are stuck in the corner flat earth! why in Laval Quebec Canada your center is named the Cosmodome!!!!! bunch of losers

  9. Are the images in the beginning supposed to be real photography? It is an insult to my intelligence to try to pass it off as such.

  10. Yay! Ultra 4k CGI. What a load of utter shite. Tell you what thought, I am looking forward to seeing the fake Mars mission unfold. Should be quite a spectacle.

  11. Hello NASA!

    Not podskadite title music tracks in the video clip ?
    I and no doubt other viewers would be very grateful !

  12. wow it looks so real! not that I or anyone would know as no one has ever taken a photo from that far away. interesting, I sometimes wonder why literally every image of space or the earth ever appears to be a drawing or a cgi image or sometimes just a good old fashioned painting! love the art you provide us NASA!

  13. Hello NASA, I can understand you didn't want to overlay the images with text but could you maybe add YouTube annotations with a little description of what data is actually seen in each scene? Nontheless, awesome video!


  15. Please do not feed the anti-NASA conspiracy trolls, the ones always voting "dislike". These liars do not believe their own BS. They are just spamming.
    Note the trolls: I worked at JPL 1973-1986. Do you have a problem with that?

  16. Insulting!!! I want my money back. Also the time I wasted watching this cartoon. Clowns and Magicians, fooling and wowing the sheeple.

  17. Is there a list of the tracks played? I'd love to own it. if it is public domain maybe I could just figure out a way to separate the music from the video. Is something like that possible I wonder??

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