Nail Artists Guess The Cost Of Manicures

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100 Replies to “Nail Artists Guess The Cost Of Manicures”

  1. here in czech republic we only pay less than 20 dollars for acrylic nails and they look amazing and they're pretty long too

  2. I get acrylics gel for $31 so anything above is expensive so when there like wow only $50 I'm like my purse is no longer active

  3. The girl with that brown hair is soo cute!!
    And she talked soo nicely to others,
    And the girl with neon hair knows how to swag around, that's Sooo cool

  4. Yall getting these expensive Nails and the lady I go to can make it Identical and the max she ever makes you pay is 30

  5. This feels so weird because in my city the MOST expensive manicure (acrylics) is like $30; like mine I got done for $10 and they weren't bad at all

  6. Was I the only one who noticed that xuan was speaking in an azn accent when she was talking ab nails but switched it up when talking to the camera lmaooo

  7. I’m trying so hard to word this in the least rude way possible but does anyone know what that is on the “Ambie Loera” lady? Like her lip? I’m just curious because I’ve never seen anything quite like that at all. No hate or anything because like I said, I’m just curious.

  8. In my country, scultural nails, or the acrylic extension, which is more expensive than regular tips is around 15 to 20 dollars in a good certified professional place. I will never do my nails in the US, is way too much money

  9. Yeeesh! Don't ever get your nails done with dip powder at a salon! You can't clean dip powder. Everything on the previous clients' nails is now on yours. Just think about it.

  10. Okay they both seem like some really cool females but i searched their Instagram pages and i honestly wouldn’t get my nails done by none of them, sorry not sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. God it’s so expensive there. My current nails are like 17 USD and they’re acrylic extensions with glitter and around 50 rhinestones, and they’re on the expensive side…

  12. there needed to be more than that. two home jobs and two kinds basic designs isn’t the best content, should of added at least another 3 and more of a variety of prices with more extravagant designs as well

  13. No offence, but out of curiosity ive checked the insta of the nail artists and especially the second one should focus more on being precise, especially focusing on cuticles and the shape

  14. The girl in pink was in a video where she got fillers on her nose. I swear they are all connected, I thought they brought in random people for these videos.

  15. I know this has nothing to do with the vid
    But who is annoyed when you want to say
    A word in Roblox but it just does #### like I was just saying hello

  16. Where do y’all live??? I’m a nail tech in NY and my average for acrylic is usually $50-$60 not including designs

  17. I find out how much my wife's mani pedi's are when I check every month to make sure nobody stole my credit card information.

  18. …..y'all americans pay so much for your nails, even the simplest of manicures ,, here where i live the most expensive might be around 20€ and that is very rare tho, as a lot of pretty good nail artists — almost all of them — do them for prices around 10€

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