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100 Replies to “My FIRST Time Performing on Stage!! (Comedy/magic)”

  1. This was amazing chris! I watched multiple times to try and figure out that book trick (which if anyone knows the name please comment it) but you are just too good.

  2. Dude U rocked it, Ur stage presence is phenom! And Ur adlib is off the charts, U just keep blowing my mind!Your loyal fan RR #debonairg

  3. You absolutely killed it my friend! Great performance even the ad lib and fills on dry space. You looked like you've been doing this for 30 years. Come to Toledo,Ohio Funny bone and ill buy a VIP ticket for sure. Good luck thanks for the content.

  4. Is that the Gastown steam clock in intro? I was just there that part of Vancouver is sweet! Keep on killin it good luck on new video schedule.

  5. Chris – Way to put yourself out there. Can be very intimating to do a stage show. That change in your typical venue/environment (street magic/close up style) doesnt always translate. Other feedback: Great Opener, especially for a comedy show. Your pick up on the "looks like your dad" comment with the hug was AMAZING. It's sooo hard to think on your feet and react to that audience interaction. The "they never say yes" comment was also extremely well done. Of the 3, the 3rd trick landed extremely well and was a great selection for the stage environment. Easy to follow for everyone in the audience and the slow build up really hit well.

  6. yeah but it sucks because he showed us how to do it so now I don't see the trick, I see the force like on the book trick it was clear. Super smooth and no one else saw it but now thats all I see. Love the channel but I gotta stop watching the tutorials

  7. highly recommend you need this for your vlogs… improve my stomach

  8. newly obsessive watcher, first time commenter and YO i picked 4 of diamonds too! did i detect something i dont understand there?

  9. I just have one complain… ads killed me cause I was hyped but you were awesome indeed and kept me hyped up as usual. Always nice to see you work and better yet performing.

  10. yawns You're not my favorite….I think you're okay (close to crap but okay) and I haven't forget what you have done to me. You got plenty of fans to yearn for but never from me. Good luck !

  11. You make the best videos ive learned loads of magic from you and you always know how to make me laugh

  12. I'd be terrible if i was brought on stage he'd be like "ok remember the first word and the number"
    "So what page was it"

  13. Callin bs on all these suck ups sayingmi love chris' content so much i sit thru every commercial.and the ad's are 10 minutes !! And there are sometimes 6 or so an hour of ad's .haha and they all sit thru them. SURE they do

  14. Dude loved the performance. Would be amazing if you did a show in Michigan! And the comedy was great love the humor with magic and you stuffed a puzzle in there outstanding.

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