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100 Replies to “my current favorite art supplies”

  1. Reflections was also a perfectly acceptable way to phrase it, we use "reflections" is more a less another way we say introspection.

  2. Hi from the old follower 😁 I love to see you working from a studio. I am considering to rent one. But still managing the anxiety of being productive (create sales or anything like that). Even feeling guilty if I stay at home (studio) to practice my stuffs. Most of the people around me aren't artists so they aren't used to how artists work, a lot of practicing. How do you cope with other's expectation of you?

  3. I loooove blick! I went there so much I ended up dating a Blick employee(3+ years going strong!) 😅 he knows so much about all art materials 10/10 recommend picking up babes at these establishments. Fran you should get to know the Blick employees at your location, they helped me make so many connections when I moved to a new city!!!

  4. Hola Fran me encantan tus vídeos muchísimo, nunca pero nunca me pierdo alguno de tus vídeos, extraño mucho que pintes con acuarela, ojalá en un próximo vídeo lo hagas, me inspiraras tanto aparte de que ya lo haces 😊, muchos saludos…
    Like para que Fran pinte con acuarela nuevamente….

  5. I love your videos so much! I get my breakfast ready and watch them on Saturday morning (in Australia). It's the best. I also like the background music on all your videos, and I would like to know what it is!

  6. I love the atmosphere your videos have, they make me feel so happy 😊 also in love with your use of the word bastard 😂

  7. I asked for this! I left a comment not long ago that said; You talking about art supplies were my favorite videos! To hear you say "Hi Guys let's talk about paper, markers, pencils or erasers…Fran you just made my day so much better! So let's Nerd Out often; talking passionately and poetically about art supplies 🙂 Sending you Love this video was great!!!

  8. Omg I feel like we just lived the same with the sharpener for the Prismacolor. I bought through your recommendations and then I was sharpen it and it broke several time with several diff sharper brands. The only one working good was the Färber Castel one. 😔 I lost like 4 cm for nothing

  9. Artsy photography…wow…really like it. Funny too. Flightless cats! My new favorite YouTuber. I love your art style too.

  10. It’s just so relaxing to watch your videos even if you’re just taking us on a tour somewhere like going to the park etc. im really looking forward in watching you every week. Have a nice day Fran! 💕

  11. I feel like you should re-name this vlog + my favourite art supplies, cause most people clicking on this seeing you for the first time are looking for recommendations based on the name don't want to watch 12 and a half random minutes before talk about your favourite art supplies.

  12. I will contradict myself slightly. When I hear "YouTubers" say fucking or fucker, this I don't mind.
    However – of all the words you can use, you choose "Bastard"? I feel you cannot use this word in an endearing way.

  13. Mi ritual de los sábados a la mañana es desayunar viendo tus vlogs ❤️ me relaja y me inspira a pintar todo el fin de semana n_n gracias Fran!

  14. Gracias a vos, por tu compañia y las experiencias que también compartis. Beso desde Argentina.

  15. Fran, the gouache you are using is a mix of acrylic and gouache. Gouache reactivates with water, even when it is dried on the paper. But aesthetically it looks almost the same 🙂

  16. Hi fran, soy mexicano y mi esposa es chilena y no me había dado cuenta que ustedes también hasta que escuche su acento en este video, si ya te admiro de por sí ahora mas, viva chile!

  17. Hey Fran! Adoro tu canal y todo lo que haces, dibuja más sin miedos! Cómo dijera Neil Gaiman, en momentos de dificultad o incertidumbre, make good art. Un abrazo!

  18. Mis partes favoritas son cuando hablas español con Ed se siente toda la Chilenidad en la forma y confianza que se tienen ❤️

  19. I think the word you were looking for around 20:00 when u were talking about your pencil sharpener is "outlet" ❤

  20. prismacolors are pretty known for breakage- just because of the way theyre made. just letting u know 😉

  21. 24 minutos WOW no merecemos tanto jajaja, a los diez minutos pensé que ya terminaba el video. Me encantaron los sonidos del parque, gran edición, super relajante.

  22. Oh my goodness that blouse with the embroidery colour is just MAGICAL! I'd lie to know where you found it 😊 you also inspired me to make more interesting lunches than a quote ham bagel. 😂

  23. Fran! I started the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time challenge! (challenge? are we calling it a challenge?) I'm SO happy I did! Thank you for the encouragement! lol When you first mentioned it in your vlogs I didn't think I could do it but so far I'm loving it and am so excited! (lol 2/500, I know I'm very late to the game 😛)

  24. no one:
    fran: b a s t a r d

    haha i find it quite funny! love your videos soooo much, saludos desde méxico ♡

  25. I feel like I've had the same art supplies for 8 years 😅 now I want to visit a craft store or Blick… But it costs so much money ☹️

    Btw I'm a small YouTuber and I love drawing, painting, animating and crafting 🌞🌵

  26. I think the reason that your manual sharpener is breaking the pencils is because the blade is becoming dull. So yeah…also I love watching you draw (and your accent) you’re so inspiring.

  27. Me: Just patiently waiting for Fran to say bastard
    Fran: I love the paper of this bastard
    Me: Yyyyaaaasssss…. my heart swells!

  28. hey fran! idk if this is just my laptop, but the music is often a lot louder than when you're talking and i feel like i'm always turning up and down my volume!! i love your videos, i don't want to seem like i'm complaining – just thought i'd let you know!

  29. yo tambien suelo afilar mis lapices con ese sacapuntas manual y siempre se suelen romper, y yo que pensaba que era problema del lapiz!

  30. Awe it’s always so nice to watch your videos! I hope you decide to live again because the last time I got on you ended the live a minute later and I was so sad. 😞

  31. I don't know if someone mentioned it already, but it's best to use an old shabby brush for masking fluid because it will dry fast and ruin the brush no matter what you'll do 😉 It's best to have one only for that purpose. Oh, and you can also put the masking fluid on already painted surface, make a second wash of color and then reveal the base color, not only the white of paper.

  32. I wish I could just have a full class on drawing and transferring to a device. I’m so new to all this stuff but I freakin love your art!! And you!!!😊

  33. Hey love your vídeos and following you everywhere cause I adore your illustrations …Can you tell that camera s name ?

  34. Hey Fran, not sure how youre sharpening, but according to Prismacolor the best way to sharpen is to twist the sharpener not the pencil. It will break less (yes, it is very common with Prismacolor))

  35. Me too! Anyone else in a limbo stage? Thanks for sharing your favourites tools! I might need to pick up some Gouache

  36. You are valid even if you are not always productive!!!! Drawing is smt u love and its normal and healthy that u do it for ur pleasure and not for others all the time 🙂 your drawings are awesome as always!!

  37. Hi Fran, I don't know the first thing about drawing or painting but I love listening to you talk about it. I'm learning a lot! Plus I love the way you shoot your videos, they're always calming and relaxing to watch. I enjoy your little world so much! Love from France.

  38. Glad to see I'm not the only one that goes to Blick to smell the art supplies and "I'm just going to look around"/comes out with a bunch things.

  39. Thank you for uploading yet another great video! I am sure this has been mentioned before by someone other than me, but quick sharpening trick that saved my life from the makeup community- if you are using a handheld sharpener with a pencil that is VERY soft (eyeliner, prismas, etc.) to discourage breaking, sharpen by turning the sharpener around the pencil instead of turning the pencil inside the sharpener. Hold the pencil still and twist the sharpener pretty much! Might work for you too when you are out and about and can't use your lovely electronic sharpener. Once again, love your videos!

  40. I share in your love of art supplies!! I wish I was lucky enough to live near a BLICKS. Thanks for sharing your life. Your sketchbooks are inspiring.

  41. Hola everyone. Fran the porcelain dish is a Jach Richeson & Co. hand glazed porcelain palette and it retails for 20.00 on the website. You had the box on your video published on September 7, 2018 its titled 3 books that took me out of dark places. Double check to make sure.

  42. It would be really helpful if you listed on screen in the video during real time the names of each art supply 🙂

  43. Hey Fran! There's a great art store in Brooklyn you should check out called Artist & Craftsman on 2nd St, they have a bunch of cool supplies I think you might like! 🙂

  44. Your videos are so easy to watch. I love your video style and your painting style. Just found your channel today and subbed. ❤️

  45. Thank you for another great video. For your sharpener the trick is to hold the sharpener in your dominate hand and the pencil in the non-dominate hand and you turn the sharpener not the pencil. 💕🐞💕

  46. Hola Fran¡ Es la primera vez que te escribo un mensaje 🙂 Probé el gouache y me encantó. La primera marca que probé fue la misma que tu usas pero es muy costosa (yo vivo Vancouver, Canadá) y para alguien como yo que está acostumbrado a las acuarelas, secan muy rápido y ya no se pueden volver a usar.
    Pero descubrí el gouache marca arteza y quería recomendarles. Son mucho más económicos, de buena calidad y si se secan los puedes volver a usar con un poquito de agua, como las acuarelas 🙂

  47. Haces un buen trabajo con la simplicidad de lapices y colores pastel de guache. Voy a intentar usar guache en mis dibujitos de disen~o. Yo tambien era fanatica de los lapices de color porque los Prismacolores son tan cremoso. Y ese es el mismo Blick donde compro mis materiales de arte, como vivo en NJ, me queda mas cerca

  48. "I'm gonna eat this bastard right now" is my new favorite Fran quote <3 your videos are so cozy and friendly perfect, thank you for being you!

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