My Accepted Art Portfolio + how to get in to Art School in France

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How to paint like Pablo Picasso (Cubism) – with Corey D’Augustine | IN THE STUDIO

How to paint like Pablo Picasso (Cubism) – with Corey D’Augustine | IN THE STUDIO

Hi, I'm Corey D'Augustine. Welcome back to In the Studio. Today, we are responding to some of the comments from

100 Replies to “My Accepted Art Portfolio + how to get in to Art School in France”

  1. Hello, merci pour cette vidéo, je suis une lycéenne étudiant l’art et je vais essayer d’entrer aux Beaux-arts de Paris pour l’année prochaine. Cette vidéo m’a permis d’avancer. Merci beaucoup

  2. Omg your art !!!! Sooooo beautiful can’t believe how much you’ve worked and how much you’ve created love!!! Amazing advice and video lovely!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. what an artist! your vision shows in everything you do. the way you dress, every element of your films. very very inspiring

  4. I think that you have to have at least a B2 to study in France (at least if you're Canadienne)! I have my B2 since I'm great at reading but terrible at speaking which is a main component of B2 vs B1 which is mostly written

  5. Forever in love with your artistic vision – honestly wish I could live inside your colourful world that you create in each piece ✨

  6. OMG your artworks are amazing. I feel so talentless😢 Thank you for posting the video. It help me a lot prepare for my portfolio!

  7. Is realistic to attend an art school in Paris as an older student? As someone in their 30’s it seems like a pipe dream.

  8. Comment as-tu appris le français? Et aussi, si j'aime créer les oeuvres plus traditionelles (même si c'est creative), est-ce que les écoles ne les voudraient pas?

  9. You are so creative, inspiring and beautiful. But, most importantly, you are so genuine, I feel you glow colors. Since I found your content, believe me, I felt happier. <3 And the close-up photos of your sculptures look like planets from galaxies faraway <3

  10. Thanks so much for this video, it comes at the perfect time. Do you know if there are any portfolio prep courses in Paris? Thanks!

  11. I was just about to subscribe and I saw your name.. purple love my fellow purple sister 💜💜💜 I make funny sketches and some art videos ☀️

  12. Are there any English art classes in France? I'm from Germany and would love to study in France, but my French is on a really low level and I was hoping that I could study in English

  13. I think you should check out Jack Stauber! he uses a lot of mixed media and explores different feelings, retro, and pop stuff. You may love his work, I know I do

  14. omg did you went to L'Atelier de Sèvres ? Your portfolio has that "look" with the edition and big posters… anyway I just discovered you and you've already become my inspiration since I'm working on my portfolio, you gave me this sense of freedom and I love you for that ! bisous !

  15. Hey! Im an art student too and I was wondering what paper you used for printing your work upon for the portfolio? I do painting mainly as well as sculpture and just dont know how to professionally present all my paintings in the interview for art school. Should I photo copy them on some nice thick paper all one size or just show them my work as it is? Ugh just need some advice!

  16. this is such a beautiful and helpful video. form the art to the description of the interview
    ( edit ) i loved how it wasn’t so serious because a lot of videos about getting in to college/uni are so serious

  17. Okay, 17 seconds in and I feel like saying – Wow.. how can you not get accepted, I mean your whole style and the hair is a artpiece in itself 😀

  18. Hey I love your art!! Are you ever planning on putting your video art online? I’m interested in seeing the whole videos, they seem very well done and original

  19. I love your portfolio and honestly I cannot wait to see you become famous any time soon, your art is very inspiring and different. I just love the amount of work you do in your art and the passion you have for it. Aside from being such a good artist, your video skills are unique, love your channel even though I don't think about art daily and only focus on scientific studies for my work haha

  20. I never you that what possible, a portfolio like that. Thank you for showing me a new side of art if that makes sense

  21. I would love to buy a published copy of that book!! Please, i would love to see more of your art! I have collected books from the museums i've gone to and i think yours belongs in one for sure, keep shining!~

  22. this is the first video i saw from, but honestly you’re just so inspiring… i love the clips from your short films, they’re amazing… you really can see that this is your art, your art style looks so much like yourself! you just inspired me to try out film as a media, because I never tried it out💘🌱

  23. You are so talented! 😍 And I love your videos. Always cheers me up and makes me believe anything is possible. 😃

  24. Always inspirational to hear about your great journey! Question: Which "prepa" did you attend in France and why? I am thinking about doing one as well and would love any and all information about it! Merci a toi!

  25. thanks so much for this video, I think the prints look gorgeous! did you mount them on anything? the university i'm applying to recommends mounting onto white paper but I really like the look of your prints with the white border and title/info underneath, but it doesn't seem worth adding a border when mounting onto white paper… thanks 🙂

  26. Which french prepa did you attend? Was it part of the ecole you eventually applied to? Or separate, like a community college in the US?

  27. Hey! Thank you so much for this video!
    Should I definitely have my portfolio in order to get into school? And I haven't heard about the entrance exams xd It's my fault, yeah. Is it the same everywhere? I mean, exactly the existence of it.

  28. Aw Shayna, your work is beautiful totally gives me Alice in wonderland vibes I love it! You radiate so much curiosity, love and light ✨💖

  29. I love the art you do, you have so much talent, you make me feel, I don't know how but when I see your works, I really feel.

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