Minimal Essentials · What’s In My Bag For Work and Art on the Go · ad

Minimal Essentials · What’s In My Bag For Work and Art on the Go · ad

If you’ve been watching my vlogs, you might
have noticed that I’m steering more focus towards simplifying my life and streamlining
the stuff in it. It’s taken a lot of trial and error and
travels over the years, but I’ve finally come up with the ideal pared down kit of essentials
that I keep in my bag pretty much at all times, so I can work, take notes and make art, wherever
I go. Before we take a look, huge thanks to Intel
for sponsoring this video and for the laptop that has considerably lightened my load. Let’s start with the basics, I can’t go
anywhere without a pen and something to write on. Biros are great for sketching too as you can
get a great variation in line strength, shading capabilities and they’re water resistant. On top of that, you can never go wrong with
a mechanical pencil. One with an eraser on the end is ideal, but
if not, remember to chuck that in too. Any notebook will do, but I do prefer a book
over loose bits of paper. Since I want one book to do all the things-
to save on space- I make sure my notebook can handle light wet media as well as sketches
and scribbles. Speaking of which, a small watercolour palette
works great. You can make these yourself in old mint tins
with a little curation of your favourite colours squeezed into half pans. I also keep a pan or a splodge of white gouache
in there in case I want the opacity. Then all I need is a water brush or a regular
brush which I’ve snapped in half for a more convenient fit, and somewhere to clean it. A little paper towel never goes amiss either. Then all that’s left is a laptop that’s
light enough to carry around all day, but powerful enough to handle either work or creative
demands. With this HP Envy x2, I’m always connected. If I’m on the road, on the train, in a park,
at a festival, I can always create and upload new artwork, work through my emails, send
off concepts, without ever hunting for wi-fi. I’ve got the freedom that 4G gives me on
my phone, now in a machine that has the capabilities to do so much more- bearing in mind this is
a laptop with an Intel processor, so despite this small and lightweight package, I can
run any of the programmes I normally would for work at home- just taking that with me
wherever I am. And that’s the point of this kit, keeping
it pared back to the essentials, a few quality items that can perform all the tasks I’ll
need without overcomplicating things or weighing me down. I can take my studio anywhere and the creative
possibilities become endless. Let me know what you can’t do without in
your bag. And you can see if this laptop is the right
fit for you, and find out more about 4G and always connected computers in the links below. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you in the next one. Bye!

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79 Replies to “Minimal Essentials · What’s In My Bag For Work and Art on the Go · ad”

  1. I would add a sports sweat band used for the purpose of wiping off the paint. Wear it on your wrist. It works great.

  2. The stop animation is awesome!

    I currently attending a career guidance course to help me find a job. I usually have a water bottle, my course papers, a small notebook, pencil case with a couple of pencils and a iPhone charger, my iPhone and pretty empty wallet.

  3. I loved this video!! I've been thinking of buying a new laptop so this is definitely on the cards. What was the calendar app and illustration programe you were using? Peeking into my bag it looks like I can't live without lots of receipts and used transport tickets haha

  4. I have been looking for new tech that would be light to carry around. I was thinking of getting an Ipad pro but I wanted more so the Intel tablet/laptop looks amazing. I always carry around cheap mix media medium size book with my tin pencil case. Thanks you.

  5. i love this!!!

    my must-haves:
    – pocket sketchbook
    – mechanical pencil w eraser
    – phone + charger + headphones
    – water bottle
    – a good book
    – tarot cards 🙂

  6. I have a tiiiiny bag, barely as big as my hand and only about 3 inches thick. I have a paper wallet in there with my case, cards, and ID, a tiny sketchbook, a pen/pencil, a flat back of tissues, a hair tie and a couple of bobby pins for hair emergencies, aaaand that's about it. My phone can also fit in there nice and snug, but I normally just keep it in my back pocket, and my car keys can fit as well. That's all I need most days. If I'm going out to do art or work, I toss the whole purse into a canvas bag – kind of like the one in your video, and add my iPad, and maybe a larger sketchbook. It's so much nicer not having to lug around a giant, heavy purse all the time!

  7. A Stillman & Burn Beta or Delta tiny sketch book + Uni Pin fineliner pen size 05 + 8× Derwent coloursoft pencils (no need for water – yellow, red, blue, green, peach, brown, orange & magenta). Mechanical pencil with eraser. I keep them in a Derwent two layer pencil tin. The pad fits in the bottom and the pencils and pen fits in the top tray. Job done!

  8. I just got a travel watercolour set for an upcoming trip, looking forward to giving them a go. I also carry a couple more ink pens if I wanna do a quick drawing anywhere. Cute video 💕

  9. My current art bag

    1. My Headphones. I cant make art without music. I have the wireless hesh 2 by skullcandy and i highly recommend them
    2. An A5 sketch book. I got it at The Works for £1. Its by the brand Crawford and black and it can handle pen, pencil and light washes of watercolor.
    3. 10 assorted colour finepoint pens. I got them at Poundland and they somehow don't suck.
    4. My Samsung tab a 10.1with an attached key board.
    5. An active stylus by the by the brand ciscle. This combined with my tablet make for a decent digital sketching experience.
    6. A white ink pen by pentel. Because mistakes will be made.
    And finally
    9 A metallic gold ink pen by signo. Soooo shiny

  10. Ha! So reminiscent of your art supplies video, which is still one of my all time fave vids on youtube! Love it, great work minnie!

  11. Mind-blowing stop motion 🙂 As for carrying around art supplies, I normally have a small Muji sketchbook, a small pencil case with a ruler, a pencil and 3-5 ink liners and color fineliners with me.

  12. Ooooo you’re so blessed to have a new little laptop. How efficient, streamlined and beautiful! Wish I had one for all my art and writing ventures.

  13. Content keeps getting better and better! I might be looking for a new desktop soon. I might look into if it fits able to run adobe cs! Beautiful work and the color scheme is fabu!

  14. Love this. You've totally cracked it. This is inspiring me to look at how I can get such power and freedom for my own workflow. Yes!

  15. Hi doll, which brand and model PC do you show here. It's not in the description and I'm very interested in it. Live all of your videos. I'm bringing today on yours lol. Have s beautiful day.

  16. I'd say the iPad with Procreate has proven to be the best for me. No Windows tablet or laptop could ever make it so smooth

  17. Wow this video is incredibly well made ! I tried qtop motion once and I know it's quite frustrating and time consuming so thank you for the time and dedication you put in this.

  18. The animation is pretty nice and lively, could you share a link to how that can be done_ The moving objects effect. Thanks Minnie!

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