Meeting the Villains at Oogie Boogie Bash | D23 Mostly Ghostly Halloween Special Episode 1

Meeting the Villains at Oogie Boogie Bash | D23 Mostly Ghostly Halloween Special Episode 1

Welcome foolish mortals to the first
episode of D23’s Mostly Ghostly Halloween special. On tonight’s episode
we will be venturing into realms unknown. Guys… Justin, want a spooky pumpkin churro? Guys I’m kind of doing a thing here… Okay, fine. I’m here at Disney California
Adventure with my friends Ashley and Brett for one thing. Churros! World of Color! Okay yeah, like a lot of Disney fans, we’re here for all the cool stuff but
mostly the villains! Whoa, hey. Over there! Dr. Facilier, we’re really big fans of your work! Oh really? Well, you must have something that you need. What is it? Are you trying to make a
deal with us? Oh, it appears I’m here to help. I don’t do magic unsolicited and I don’t change anybody who doesn’t want to be
changed, BUT something tells me your bounty will be full IF you complete one
task for me. What is it? The cards! They tell the past the present and the future. It’s my friends you have to worry about. Would you like to meet them? Yes! Close your eyes… We didn’t even get any candy! He did give me these cards. Bret, I don’t think a good idea to take Dr. Facilier’s cards. Okay, but these are blank. They don’t even taste like candy. This one’s not blank. Find three friends in the pale moonlight or you’ll be frogs by the stroke of midnight? Oh great! We’re gonna become frogs unless we meet Dr. Facilier’s friends. You guys seeing this? First to speak in the
first animated feature, not the fairest, a truly evil creature. Well, the first animated
feature is Snow White. Who was the first to speak in Snow White? The Evil Queen! Excuse me! How do you reverse a curse? I
don’t want to become a frog. Oh, a frog my dear. You might want to talk to my dear friend Dr. Facilier. He actually specializes in those. Though he did say this pot might
be much better for cooking frogs legs. Well, it looks like all it takes is an apple. Do you think you might have one to spare? Maybe? ummmm. Oh no, those are on reserve for a
certain princess who always fails to do her chores. I have a brother like that. Well, you guys, we can’t waste any more time. Thank you! Your pleasure entirely… Hey boys and ghouls, did you know that the Evil Queen and the hag was both voiced by Lucille LaVerne? She changed her voice by taking out her teeth. Great Bret! Now let’s go check the cards. Come on! Hey the words are appearing! Oh gosh! Okay…Oddly voiced in a villainous tale. The mistress of evil on a treat trail. Oddly like Eleanor Audley? She voiced Madame Leota. Oh wait a second. Don’t get ahead
of yourself. She also voiced Lady Tremaine and… Maleficent! Okay! Let’s go! Hey guys that looks like… Malefi…. Angelina Jolie!….uh…Maleficent! Right! Let’s go! Maleficent! Hello my pet… You may think you’re so powerful but can
you reverse a curse? Can I reverse a curse? Well, I see no need my pet. For once
I place a curse, it is there to stay! We’re getting nowhere with her! Until we meet again my dears… We have words! Okay let’s read this card. Why is a raven like a writing-desk? Uh, That’s So Raven! Close… They both produce
notes? Neither is approached without cause? Uhh, Edgar Allan Poe wrote on both of them! Wait there’s quotes around that. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all. It’s not a riddle. It’s who said it! The Mad Hatter! This way! That way! That way! Uh, excuse me! Mad Hatter! Hello! Why is a raven like a writing-desk? I haven’t the faintest idea. I’ve been trying to solve that riddle for years! This isn’t going very well guys. I don’t know what to do! I give up. Let’s get out of here. Thank you! Goodbye! Fair-faring! Hey boils and gargoyles! Walt’s first adaption of Alice in Wonderland was the
Alice Comedies where Pete, Mickey’s longtime rival, appeared three years
before Mickey’s debut! Bret! This is it. We solved the final riddle! Let’s go see Dr. Facilier! Okay let’s go! Dr. Facilier! We found your cards. You again? I just don’t want to be a frog. Oh, I’d never! I’m not in that business anymore. Chameleon’s the new green. Well, have fun there’s
more treats outside but I wouldn’t eat them if I were you. You guys! We did it! Bret, let’s go get that spooky purple churro now. Finally! *frog ribbit* Well that’s it for this week. Check back
all throughout the month of October for more Mostly Ghostly surprises. Thanks for watching and… HURRY BAAAACCK!

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  2. Awesome video showcasing a spook-tacular celebration with great Disney Villians😊😈

    P.S. – There's a little matter I forgot to mention…. Bret told Maleficent "you may think your so powerful"….. That's definitely a Fantasmic reference lol

    Again, thanks for another great Disney video😄

  3. I find it a bit funny how they have until 12 am to find all of Facilier's friends, but the party doesn't run till then. It ends at 11 pm.

  4. I would stay away from the villains I mean Ashoka and Mickey Mouse being turned into frogs? What would Minnie Mouse and Anakin Skywalker say?

  5. The villains grove was amazing!!! I do wish it was easier finding the villains I never found the shadow man 😭

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