Media Studies – Visual & Digital Arts Program Promo

Media Studies – Visual & Digital Arts Program Promo

So I chose this progam initially because I wanted an education
that was very practical. Something that I could really
get something out of and feel like i was confident
in myself as an artist moving on into my career. And I stumbled upon this program and I saw and heard a lot
of good things about it. And the fact that
it’s for students that want to create a portfolio
and hone their skills. So I thought that’d
be something perfect, that would be something that
would challange me and then I’d have a better body of work
and more confidence before I continued any other
sort of education. We have very applied focus in
the first year. In the second year
it’s very expirentual. It provides
a platform for them to be able to try out new ideas. Intially,
as an artist when I was starting out
it was important to just sort of
develop my own style. But, with doing
that you kind of need the guidance from experts. So coming into this program, I
met my teachers who are all very very fantastic
practicing artists. And the importance is that they’re still
practicing artists. I’m glad I had a lot
of the stuff that I was looking
for that it focused on both traditional and digital work. The art shows a culmination of
their two years of really rigorous
storytelling, creating of works, whereby they’re able
to show themselves off to the public together
with their works. It actually idenitifies them
as a designer, as a creative person,
and an artist as well. ANNOUNCER:
We’re very, very, proud to
welcome all of our students. (applause) ♪ BANSAL:
I think it’s a great
opportunity to sort of transition students into the
world of exhibiting their art. And sort of giving them that
confidence and that push that they really need to
set off in their career. It’s just a really good feeling,
to be honest.

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