Magician Shin Lim, ‘AGT’ Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless

Magician Shin Lim, ‘AGT’ Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless

We are back with the winner
of America’s Got Talent. Shin Lim, you’re amazing. This is incredible. OK, one more trick. All right. So last time I
wasn’t really fair. You know why? I didn’t let you pick
your favorite card. Do you have a favorite card? Not really. OK, well then we’ll
pick a random one. I can make one up. Yeah. We’ll make it different. Because the last
time, you didn’t get to make it different, right? Right. You picked a card,
and then that was it. It all still looked the same. Right. So if we could
make it different, we can make a mark on
it, right, make it sign, I think that would
make it unique. Yeah. All right, so why don’t you
just think of any random card. Maybe let’s make it,
like, a number card. That way you can
see your signature. Go ahead. 10 of hearts. 10 of hearts. OK, cool. Let’s just look for that. Right there we go. All right, give it a– write your name
right over there. Now, there’s only one
10 of hearts right now with that signature
in the world, and that is yours, correct? Sure is. All right. This makes it kind of fairish. Here. But we’ll lose
your 10 of hearts. Would you say that’s about
halfway into the deck? Sure. 25 cards down? Push it all the way in. All right, hand your hand out
like that, and your other hand. Cover it up. Now your choice,
completely, top or bottom? What do you mean? Just say top it. Top or bottom? Top. Top? All right. You guys! You were thinking it. I didn’t say anything. All right. You said top, right? I did. Look at the top card. What does it say? 10 of hearts? It says 10 of hearts. Yeah, with your
signature like that. Wow. Thank you. Yeah. But if you had
said the other one, then the card wouldn’t be on
the top anymore, would it? No, now it would be on the
bottom like that, right? Yes. Yeah, that’s kind of trippy. All right, so here. Tell you what. Look, can you inspect the card? Sometimes people
think that there’s something funny with it. Maybe there’s ink moving
or something like that? No? No. It’s the– yeah. Well, the reason why is
because sometimes, see, the card is also flat, kind
of like the rest of the deck. So we’ve got to make it
different, all right? We’ve got to make
some creases onto it. Perhaps let’s fold
it up like this. Can you bite on that card? I know it sounds kind of weird. Just bite on it. Bite on it? Yeah. Bite on it like that. Yep. And don’t let me touch it or
go anywhere near that, OK? All right. All right, cool. All right, this is
going to be mine. All right, we’ll write
my name on it, like that. Queen of spades. Everyone see that? Watch. We’ll also fold this up. And all you have to
do, have your hand out. Mm. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think I got it. I think I have it. So now I have the 10. And check your– open it up. Is that the queen? Yeah, that is the queen. You’re amazing. Thank you. You’re amazing. Wow. Go to our website
to find out how you can apply for the next
season of America’s Got Talent. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMING] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP].

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100 Replies to “Magician Shin Lim, ‘AGT’ Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless”

  1. bruh this audience has no idea what a good performance is. when he got the card from the bottom to the top no one was even cheering

  2. He’s my favourite magician. He has been since he was on AGT!! He’s so cool I actually can’t see how he does it

  3. Wanna know! how he initiate that trick¿ simple just search Factofusion! The enemy of all magicians! You will know the truth and will never be amaze again! But in all fairness shin lim is pretty fast! And Smooth! Nice one!

    Search Factofusion they revealed the top 5 greatest trick of shin Lim! And other magicians as well. Thank me Later!!!!!

  4. Look closely to 0.52 – 0.58 (0.25x speed) He just changed the signed card so easily.
    This is the first time I got to catch some trick. Feeling proud imao 😂😄

  5. Ok, I think I figured out his last card trick. So basically, there is a Queen he already signed. Then he does sleight of hand with the 10 to the Queen. (obviously, he is very skilled and made it look super easy) After that, he signs a second Queen, you can see him turn it around and does a double lift and folds the 10 ellen signed earlier, and TADA magic! My proof of being a double Queen is that his signature on the second Queen is different than the first one if you look closely. Also before he puts the card into his mouth. you can slightly see the double lift. Lastly, when he had the card in his mouth, you can see that a tiny corner is red, showing the 10. The switch had already happened, everything else is misdirection. Anyhow, these are just my speculation, I by no means know for certain how he did it. I merely wrote this to satisfy my own curiosity.

  6. If you actually look at the card that he put in his mouth is not queen of spades. It’s the 10 of heart. Look carefully

  7. If you look at 2:02 at .25x you'll see he switched the card of ellen downward and folded another card and gave it to her

  8. Watch as it goes on at 1:29, Watch his hands and see that he put the card on the bottom, as well as 1:59 in 0.25 replay mode, he holds his pinky right where the 10 of hearts is. I just figured out the magic of the winner of AGT

  9. You can see at 2:21 he puts his signed card downwards but picks the card from above the deck look closely that's the trick

  10. He is a monster, but this one it´s actually pretty easy (not to do it that smooth , but the way of doing it), its only a double grip technique, he has two Q´s one with his signature already on top of the 10 of hearts that he shows . and another one to sign later to proceed with the magic trick, by doing the double grip he is giving ellen the Queen ( the one that its already signed) and he is keeping the 10 of hearts thats on top, then he ¨signs the other Q that is needed¨ and proceed with the same process to end up with the 10 in his mouth

  11. I think i have a small clue as to how he got Ellen's card in HIS mouth, but I have no idea, how he got his signed queen in HER mouth

  12. Actually … He has 2 queen of spades .. the first 1 he signed which is in the deck and the other one which was in Ellen's mouth, you can clearly see that his signature is not there on the top

  13. Trick is simple he first push the card at the bottom and then hold her hands vertically so he just says top bottom to confuse and he knew it was at the left side and then turn her hand in that direction.. he had 1 extra card with his own sign which he gave to Ellen in her mouth and he put her card in his mouth by hand tricks thats it

  14. If you're into magic, please consider checking out my page. I upload 2 or 3 magic videos every week! Thank you!

  15. If you watch closely at 2:35 you can see another card's edge behind his teeth.. concentrate you can spot that ✌😎

  16. 2:30 Here is quick thing what he has done. He had two cards with his signatures one he gave away straight to Ellen, one he signed, but he placed Ellen signed card in to his mouth. Just a slight of hand and speed.

  17. I think he changed the cards when he gave Ellen her „signed card“ he actually gave her his card but that doesn‘t make any sense because how did he-

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