Magic Tutorial – The REAL ACAAN ( Any card at any number )

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100 Replies to “Magic Tutorial – The REAL ACAAN ( Any card at any number )”

  1. Yet another amazing video! Keep it up bro. I know you hate the hellions deck (this fucking guy keeps bringing up the hellions deck!), but, lol, I would LOVE to see a trick with the gaf card. You should see what my hellions look like. They are BEAT.

  2. what a entry 😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘#DM_FAM_ARMY

  3. Gotta say man I really appreciate how you explain different ways of doing the trick even if you don't like the other ways. It gives everyone the option to take it and run with it, and perhaps make it look better. Every magician has a style, and anyone can make anything look good somehow, and I'm glad that you keep that in mind in your teachings. Thanks for this trick, I'll be sure to use it!👍👌✌

  4. Excellent tutorial and all around theory in general. I'm especially fond of creating false memories or implanting recollections. Thanks Daniel!

  5. I thought a lot about how to disassociate the number from the cards. The spectator won't name a high number but he also won't name a number lower than 4 so I can start dealing and as I start I ask him to say a number. This would make the dealing seem even less important.

  6. Just finished reading magic is dead by Ian Frisch learnt a bit about you off camera so glad u r doing ok now

  7. I also use the bottom deal for this kind of ACAAN, really powerful sleight…nice to see you again Daniel🔥

  8. Your points you add are great. the use of "arsenal" is just, we have a set of skills that can be used to create moments of mystery. the creative application or the skills and the degree of practice put in is the most important part of our art. And then there is experience witch is the best teacher. i have been watching your channel sense you had less than 400 subs. your content is great. Susan sausage is so funny! I also like the fact you are going to be using other creators cards in your videos. I want to get some Charlie's if there still available.

  9. Couple things man. I never knew you were such a killer cardist. I want to learn that fan flip. I’m so glad your back!! And finally, I’m gonna shoot a bit of a shot here. I’m in a course called “AP Research” where I get to put together a large presentation about really anything. My topic idea is “The changing of the magic industry in the new world of multimedia”. I’d love to be able to pick your brain and ask some questions. If not that, I’d love to hear your thoughts on a video. Everything the 52 is doing embodies what I want to talk about and I’d love the head to make a mission statement.

  10. The egg came first, not the chicken 😉 but I'll forgive you. Dope effect as always, so simple yet devastating.

    P.S We need some Fanx Merch coming soon!!

  11. Your psychology behind the shit that you do is fucking beautiful it's mesmerizing, I orgasm listening to you explaining the psychology behind every little thing.

  12. Omg love it veen doing cheaters heritage of a while now but need more work on bottom deal and yes i missed you had you have made my day with this and i will practice it before i take it to the table your the best.

  13. I couldn't bottom deal worth shit till I joined the malliance and took big daddy Madison's bottom deal MasterClass.

  14. I can't describe how lucky are we for being your students , watching your videos and learning your projects is definitely a VERY important investment….

    Thank you , we will practise hard , we won't let you down….

  15. Fun fact : I was trying to mimic your bottom deal without knowing what card was at the bottom of my deck, and it appeared to be the 9 of clubs !

  16. That is not ("any" card at any number it's) just ("a" card at any number) . I am not saying it's bad it's a great trick but i just thought it would be a thought of number and a thought of card .

  17. Magic Danny, out of curiosity, why do this with a bottom deal, when a second deal can accomplish the same thing? Preference? Or is there a reason that I'm missing? 🙂

  18. Strong message Daniel and completely agree with you. Pigcake has the same message which is essentially "people are too invested in learning the trick rather than building the foundations". Double lifts are a prime example, most people get to a stage that it is controlled, but not natural looking – thats what separates the pros from the amateurs.

  19. Paused as soon as you said, "Go learn the bottom deal." Now searching, Daniel Madison Botton Deal Tutorial. Aye aye, Sensei!

  20. Can it be called an ACAAN? Technically it is not ANY card… You are selecting it, it is kind of a prediction. I thought that in a REAL acaan both the card and the number were named by the spectator…

  21. I have been trying to find packs of the pink Charlie decks where can I find them ? please AND BIG FANKS FOR READING .♤♡◇♧

  22. Instead of saying “oh, I can’t do this trick”, say “oh, I can’t do this trick YET.” Gonna have to suck at something before being good at it.

    Nice one Danny, gonna be fun to use.

  23. New deck of cards are now LIVE!!

  24. Usually for ACAAN… I ask my participant to think about someone special, and to think about that person's birthday, not to focus on the month or the year but on the day itself, this limits the number selection 31 the most. Plus it adds a personal touch… Just sharing… I like this approach btw. Well done!

  25. Never heard of this guy before, but I really like him. He seems super cool and has a great aesthetic. Haven't gotten to the magic part yet, but if I was rating him on charisma and style, I'd give him a 10 lol

  26. Yes brother. Can't wait. As I always say. This generations erdinase but the one and only ever daniel Madison. Glad your back!

  27. Im sorry, Daniel, but I would like to see same video twice shorter. Life is too short to watch so long explanation. Thank You

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