Magic Palette Artists Color Selector and Mixing Guide

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30 Replies to “Magic Palette Artists Color Selector and Mixing Guide”

  1. Oh man you beat me too it! : ) I made a grid system like this 10 years ago mixing the color together like in the way you did it. Because like you I was disappointed on the lack of one. Well at least you did something about it and patented yours. I guess great minds think a like. = )

  2. Yes!!! I too would like to know if this chart would be practical for use in colored pencils/marker applications??? How about dye ink pad colors as well???

  3. @jeffnval1 This tool was created for paint mixing and color matching. The chart references paint names you would find in oil, acrylic and watercolor tubes. Because colored pencils, markers and dye pads cannot be mixed separately and then transferred to your paper, it is likely not as useful a tool for those media.

  4. very nice Tutorial and Brief Guiding of Colors….and Off course you are a Good artist..i like your Paintings also..thank you for your Great Work…….keep going

  5. Like some of the other commenters, I learned this many years ago in painting 101. We painstakingly made them and learned so much about color through the experience. Now as a teacher I have all of my beginning students to make them. They use them long after the class is over. The ready made one would be handy as well but I would encourage making your own.

  6. I bought the magic palette when I first started painting, however what I didn't know is that it's only useful for 2 mediums, Acrylic and Oils. With watercolour, when I started, it was suggested that white paint should not be used.(Dumb rules by artists…!! ) The paper is reserved for white highlights, which is true if your painting from light to dark. The magic palette can be used if color and tone is achieved first without glazes of colour in your painting, which I prefer.

  7. How many tubes of paint do you need to use the system? It look like about 20. How does the chart deal with tint and shade?

  8. You can use as many colors as you'd like – you will expand your options to create colors based on the number of colors you begin with. For product information, please contact our Product Information experts at Blick Art Materials by emailing: info @ dickblick . com. Thank you

  9. Off topic, but when you said you have been painting for over 35 years I had to do a double take at the video, because you don't even look like you are 35 much less like you have been painting for 35 years. Along with your painting tips I need your skin care tips as well. You look great!

  10. this is expensive. and it is only a piece of paper. I am not complaining but i don't know why on earth every thing related with paint and painting is expensive. i love this product but can't afford it.  15 pounds. and cheapest one is 9 pounds. seriously….

  11. well done  Dee , brilliant work and invention , 35 years ! you look 35 !  recipe please , make many more videos please , very helpful , a God given talent , 

  12. This is tool, not a miracle.  If it works for you, by all means keep using it.  There are, however, much less expensive ways to get the same tool and learn about color mixing at the same time:  make your own from the colors you use or want to use.  While making your own charts you will see how your paints react with each other and you will begin to learn how to really see so you don't have to check the chart every time you change from one color/tint/value to another. Free tool and free learning experience.  

    I know, the tool still won't be free, but the hyperbole isn't nearly as loud as the implication this tool is a magic wand.

  13. Hi Lovely Woman, Thank You for teaching . I'm color Blind 50%, I need something good simple like this chart, so I can know what to do to make a color, by seeing what to do on this chart. I love simple, I'm a simple guy, lolll. Namaste.

  14. This is nice chart, but what I should do when I only have 2 of each 3 basic colours (warm&cold red,blue,yellow)?
    I should get those 2 colours in chart with them somehow.

  15. In my opinion, this is not a good way to learn about your own colors. If it is watercolors, acrylic, oil or pastels or if you use different brands it will not be useful unless you have exactly her colors and medium. The best way to learn about mixing colors is to make your own color wheel with the colors that you have. Art is a craft on an equal footing with a skilled furniture designer or another creative craftsman. It takes time to learn for most and there are no shortcuts. There are so many brilliant youtube artists who will give you a template to a color wheel and a color mixing chart all for free.

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